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Sandra asks…

How will the USA recoup the $24Trillion Obama stole last year? (short selling the US and the ’08 setup?)?
Obama creates your Pain
A wonderful book being championed by Cliff Kincaid, written African immigrant, Zubi Diamond, titled the Wizards of Wall Steet is literally expressing how the entire Obama implosion of 2008 was engineered for the purpose of international piracy, nation rape, lefist power, the destruction of traditional America and the instillation of the American hater, Barack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Zubi estimates that 11 trillion dollars were looted from the American economy. If one adds that 11 trillion to the estimates of what Barack Hussein Obama with Timothy Geithner looted from the American Treasury in 2009 at 13 trillion dollars, one is starting to talk about a great deal of money in the terms of what was stolen would have paid off almost half of the US real debt hovering around 60 trillion dollars.
Obama spending, Obama debt and the nefarious and very illegal market manipulation which Tim Geithner was engaging in, in selling short on the US Stock Market and harvesting funds for Obama benefactors and for clandestine Obama policy.

What Geithner was doing is exactly the nation rapist short selling which George Soros and Warren Buffett are constantly up to. Geithner was in being backed by the US Treasury would dump money into Wall Street for a few weeks. Then on a Friday, he would make a massive algorithm sell off, which is what the British Government outed and started alerting the world to.
This short selling in knowing the market was going to be dropping simply had to be known by major players who were using this piracy to run their financial institutions in making up for operational funds in what Mr. Diamond is pointing to his 11 trillion dollar robbery.

For the record, that is why America has no money nor expansion. No nation can have stolen from it 24 trillion dollars, markets robbed of liquidity, investors robbed of savings and Obama opening up the debt taps even further.

Obama has destroyed America and her future 🙁

John answers:

The byline of that story is “The following is based on a report by Cliff Kincaid for Accuracy in Media”

Accuracy in Media accused Walter Cronkite of being a Soviet Dupe. Accuracy in Media worked closely with Christopher Ruddy to try to tie together Vince Foster and Bill Clinton…even Ann Coulter had said that this work was “phony” and a “hoax.”

“Even if Christopher Ruddy’s The Strange Death of Vincent Foster was considered a conservative hoax book, it was also conservatives who discredited it.” Chapter Six Endnote 105, pp. 224-225, Slander, Ann Coulter

The World Tribune content partners include the Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily

Enough said…

Mark asks…

Obama is the worst president since Jimmy Carter.?

Lol, between the moment he won the election and yesterday, the stock market has crashed 14%, a loss not seen since 1933. He promised all of us 13 promises which spectators claim are impossible in his 4 year presidency. To end 2 multi trillion dollar wars, end poverty, give me a stimulus check (Which the Cbo just said will not come until 2013), End dependency on foreign oil which he hasnt started working on, tax the oil companies higher in times of instability, just like carter did, and which failed miserably, He promised to give us a NEW type of fuel source which we will depend on, which scientists claim will not be fully integrated into our society at least for another 80 years. And the list goes on…

you see, democrats put their Petty, social differences, like race in front of the problems that really affect the well being of our nation. The Markets will bottom out in 2010, unemplyment will be in the double digits and most people who make below 40k a year will face direct competition for their jobs. Maybe when idiots like those who think this president will help them , lose their jobs to people from other countries or to people who are more educated than them, and lose their home to the bank because they dont know how to save a dollar will realize that the government in this country is not a parent, it does not care about your well being and congress will disagree and block aid and free money to the citizens in a time of war and financial crisis.

You cannot argue the graphs, mathematics, and predictions by those who are smarter than you and anyone you know. You should worry about your future, because the last person who should be making decisions in times like these is a person and admin that is clouded by social issues that do not exist.

Truly the sign of the blind are those who believe that obama will change the tides of the free market.

John answers:

The majority of historians agree that Bush has been the worst president ever. Obviously Obama has been president for an extremely short time and your ramblings about the stock market are irrelevant.

For a long time, the stock market has been reflecting the fact that our economy is in very bad shape. Give credit where credit is due, and that credit for the current economic situation belongs to the man who was president for the last 8 years.

George asks…

I want an honest answer and maybe some advise for someone on something that’s been upsetting me for years.?

This may seem a sob story to some of you and you might think like oh grow up and get over it, but i’m hoping some people actually might understand some of this and how I feel and have some advise for me.
When I was 3 my dad left my family and moved away. He had cheated on my mother and so she had told him to pack up and leave. Me and my older brother who was 9 at the time would see my dad every weekend after this for about 2 years until he moved again. My brother was obviously old enough to sort of understand that my dad was a waste of time and that was proven as we got older he made less and less of an effort with my dad. My dad then moved again 4 years later 2 hours away from the family home. This made it more difficult for us to see him often and we’d then see him every other week sometimes not even that and he got a girlfriend who didn’t really have any interest in my brother or I at all. And she made sure that my dad saw us less and less. After 3 years of living at this place they then moved again 4 hours away from the family home. It was after this that my dad pulled my brother and I aside and told us that his girlfriend was pregnant and that they were already married. This was the start of hiding things from us. He had not even told his own children he had gotten married again. He then got in trouble with the police for shifting money around in the job he was in (he owned his own stocks and shares company). The night before he was prosecuted he emailed me (this was the only contact I had left with him at this point as she had stopped us from seeing him) to tell me that his internet was being changed over to another server and so he wouldn’t have access to the internet for a couple of months. I got a phone call from the police to ask me if I would print out the emails I had received from him and send them to them as evidence. This was first I had heard about him being in trouble with the police. I was then sent a copy of the verdict saying he was to be sentenced to 2 years in jail. He had not told me he was going in. This was the second thing he had hidden from me. 5 years down the line, he’s out of jail and had still not told me he had gone in, in fact he made up many things that the police had told me were not true such as that he was still living to where he moved to when I last came to visit. The police had told me he had moved and they couldn’t tell me where as he hadn’t told me. So not only did my dad hold the fact he was getting married away from me, but he then lied about why he couldn’t talk to me and lied about still living in the house I knew him to be living in. This really upset me as I know didn’t have a clue where he lived. Now in 2010 i found out literally this time last week through an email, that he has moved abroad. I don’t know where but I know it’s not in England any more. He slipped up in an email revealing that the volcanic ash was going to make it very difficult for my step mum to return to their home as she was spending the week in London. So my dad lied about getting married, has lied to me to cover up going to jail, moving house and now moving abroad and I haven’t a clue where he is.

I don’t know whether to confront him with the risk of losing the only contact I have left with him, or to just keep emailing him in the hope that one day he’ll come clean and I’ll see him again.
Help? I really need some advice.

John answers:

I’m sorry your Dad has lead you on a merry chase. The fact is he has never grown up and with all of the lies and deception he isn’t much use to anyone and it sounds like he has no intentions of changing his ways.
If you did confront him you would probably get more lies but in the end whether you decide to confront him or just send him an e-mail, either way he is who he is and your going to have to accept that.
So you can keep in contact or not, the choice is yours.
Just realise that he is unlikely to ever change and if you can accept him for who he is and how he chooses to behave then like I said before, they choice is up to you.
Best of Luck.

Charles asks…

This is one of my final paragraphs for an important research paper- how may I improve it?

The following is a paragraph in a research paper I’m finishing up. I really need another set of eyes to look over and catch grammar mistakes! Suggestions on making this a perfect paragraph will be greatly appreciated!!

Here it is…
As high schools prepare our youth for adulthood and becoming a member of society, it seems only natural that they should play a major role in equipping them with invaluable financial planning and understanding skills. For several years public high schools have required the passing of an Economics course for graduation. However, this course is designed to teach national economy, inflation, and the terminology of the stock market and not designed to teach students the fundamentals of household finances and how credit works. The need for a program that goes beyond the standard Economics course and addresses the great need for basic money-management, which would include budgeting, interest accumulation and saving adequately for retirement is necessary for the future of our children and thus our nation. In 2006, the Jumpstart Coalition was successful in getting a bill passed which makes a financial literacy program a requirement in public school curriculum for grades K-12, and specifically requiring a semester long course for high school graduation. The program is to be officially implemented within the school year of 2009/2010.
Here is the transition sentence from previous paragraph…
The Jumpstart Coalition is an education organization which operates on the basis of their beliefs and research that “the average student who graduates from high school lacks basic skills in the management of personal financial affairs. Many are unable to balance a checkbook and most simply have no insight into the basic survival principles involved with earning, spending, saving and investing.”

John answers:

This is really an excellent paragraph. See if my adjustments help.

As high schools prepare our youth for adulthood and membership into society, it seems only natural that they should play a major role in equipping them with invaluable financial planning and understanding skills. For several years public high schools have required the passing of an Economics course for graduation. However, this course is designed to teach a basic understanding of the national economy and inflation as well as stock market terminology, not the fundamentals of household finances and credit. The need for such a program that addresses the great need for basic money management, to include budgeting, interest accumulation and saving for retirement, is necessary for the future of our children and nation. In 2006, the Jumpstart Coalition was successful in getting a bill passed which makes a financial literacy program a requirement in public school curriculum for grades K-12, specifically requiring a semester-long course for high school graduation. The program is to be officially implemented within the school year of 2009/2010.

Susan asks…

More false hopes from Obama?

GM received a $49.5 billion taxpayer bailout last year and the U.S. Treasury will get as much as $13.6 billion from the initial public offering. For taxpayers to be fully repaid, the remaining shares held by the government would have to be sold at an average of about $53 each to make back its total investment, Bloomberg data show. GM gained 3.6 percent to $34.19, paring a climb of 9.1 percent.

So maybe in 3 years we’ll be repaid? That is if GM stays at $34.19 and doesn’t fall below that one iota. The article mentions for us to be fully paid stocks need to sell $19.00 higher than what they are selling right now. So how is this good if it takes us at LEAST 4 years to get paid back for what was put in? Aren’t we going to lose money between now and 3 years from now also? Sounds like BS to me.

John answers:

And I have not heard one comment yet on the taxpayers earning even a penny of interest from this foolish loan.

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