Your Questions About Money Making Stocks For 2010

Donald asks…

If you had 36 million how would you use it?

Im just curious as to what are your ideas for every penny of 36 million.
Mine would be

360,000 to the church (definitely give my 10% to GOD)

1 million on a house

40,000 on a 2010 new generation Camaro

2,000 to trick it out

Buy some shares of Microsoft stock (to ensure my wealth continues and grow)

Give my family 5 million

Give my wife family 5 million

1 million opening up a nightclub (money making investment)

A few hundred thousand opening up a restaurant in Miami (money making investment)

A few hundred thousand opening up a charity (A homeless shelter and education center for people and families who have lost their jobs and have lost everything and have an extremely hard time finding another job, due to the a**hole economy and employers. It would help people actuaaly get jobs..not find…but get. I say this because staffing agencies suck. In the meantime they could stay and sleep at this place. It would be like a rich like hotel)

Give a couple hundred thousand to my friends who been with me since the beginning (I never forget where I came from)

Put the rest in the bank to collect interest (I should have about 20 million left)

John answers:

I work with the homeless and your cause would be appreciated as well as working with their educational/vocational issues-good for you-more people should care.

Maria asks…

Boycott Vote for real change?

Boycott Vote for real change

The People Speak to the People.

All the European and USA are unemployed, and to make soldiers, then prepare for the great war of modern times.
This crisis is artificial, this crisis is by creating and wanted politicians.
To motivate people to join the army, to later go to war, one must first transform the unemployed workers, so they have appetites.
To the unemployed, just to tell large companies to dismiss and to tell the banks to close all grants to loans, both for businesses and for individuals.
Then the small businesses are under orders and therefore also redundant.
The simple practice of communicating vessels.

We all united people can say NO, this artificial crisis.
All together we can put the brakes on the claims of the politico-religious mafia.
All we unite around a strategy of self-People.
Unite Us All, to protect our rights and the weakest.
Help people by doing, and disclosing these boycotts.

————————————————– —

Boycott all the votes for the years 2009 and 2010.
The People United, blocks, crippling sanctions, complains, etc …
All votes are rigged and have always been rigged, it is the Truth.
Do not vote, it is our refusal to participate in elections that have always been antics.
In all countries the elections have been rigged.
That is why what matters is not the result but the participation rate.
By boycotting, we condemn people to the International Public Opinion, this false crisis and social unrest.
The rate of abstention is the only reliable indicator of eye states.
We the People have the power to say NO!
We the People have the power to say: Damn!
No vote in 2009 and 2010.
Luton together against the politico-religious mafia.
Participate, Help People, Luton, Defending the People, Defending Peoples.
Politicians want our participation, do the opposite!
0% of the vote.

————————————————– —

Boycott ALL PURCHASES exchange for the years 2009 and 2010.
The People United, plunged the financial world in the depths of bitterness.
We can destroy the great families, the people who hunger.
Wealthy families, living on the backs of the People.
Wealthy families have a lot of money in the stock market.
So the ruinons, just as they ruin the people.
One buys on the stock exchange in 2009 and 2010, and that there will be vendors, plunging financial markets.
Luton together against the politico-religious mafia.
Participate, Help People, Luton, Defending the People, Defending Peoples.

————————————————– —

Copy and share these ideas, to make a major boycott in Europe and USA

Boycott is the first response of people to this politico-religious mafia.

Help the People Helping us all to each other Participate and disclose such ideas!

My Opinion. (0% & 0% Vote Bourse)

/ / Anti-Vatican (Europe) – Anti-Crisis (USA).


(In French)


Le Peuple Parle au Peuple.

Tous les états Européens et U.S.A. font des chômeurs, pour ensuite faire des soldats, pour préparer ensuite la grande guerre des temps modernes.
Cette crise est artificielle, cette crise est voulut et créer par les politiciens.
Pour motiver les citoyens à s’engager dans l’armée, pour plus tard faire la guerre, il faut avant transformer les travailleurs en chômeurs, pour qu’ils aient faims.
Pour faire des chômeurs, il suffit de dire aux grandes compagnies de licencier et de dire aux banques de fermer tous les octrois aux crédits, tant pour les entreprises que pour les particuliers.
Ensuite les petites entreprises ont moins de commandes et donc licencient aussi.
La simple pratique des vases communicants.

Nous tous, nous Peuple Uni, pouvons dire NON, à cette crise artificielle.
Tous unis nous pouvons mettre un coup de frein aux prétentions de la mafia politico-religieuse.
Unissons nous Tous, autour d’une stratégie d’autodéfense du Peuple.
Unissons nous Tous, pour la défense de nos droits et des plus faibles.
Aidez le Peuple en pratiquant, et divulguant, ces Boycottes.


Boycottez TOUS LES VOTES pour les années, 2009 et 2010.
Le Peuple Unie, bloque, paralyse, sanctionne, dénonce, etc…
Tous les votes sont truqués et ont toujours été truqués, c’est la Vérité.
Ne pas voter, c’est notre refus de participer à des élections qui ont toujours été des bouffonneries.
Dans tous les pays les élections ont toujours été truquées.
C’est pour cela que ce qui compte ce n’est pas le résultat mais le taux de participation.
En boycottant, nous Peuple dénonçons à l’Opinion Public Internationale, cette fausse crise et ce malaise social.
Le taux d’abstention est le seul indicateur fiable pour les yeux des états.
Nous Peuple, avons l

John answers:

And your question is what exactly?…

Linda asks…


So what can we each individually do to somewhat insulate ourselves from the economic problems that are coming?….

1 – Get Out Of Debt: The old saying, “the borrower is the servant of the lender”, is so incredibly true. The key to insulating yourself from an economic meltdown is to become as independent as possible, and as long as you are in debt, you simply are not independent. You don’t want a horde of creditors chasing after you when things really start to get bad out there.

2 – Find New Sources Of Income: In 2010, there simply is not such a thing as job security. If you are dependent on a job (“just over broke”) for 100% of your income, you are in a very bad position. There are thousands of different ways to make extra money. What you don’t want to do is to have all of your eggs in one basket. One day when the economy melts down and you are out of a job are you going to be destitute or are you going to be okay?

3 – Reduce Your Expenses: Many Americans have left the rat race and have found ways to live on half or even on a quarter of what they were making previously. It is possible – if you are willing to reduce your expenses. In the future times are going to be tougher, so learn to start living with less today.

4 – Learn To Grow Your Own Food: Today the vast majority of Americans are completely dependent on being able to run down to the supermarket or to the local Wal-Mart to buy food. But what happens when the U.S. dollar declines dramatically in value and it costs ten bucks to buy a loaf of bread? If you learn to grow your own food (even if is just a small garden) you will be insulating yourself against rising food prices.

5 – Make Sure You Have A Reliable Water Supply: Water shortages are popping up all over the globe. Water is quickly becoming one of the “hottest” commodities out there. Even in the United States, water shortages have been making headline news recently. As we move into the future, it will be imperative for you and your family to have a reliable source of water. Some Americans have learned to collect rainwater and many others are using advanced technology such as atmospheric water generators to provide water for their families. But whatever you do, make sure that you are not caught without a decent source of water in the years ahead.

6 – Buy Land: This is a tough one, because prices are still quite high. However, as we have written previously, home prices are going to be declining over the coming months, and eventually there are going to be some really great deals out there. The truth is that you don’t want to wait too long either, because once Helicopter Ben Bernanke’s inflationary policies totally tank the value of the U.S. dollar, the price of everything (including land) is going to go sky high. If you are able to buy land when prices are low, that is going to insulate you a great deal from the rising housing costs that will occur when the U.S dollar does totally go into the tank.

7 – Get Off The Grid: An increasing number of Americans are going “off the grid”. Essentially what that means is that they are attempting to operate independently of the utility companies. In particular, going “off the grid” will enable you to insulate yourself from the rapidly rising energy prices that we are going to see in the future. If you are able to produce energy for your own home, you won’t be freaking out like your neighbors are when electricity prices triple someday.

8 – Store Non-Perishable Supplies: Non-perishable supplies are one investment that is sure to go up in value. Not that you would resell them. You store up non-perishable supplies because you are going to need them someday. So why not stock up on the things that you are going to need now before they double or triple in price in the future? Your money is not ever going to stretch any farther than it does right now.

9 – Develop Stronger Relationships: Americans have become very insular creatures. We act like we don’t need anyone or anything. But the truth is that as the economy melts down we are going to need each other. It is those that are developing strong relationships with family and friends right now that will be able to depend on them when times get hard.

10 – Get Educated And Stay Flexible: When times are stable, it is not that important to be informed because things pretty much stay the same. However, when things are rapidly changing it is imperative to get educated and to stay informed so that you will know what to do. The times ahead are going to require us all to be very flexible, and it is those who are willing to adapt that will do the best when things get tough.
If there was ever a time in the modern era to start growing food–it is NOW. The world-wide financial melt-down is destined to bring with it hyperinflation and food shortages. Aquaponics is our answer. Aquaponics is a hybrid technique combining the best of aqua-culture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing veggies without soil), and it’s completely organic because the fish waste is your natural fertilizer and that means no pesticides. Aquaponics USA is dedicated to sharing information, developing products and bringing awareness of this life sustaining technology to every American home because it’s time Americans declare their Food Independence.

John answers:

Sneaking an AD in ? Welcome to the world of survivalists.
Get connected and involved in your neighborhood. Learn to be a social animal. Learn to make guns, ammo and gunpowder and detonators (primers). Buy gold mining stocks, in the event of a depression, ie partial economic collapse, gold just sits there. Gold mining stocks gradually increase your wealth.
I nearly forgot. As long as you’re preparing for disaster, learn to build a Kearney fallout meter. Its the only one improvisable from materials found in an ordinary household. Very useful in case of nuclear attack, dirty bomb, or meltdown of your neighborhood reactor, especially if you don’t trust the authorities to tell the truth.

Daniel asks…

Need help really bad Math.?

1.) Visa Card USA studied how frequently young consumers, ages 18 to 24, use plastic (debit and credit) cards in making purchases (Associated Press, January 16, 2006). The results of the study provided the following probabilities.

The probability that a consumer uses a plastic card when making a purchase is .37.
Given that the consumer uses a plastic card, there is a .19 probability that the consumer is 18 to 24 years old.
Given that the consumer uses a plastic card, there is a .81 probability that the consumer is more than 24 years old.

U.S. Census Bureau data show that 14% of the consumer population is 18 to 24 years old.

a.)Given the consumer is 18 to 24 years old, what is the probability that the consumer uses a plastic card (to 4 decimals)?

b.)Given the consumer is over 24 years old, what is the probability that the consumer uses a plastic card (to 4 decimals)?

2.) The prior probabilities for events A1 and A2 are P(A1) = .40 and P(A2) = .60. It is also known that P(A1 (intersects the upside down U) A2) = 0. Suppose P(B | A1) = .20 and P(B | A2) = .05.

a.)Compute P(B).

3.)Small cars get better gas mileage, but they are not as safe as bigger cars. Small cars accounted for 18% of the vehicles on the road, but accidents involving small cars led to 11,898 fatalities during a recent year (Reader’s Digest, May 2000). Assume the probability a small car is involved in an accident is .18. The probability of a fatality in an accident involving a small car is .128 and the probability of a fatality in an accident involving a bigger car is .05. Suppose you learn about an accident involving a fatality.

a.) What is the probability a small car was involved in the accident (to 2 decimals)?

4.)In an article about investment growth, Money magazine reported that drug stocks show powerful long-term trends and offer investors unparalleled potential for strong and steady gains. The federal Health Care Financing Administration supports this conclusion through its forecast that annual prescription drug expenditures will reach $366 billion by 2010, up from $117 billion in 2000. Many individuals age 65 and older rely heavily on prescription drugs. For this group, 82% take prescription drugs regularly, 55% take three or more prescriptions regularly, and 40% currently use five or more prescriptions. In contrast, 49% of people under age 65 take prescriptions regularly, with 37% taking three or more prescriptions regularly and 28% using five or more prescriptions (Money, September 2001). The U.S. Census Bureau reports that of the 281,421,906 people in the United States, 34,991,753 are age 65 years and older (U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000).

a.)Given a person uses five or more prescriptions, compute the probability that the person is age 65 or older (to 2 decimals).

5.)A study of 31,000 hospital admissions in New York State found that 4% of the admissions led to treatment-caused injuries. One-seventh of these treatment-caused injuries resulted in death, and one-fourth were caused by negligence. Malpractice claims were filed in one out of 7.5 cases involving negligence, and payments were made in one out of every two claims.

a.)What is the probability a person admitted to the hospital will die from a treatment caused injury (to 3 decimals)?

6.)An oil company purchased an option on land in Alaska. Preliminary geologic studies assigned the following prior probabilities.

P(high-quality oil)= .50
P(medium-quality oil)= .20
P(No oil)= .30

a.) After 200 feet of drilling on the first well, a soil test is taken. The probabilities of finding the particular type of soil identified by the test follow.

P(soil | high-quality oil) =.20
P(soil | medium-quality oil) =.80
P(soil | no oil) =.20

Given the soil found in the test, use Bayes’ theorem to compute the following revised probabilities (to 2 decimals).

P(high-quality oil | soil) =
P(medium-quality oil | soil) =
P(no oil | soil) =

b.) What is the new probability of finding oil (to 2 decimals)?

c.) What quality oil is most likely to be found, according to the revised probabilities?

any help on any problem would be greatly appreciated PLEASE and think you even if it’s only half of an answer.

John answers:

A.)Given the consumer is 18 to 24 years old, what is the probability that the consumer uses a plastic card (to 4 decimals)?

Multiply .37 by .19

b.)Given the consumer is over 24 years old, what is the probability that the consumer uses a plastic card (to 4 decimals)?

Multiply .37 by .81

Sandra asks…

let look at Ground ZERO mosque in a new light is? this a fox pr campaign?

kingdom foundation owns 7% of Fox news. I am wondering if this mosque is being built at the park 51 on purpose by kingdom foundation to be a wedge issue. In addition, the only reason that this happening at t this times that Fox and the kingdom foundation are working together. Is to get piss off and scare so you will vote republicans in the mid trims However, the idea that Fox could do something like this just kind of pops into my mind. Let us face it is that people get piss Fox news ratings will go up. In addition, considering the kingdom foundation pay $2 billion for 7% of Fox’s stock. Any increase in stock price would make up for the money spent on parks 51.

PS I am crazy to be thinking like this.

Do not believe me check out daily show

John answers:

Well considering that the landing gear crashed through flor after floor of the mosque site ,does this not make this site ground zero ?
Or were you not told this by msnbc??
I am just curious if you heard this??..

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