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Michael asks…

Can someone help me understand this?

I was reading this article in the wall street journal and I often use H&R Block but I’m confused about what they’re talking about. Any accountants out there?

“Get Money Fast for Free.” That is the lure H&R Block HRB +0.90%uses to attract more customers. It already prepares one in six U.S. tax returns. But the company also makes a big chunk of its money from services that are anything but free.

.While potentially lucrative, those lines of business also open up the company, which Wednesday reports results for the third fiscal quarter ended January, to a number of regulatory risks.

Since 2010, for example, H&R Block hasn’t been able to offer “refund anticipation loans,” following regulators’ crackdown. While the change helped force rival Jackson-Hewitt into bankruptcy, H&R Block was able to replace much of that lost revenue: Analysts expect earnings of four cents a share in the recently completed quarter versus a four-cent loss a year earlier. One way has been through a shift to refund anticipation checks that advance customers just the company’s preparation fee, deducting it from the refund. The company also offers temporary debit cards and bank accounts for additional fees.

Retail customers paid H&R Block $183 in average preparation fees last year, down slightly from when the company processed loans. But this is still three times the cost of Intuit Inc.’s INTU +1.97%TurboTax and six times the retail cost of H&R Block’s own software.

H&R Block has faced only minor regulatory scrutiny over the checks. Risks abound, though. One is that the “earned income tax credit” making up much of lower-income filers’ refunds is modified. Another threat is that the Treasury Department’s botched effort last year to route refunds to low-cost debit cards is revived. That could undercut H&R Block’s own cards.

There also is the risk posed by tax-preparation competition from payday lenders such as Cash America International Inc. CSH +2.22%That group has attracted scrutiny from the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which could spill over to services offered by the likes of H&R Block. Yet at 11 times forward earnings, H&R Block’s stock trades at a 20% premium to listed payday lenders, suggesting this risk isn’t priced in.

One positive is that software isn’t yet gaining market share at H&R Block’s expense. Instead, it is converting pen-and-paper filers. That may change, though, especially if online tax forms offered by the government really provide a free alternative.

John answers:

Acme you are wrong about some things. The IRS isnt trying to eliminate paid preparers. You are not going to get uneducated preparers. You have uneducated preparers now. Only 3 states have any regulation in tax prep so anyone can call themselves a tax preparer. As of now, the IRS has a mandatory exam that all preparers must pass (unless they are an EA, attorney, or CPA) and they must also get a PTIN. This will weed out all the people that cannot pass the exam. HRB did offer free RAC’s and 1040ez’s during Feb when the number of filers is at its highest.

Sandra asks…

Does this make sense?

To make this politically relevant…

History of the Republican Party

From 1901-1909 the Republicans were quite progressive under Teddy Roosevelt.

They went crazy in 1921 under Warren Harding, when the radicals took over the Party. Harding dropped the top tax rate from 91% down to 25% resulting in the Roaring Twenties, the land and stock bubble. The land bubble popped in 1927.

Hoover was elected in 1929, the year the stock bubble popped. Hoover’s response was “let’s cut spending and cut taxes on the rich.” That gave us the Great Depression.

The moderates took over the Republican Party again in 1934. Democratic FDR took office in 1933 and raised taxes on the wealthy up to 91%, where they stayed from the late 1930sa all the way to the 1960s. That produced an industrial revolution; rich people got rich but the middle class got even richer.

The radicals took it again in 1946, and took control of the House and Senate for two years. That blew things up so badly they lost the House for the next 26 years.

The moderates came back in 1952 with Eisenhower.

Then in 1964 the hard right radicals took over again with the Goldwater candidacy.

In 1969 the moderates took the Republican Party back with Richard Nixon, who proposed a national health care system virtually identical to Obamacare in 1973.

In 1981 Reagan came along and the crazies took over again. We had the worst recession during the Reagan administration since the Great Depression, again following a giant cut in taxes on millionaires and billionaires. Unemployment was over 12%, and we had the biggest stock market crash since the Depression. Reagan ran up tons of debt, and to get out of the disaster he’d created he raised taxes radically on working people with the biggest tax increase on people making under $100K/year in the history of the United States. (The biggest tax cut on that same group of people happened under Obama.) That still wasn’t enough. Reagan borrowed more money than every president before him combined. He left office in 1988 leaving us nearly $3 Trillion in debt. Before Reagan we had never had even $1 Trillion in debt.

The moderates took over again with George HW Bush. He raised taxes, which lost him the election.

The crazies took it back again with George W Bush, then they got a further crazy boost in 2010 with the Tea Party.

So Rush Limbaugh notwithstanding, people are catching on. The Republican Party is going to have to once again go through a very radical change. Either it’s going to be a big bashing when the crazies get kicked out, or it’s going to be the presidency of Mitt Romney, who takes off his mask and is the same as he was in Massachusetts – a moderate, a Richard Nixon Republican.

But as a result of these cycles, this country has suffered tremendously. We basically no longer have a strong middle class. They now have so little equity in their homes and savings that if they lose their jobs, well over 50% are wiped out in 6 months, and 80% are wiped out within a year.

Thank you, Iris054. 🙂

John answers:

What about Leave it to Beaver?

James asks…

How to better my resume?

I need help making my resume better and job findings that are hiring in Georgia. (Clayton County area)
}Miranda Michelle Mercer
208 Mill Street, La Crosse, IN 46348
Phone: 219-252-3728


To obtain a full-time or part-time position at Clayton County or Cobb County in Georgia immediately.

High School Diploma (La Crosse High School, June 2011)
Culinary Arts Certification (A.K. Smith Career Center, June 2011)

Bachelor’s Degree (Everest University Online, August 2011- present)

Catering (April 2010 – May 2010)
Arbors Nursing Home (1101 E. Coolspring Ave.; Michigan City, Indiana 46360)
Prepared meals for the elderly and staff. Prepared salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.

Culinary Arts Vocational School (August 2009-June 2011)
A.K. Smith Career Center (817 Lafayette St; Michigan City, Indiana 46360)
Learned the basics of the Culinary Arts Field and features, Utilized basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

Kohl’s Department Store (August 2010– November 2010)
350 Silhavy Road Valparaiso, IN 46383
Worked at POS (Cashier) Station and Shoe’s Sales Associate Department

?Excellent Writing Skills
?Culinary Arts Association, 2-year program
?Serve-Safe Certification
?National Restaurant Association; Pro-Start Scholarship
?CPR Certified
?Culinary Arts Certification- “Outstanding Student of the Year”
?432 hours (Classroom Lab) work, additional 40 hours of Volunteer kitchen work
?Strong background in Knife Skills, Food Safety, and Batch Cooking
?Multi-Tasking & Teamwork
?Profit and Loss, Inventory, and Culinary Math
?Classically trained based on Classic French Cuisine
?Moderate Basic Math Skills
?Excellent Communication Skills
?Interpersonal Communication Skills
?Money Handling
?Attention to Detail
?Microsoft PowerPoint
?Microsoft Excel
?Microsoft Word

John answers:

Well, congratulations to the “Outstanding Student of the Year”!

My suggestion would be to show how you used your skills during your employment history – think about what you were most proud of or what your accomplishments were.
* Did you have excellent Health Dept inspection reports during your tenure? Or did critical incidents decrease while you were on staff?
* Did you plan meals to balance providing sufficient nutrition while working within a budget?
* Are you used to a fast paced environment? Were you able to maintain the POS system with minimum shortage/overages (cash in drawer to tape total)?
* How did you work with your fellow team members to achieve company goals?
* Did you serve 20 elderly meals or 100 meals at a time? Put something in there if you think its an impressive amount. Same for the Culinary School Career Center.

So for example, instead of saying “Prepared meals for the elderly and staff” I would suggest saying something like “Planned and prepared 100 daily meals within company budget and nutrition guidelines while improving kitchen cleanliness standards. This resulted in improved Board of Health inspections for the company.”

Girl you’ve got the skills! Just add your accomplishments.

The only other thing I’d mention is that when possible, tailor your objective specific to what position you are looking for. So if you’re sending it to a restaurant, state that you want to work within the restaurant industry, and whether you want to be a prep cook or chef, or whether you’re willing to start out in any position in the kitchen with the intent to work towards being the next prep cook/chef. It’s not uncommon for job candidates to have 2 or 3 different versions of their resume depending on how many different types of employers they’ll be sending them to.

Also, this book is going to have much better advice than I could ever give. Sorry, it’s been years since I’ve used it, but it was INVALUABLE to me when I was starting out. It sells for as little as $0.01 plus shipping, and it’s called “How You Really Get Hired” by John Lafevre who worked in Human Resources/Recruiting for many years before he wrote the book:

P.S. Aren’t we supposed to keep our name/address/phone private from the internet so sickos don’t come looking for us? Because you have yours listed on your resume.

Nancy asks…

How is my Resume? I need serious help from HR individuals.?

I am looking for a job. I am 26 years old, just married and recently moved to a new state. I am searching for an Entry Level job. I am halfway through with my Bachelor’s Degree and I have had many interviews but the only job I could get is one at a hotel as a maid. I took it to bring home at least some money.

What can I do to make my resume better and pick me instead of others when I lack experience?

Skills Summary
?General Office Skills
?Customer Service
?Microsfot Office 2010: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Employment History

WINDSOR PLACE AT-HOME CARE – Personal Care Attendant; November, 2007 to November, 2010

oPCA for Geratics Client
oPerform physical assessments/take vitals
oAdminister medication/document prescriptions
oTransport client
oPerform housekeeping tasks- Environmental Maintenance
oImplement physician orders

SOUTH BROADWAY BAPTIST CHURCH– Church Secretary; May, 2006 to September, 2007
oGeneral Office Duties: Answering Phones/Mail/Filing
oCreating/Designing/Printing/Mailing Monthly Newsletter & Weekly Bulletins.
oCustomer Service
oAny other action needed by the church staff or members.

EXTRA INN– Room Attendant; January, 2006 to April, 2006
oPerform environmental maintenance on hotel guest accomdations
oPromoted to Substuite Head Housekeeper:Supervise staff of 3/Create Day Duties/End of Day Sheets
oClean Breakfast Room, re-stocked refrigerator
oCustomer Service

BA Management
Online education
Thanks to all 3 of you. Thanks Mary, I use spell check and I have the newest version but I will correct thoes, that would be the problem! Sometimes I think I may have a problem with my programs.
Here is my Spell Corrected Resume. One, word it said you had spelled wrong. I used a different computer to fix this.

I have had 10 other people review my Resume. Do I need to put a Profile or Objective? Everyone has said, no, what do you think?

Skills Summary
?General Office Skills
?Customer Service
?Microsoft Office 2010: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Employment History

WINDSOR PLACE AT-HOME CARE – Personal Care Attendant; November, 2007 to November, 2010

oPCA for Geriatrics Client
oPerform physical assessments/take vitals
oAdminister medication/document prescriptions
oTransport client
oPerform housekeeping tasks- Environmental Maintenance
oImplement physician orders

SOUTH BROADWAY BAPTIST CHURCH– Church Secretary; May, 2006 to September, 2007
oGeneral Office Duties: Answering Phones/Mail/Filing
oCreating/Designing/Printing/Mailing Monthly Newsletter & Weekly Bulletins.
oCustomer Service
oAny other action needed by the church s

John answers:

First of all, you need to use spell check in Microsoft Word. I worked as a headhunter for awhile, and one of the things we were told was that if someone misspells words in their resume, throw it in the trash.

Words you’ve got wrong: Organization, Creativity, Microsoft, Geriatrics, accomodations, Substitute

One other thing…..after the months, you don’t need a comma (i.e. May 2006 to September 2007).

Finally, everything in your job description should be in the past tense..cleaned, performed,created, etc. Using the present tense is wrong.

Daniel asks…

How can anyone Ignore the Idea that the Buffet Rule is just an attempt to Divide American along Class Lines?

What does $4.7 Billion per year BUY for the US Federal Government?
1) We BORROW about $4 Billion per DAY just to spend what we do.
2) It pays about 2 Days of Welfare Spending, or a Day and a Half of Defense Spending.
3) It would pay about 2/3 of what we spend JUST to Run the EDUCATION Department, but not one Dollar toward Teachers Pay, New Schools or Tuition Assistance.
4) A few new Jobs to hire IRS folks to Enforce the New Rules.

What will it do if we DOUBLE the Tax People Pay for Investing in New and Expanding Business?

1) That $4.7 Billion of Investment Cash Could be used to START 4,000 NEW Business a year. If each Business Hires JUST 10 People, that is 40,000 JOBS Lost by The BUFFET Rule.
2) It will cause a REDUCTION in American Investment…..It is RISKY to start a new business, especially under current Over-Regulated, Over-Controlled Economic Environment, but if the CHANCE to earn a Profit is REDUCED by 50%, even LESS Investment will Occur.
3) More MONEY will be invested OVERSEAS than is currently invested, since the Chance to Make a Profit is Decreased.

It was just a Political Move to Provide a Campaign Slogan….to further Divide and Conquer us.

There were SO many things Mr. Obama could have done to ACTUALLY help or FIX something…

For Instance….Fix the LOOPHOLE that ALLOWS his Good BUDDY, Jeffrey Immelt, and G.E. to EARN $6,000,000,000 in Profit and pay NO Corporate Tax.

He could have EASILY Fixed this in 2009 and 2010 with Complete Control of Congress, BUT, Instead of Fixing this, he did something EVEN WORSE….

He gave GE BILLIONS of Dollars in Stimulus Money, all the While, GE’s STOCK Value had just gone UP by 34%…..Does GE Sound like a COMPANY that NEEDED our Tax Dollars to Stimulate its GROWTH?

NO, It doesn’t…Mr. Obama knows that, he is NOT out for the Good of Americans, Democrat or Republican, RICH or POOR.

His only Goal is to be Re-Elected, and to do that he NEEDS Jeffrey Immelt, GE, Goldman Sach, Warrent Buffet, George Soros and all their MILLIONS.

Mr. Buffet is MORE than willing to take a Few Thousand Dollar Hit on his Personal INVESTMENT, if OWNING Mr. Obama Prevents Mr. Obama and the DEMOCRATS from FIXING the REAL Problems in Corporate Taxes.

Thanks for Reading and Answering if you even Bothered.

I don’t blame you if you didn’t Read, I get TOO Long-Winded, but it helps me to see if anyone is really interested in finding out what is really going on, or just wants to Name-Call.
Thank you @Jim for the Answer, but is the Part I Wrote about Jeffrey Immelt, GE, Stimulus FAIR?

Why didn’t Mr. Obama FIX that GROSS unfairness? Why isn’t that Addressed by the Media at all?

Thanks for respectfully responding.

John answers:

It isn’t just the money. It is about fairness. We are developing a permanent upper class that expect the government to work for them because they have more money. The fundamental question is this:
Should the government respond to the majority or people or the majority of money?

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