Your Questions About Money Making Stocks For 2010

Carol asks…

Whats the best way to make alot of money?

Im not keeping this money for myself.The money i make is gonna be for abused animal shelters,child education & to prevent hunger in this world.Im not gonna raise much myself but i can get help. ! 🙂
any tips?

John answers:

General Strategies and Techniques on Saving Money and Earning More Money

Save as much money as you can! You’ll be surprised as to how quickly you can save a lot of money!

Here are a few suggestions:

Ways To Save Money & Ways To Earn More Money (Updated on 08/17/2010)

Don’t go out to eat. Example: don’t eat out at fancy, high-class restaurants. Instead, eat at a fast food restaurant or cook a healthy meal at home. It is much cheaper than the alternative.

If you are a teen or a young adult, you might want to hold a bake sale. You can have your other friends help you out, so that you can help attain your goal of saving and/or making more money.

If you have a habit of buying new clothes very often, then resist the urge to buy new clothes for a little while. You could potentially save a good amount of money.

Take personal finance courses online or at a high school or college/university.

If you are a teen or a young adult, you may want to have a dog-walking service.

To help you manage your money, try

Talk to a customer service representative at a bank or other financial institution and learn more about financial instruments.

Don’t go out to watch new movies in theaters. Watch movies on your TV at home. Rent movies using Netflix.

If you are a teen, you may want to think about babysitting. You can babysit your neighbor’s children.

Don’t spend too much money when going out with friends. Have a budget in mind before you actually meet up with your friends.

If you are a teen, you could try to mow the lawn. Many of your neighbors probably want their lawns to be mowed at a fraction of the price that they pay others to do the same work.

Invest your money in a CD (certificate of deposit). You can hold your money in a CD for 6 months or even a year. It generally pays more interest than the interest you get from a traditional savings account from a bank.

If you are a teen, do chores around the house. Your parents will appreciate it and you might get some money for it.

If you like to invest your money in the stock market, then you may want to invest your money in a commodity, such as gold. The value/price of gold is expected to increase in the future.

If you are a teen, then make sure to save the money that you get from your allowance (if you get an allowance).

If you like to invest your money in the stock market, then you may want to invest your money in specific large-cap and medium-cap companies that you trust. Apple (Stock Symbol: AAPL) and Google (Stock Symbol: GOOG) are two such stocks where you can choose to invest your money.

Try to sell something of value that you are willing to part with. Sell your old stuff on websites where many people make purchases, such as ebay or craigslist. You could also sell your stuff through a garage sale or a yard sale.

Try to hold a donation drive where your family, close friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances will be able to help you out and donate a little bit of money. These people will include your parents, brothers, sisters, close friends, relatives, grandparents, neighbors, and other acquaintances.

If all else fails, borrow money from other people (parents, brothers, sisters, close friends, relatives, grandparents, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.) in order to get a short-term loan.

Sandra asks…

Where can I get art printed in bulk for a low to medium cost?

I want to start selling my art. Where can I go to get my art printed in different sizes in bulk for not an insane amount of money? I see so many artists at fairs and things that have many prints of their work and I was just wondering how they do it?

John answers:

You should take your originals to the KINKO print shop nearby. Tell them to print on card stock
( which is a thicker paper ). It will make your prints last longer. If you sign them in limited editions of no more than 20 ……your prints will sell faster because there’s so few on the market. They WILL become collector items that will go way up in value !!

Here’s how to sign your prints ( this info is signed in pencil at bottom of each print ) :
Title of work at far bottom left____edition number in the middle like 1/20____Your signature & date.
( in that exact order ).

Hope this suggestion helps you a lot !!

Signed: Robert Singletary__Saturday December 11, 2010__11:38 A.M. (eastern standard time) USA

Betty asks…

Cheating the stock and commodities markets?

I’m writing a book, and I need to know how one would go about cheating the stock or commodities markets to make money. Would it be by causing a crash and then operating internally once the system is down? Would it be bypassing the system’s security measures to insure a greater payout? Any ideas, no matter how outlandish are acceptable. However, they must sound realistic. Historical examples are also very welcome. Thanks!

John answers:

Google “flash crash” and you’ll get lots of ideas. That was on May 6, 2010. A lot of people got their stops hit that day, selling at a horrible price, only to see the market recover late in the day. Most people can’t watch the markets all day and rely on Stop Loss Orders to protect their investments. In this instance, their stops caused them to lose money. Many people felt cheated, and rightly so.

Here’s a good article

John asks…

Which investment vehicle should I use if I will only be saving for two years?

I am currently in college, and me and my girlfriend are planning to take a vacation after we graduate in 2010. We will both be putting whatever extra money we can into an account to save for when we graduate. I was wondering what the best account to use would be. Is a money market account smart right now with the state of the economy? Should I just use a high yield savings or CD?

John answers:

Take a look at this. It will take a bit of work, but there is a fair degree of safety.

Suppose you opened an account at a discount brokerage, Scottrade is nice ($500 minimum, last I heard; $7 stock trades, etc.). Then suppose that you fairly regularly contribute to the account each month (or budget the lump sum by month).

Here is a list symbols for some solid companies, that make above industry average returns, pay above industry average dividends, and are well rated by a couple of common rating agencies: AFL, BDX, CB, CZN, HIG, KO, MO, MSFT, PG, and SWK.

Now, the rest depends on how much you want to put in over how many of these (or your suitable substitutes). Since these are all consistent money makers, suppose one option is to buy with your available funds for the month the one of these that is down the most (year to date, month, even over the last day, you choose, but be consistent).

Consistently profitable companies get poohed by the market all the time, but they stay consistently valuable because their book of business is valuable, they keep cranking out profits. Over time, a year or two, each of these, which you bought when then were relatively cheap (think of them as being on sale), will have risen, and likely paid you dividends in the meanwhile.

Be consistent. Stick to the plan. You will work out fine. Just don’t get greedy. This is almost a fix and forget process. Good luck.

Thomas asks…

How do I know what subwoofer to get?

I want to get a subwoofer in my 05 jeep wrangler. I don’t know what brand or size I should get. I don’t want to spend over 200 dollars but i don’t know if itd be worth it to save my money and buy a really nice one. I want one that will shake the car but I don’t want them to be too overwhelming or extreme. Any suggestions?

John answers:

What you’ll need:

Box to house said subwoofers
Amplifier to power said subwoofers
Wiring kit to power said amp
RCAs if you have an aftermarket headunit, Line Output Converter if it’s still stock
Labor to install

With $200 total, you’re really limited. You might think about an amplified Bazooka tube, such as the BTA10100FHC. That comes with everything you’ll need. Subwoofer, enclosure, amplifier, and wiring kit all in one package. Goes for $196 new on Amazon. It will provide PLENTY of low-end bump to round out any musical taste. But I don’t think it will “shake the car”. If you want that type of bump, you need to be looking at a larger ported box with maybe a couple 12″s and a separate amp. Something like the Kicker DC12 (2-ohm):

Powered by the Kicker ZX400.1:

Wiring Kit:

Even though that wiring kit is a generic one, it’s plenty large enough for that amp and will make ZERO difference what so ever.

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