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Thomas asks…

My NEA Proposal — I Need Some Help to get it Just Right?

The National Endowment for the Arts provides grant support for the performing arts, which inspires my Dolphin314etc Goes to Broadway Venture, which is a combination of “Cats” with “La Boheme”.

It would be kind of an Opera, except sung entirely in “meow meow” — every note would be a meow, except for a few hisses and screeches and banshee-like sounds.

I don’t want Prima Donnas for this, I want Secundus Donnas, or even Tertia Donnas. They all have to wear catface makeup, like in “cats”, but from the neck down it’s strictly 18th Century big hoop skirt dresses and pantaloons.

The audience are invited to bring their cats. Special Cat-taners will be provided which can be clamped securely to the regular opera seats. There is a bit of audience interaction in this preformance — the singers come down off the stage and do some meowing directly into the Cat-Tainers for the greater delight of the feline portion of the audience.

During intermission, of course there will be sardine canapes and tuna rolls for the cats, and for the people, same thing except with champagne, or sparkling grape juice for the kids. The whole Opera is about that Democratic feeling, so why not make it a little inter-species, (but I’m not inviting any PETA people, I would have to get special organic nut rolls for them.)

Kids would get a lot of joy from this Opera. They don’t speak French anyway, so most of the regular opera might as well be meowing as far as they are concerned. I would also design the big flouncey dresses to be more authentically 18th Century French Court than you usually see, with some extra exposed areas, so the male kids could have squirty pants and sweet dreams, like I did when I saw Brigitte Bardot movies as a 10 year old — WOW!

The idea is to make a performance that bridges differences and that brings harmony and bonery to the world while providing new and exciting experiences for our feline friends who are tired of staring at squirrels out the window all day.

Little girls would learn that cats are people too, and that one need not learn any particular language to sing opera. All you need is love, confidence, and a willingness to extend yourself to your audience. I’m not looking for a Renaissance in music appreciation, I’m no Lorenzo de Medici, just a little servant of all mankind trying to make the world a better place.

The NEA has $160 million in grant money to pass out in 2010, and I don’t think I need more than a a couple of million to get me started. It might be best to skip Summer Stock on this one — I already get tarred and feathered in enough small towns — we’ll go straight for Broadway, or Off-Broadway, more likely.

I want it to be tingent, witty, sharp, whiskery, crisp, and with ping — the best of Opera, of France, of Felines, and of the Spirit of True Art — which is to make em laugh, make em cry, make em squirt, make em sigh. There’s no business like Show Business.

John answers:

The cats wouldn’t know what was going on… All they would know is that they are being restrained & there are a lot of other cats there… They would be very scared… So, just invite the people to dress up & leave their cats at home.

Nancy asks…

Invest in BOTH Traditional 401K AND Roth 401k?

I am 30 years old and just started a new career. My employer offers both a Traditional 401K and a Roth 401K. I have zero experience investing and have never owned a retirement account before. Which should I choose….or can I choose both? I have allocated 10% of my income to invest for now. Should I do 5% in 401K and 5% in Roth 401K….or other options? I am totally confused by all the choices and not sure where to put my money so that I can make to best investment. My employer does offer a “matching” bonus. I currently do not have any other investments or savings. Any advise would be great!!

Here are the funds available to invest in….managed by Fidelity


John answers:

Well generally you want to do your asset allocation plan first. After that, then you can pick your funds. I haven’t checked out all of your funds, but seems like you have some respectable choices. I don’t know what your tolerance for risk is, but I might go something along the lines of:
40% Fidelity Spartan 500 Index
15% Allianz Small Cap Value
20% American fds Europacific
20% Pimco Total Return
05% money markets

If you wanted to hedge your bets, you could go 50/50 between a roth & a regular 401k. Otoh, you could defer your taxes by going exclusively 100% into your regular 401k. Not wanting to pay any taxes before I have to, that is the way I would go.

Michael asks…

PLEASE ANSWER 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I need to know how I can improve my english paper. My partner did a BIG SACK OF NOTHING, so I had to do it by myself. Give me feeedback please. I know its long…but please. OH yeah, btw; im a 9th grader, so be easy xD THANKYOU~~~ 🙂

Kelsea Kim
Muhammad Talha Quadri
February 26, 2010
Period 4
English 1
Hunger in Hawaii

Hunger is a very large and growing problem in Hawaii, as well as all around the world. (Amy Goldstein- The Washington Post) Golgstein states that in the year of 2009, the number of people, including children, who struggled to get enough to eat, is near 50 million. It is at its highest point since the government began keeping track. The cause of hunger is not the lack of food in stores and markets, but the lack of money. There are many solutions to this problem, but with each solution comes with positive and negative effects.
One solution would be to distribute more food stamps to citizens that are low on money. A pro is that more people will have access to food which is a very good thing. However the con is that the government loses money by doing this because it’s almost like giving free money to people. Another pro is that people don’t have to work as hard to make a living. This way, they can focus on paying for other important needs such as mortgages, rent, transportation, and education. The con is that sometimes people take advantage of it thinking that they don’t have to work. Just because they are receiving food stamps doesn’t mean that they don’t have to work. They should continue to work hard as if it were almost like giving back. One final positive effect is that less people would die of hunger. Although in Hawaii, there are barely any deaths that are from starvation compared to those in Africa and Haiti, it’s still good to maintain that so we don’t begin to experience that. People shouldn’t have to die in this world whether it be in France, Hawaii, Korea, or India, because of a stupid reason like hunger. We are all
Kim 2
Quadri 2

human and we have to help each other out and not look down on others. The negative effect is that many people abuse the food stamps by buying expensive food that others
cant even afford. (Melody- Melody states in a post that as a cashier, she sees people come into Whole Foods using their food stamps to buy expensive food such as fine cheeses, cakes, lamb, and other fine goods that she can’t even afford with her budget. In the post, she explains how it makes her mad knowing that her tax money is paying for their food. These are the pros and cons of distributing more food stamps to people.
Another solution to hunger is to open up more food banks. Food banks are places where food is provided for people who do not get food stamps and are low on money. After Hurricane Katrina, many food banks provided food to those who were left with no homes. At food banks, you do not have to pay any money or bills for eating there. This is a positive effect of food banks. The negative is that too much people rely and depend on it thinking that is where they can get their food everyday. Another pro is that more people can have food. The con is that it is harder for food banks to keep their shelves stocked with food for everyone. It either costs too much money, farms and markets are not donating enough food, or there are not enough canned food drives. One final positive effect is that less homeless have to die of hunger or malnutrition. They can freely eat at food banks without costs or anything. The last con is because it costs a lot of money to build more food banks. Where is the government going to get the money? The answer is: our taxes.

Kim 3
Quadri 3

One final solution is to organize more canned food drives and donations. A good thing that comes out of it is that food banks could have more stock to feed the people. The negative is that a lot of people might not donate because they need to feed themselves first. Another positive is that more people get to have food. The negative effect is that the food banks might get over crowded with too much people. One final pro is that the state doesn’t have to use so much money to stock the shelves of food banks themselves. The con that comes from it is that it takes too much time and effort to start canned food drive organizations. A good idea would be to make it so that they have more challenges at school to see who can get the most cans and the winning school could go on a fun field trip and have a party. This is good because it could get the students more interested to participate in the drives. These are the negative and positive effects of having more canned food drives.
To us, all of these solutions can help hunger not only in Hawaii, but also around the world. Although they have negative effects, it’s always good to give it a try because it could end up being a very large help. All around the world there are growing problems and we

John answers:

I could only bear to read the first sentence and skim a couple others. It looks pretty good but you forgot quotation marks. Maybe you should check your punctuation.

Also your essay doesn’t have an end…

Also you use the word “one” too often when you start sentences: “one final solution”, “one solution”, “one final positive effect”, etc. It gets tedious.
In the last sentence of Kim 2 Quadri 2 you don’t need a :
Many sentences are missing capitals and periods.
Overall it looks good but needs a little fixing up.
Use more colourful adjectives instead of “This is good because it …” write “This is amazing…” or “This is excellent…”

Robert asks…

can i still file or do i huv to file ammended if i forgot to add my 1099B on my 2009 and 2010 returns?

i filed 2009 2 yrs ago but forgot to put my 1099B. then i filed 2010 last yr but again, forgot my 1099B. how do i file and add them on my ammended return and do i put all the infos like w2, and others on the form when i file ammended for this 1099B. pls help me what to do??

i didnt make money from this 1099B (stocks) i lost all my money from this investment.

John answers:

By all means amend
it is surprising that you have not already had a CP 2000 from the 2009 absence of the 1099 B reported proceeds
but you definitely want to get them filed to establish the loss you claim since you are able to carryforward losses in excess of $3000 each year until absorbed

Mandy asks…

How much in dividends should a company pay to common stockholders? Accounting Homework Help?

1) Shea Company has 100,000 shares of 6 percent, $50 par value, cumulative preferred stock. In 2010, no dividends were declared on preferred stock. In 2011, Shea had a profitable year and decided to pay dividends to stockholders of both preferred and common stock. If they have $750,000 available for dividends in 2011, how much could it pay to the common stockholders?

The answer is $150000, but I don’t understand how to arrive at that answer, so somebody please explain!!! Thanks

Also need help with one time value of money problem:

2) Kristen Quinn makes equal deposits of $500 semiannually for four years.
What is the future value at 8 percent? Round your answer to the nearest cent, if rounding is required.

This answer is 4607.11, but once again I don’t understand how to arrive at that answer

John answers:

With cumulative preferred dividends preferred shareholders must be paid all dividends owed (in arrears) before common shareholders receive dividends.
100,000 x 6% x $50 = $300,000 owed to preferred shareholders each year.
No dividends were paid in 2010, so preferred shareholders received $600,000 in 2011 and common shareholders received $150,000.

Future value of an annuity
FVoa = PMT [(((1 + i)^n) – 1) / i]
FVoa = Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity
PMT = Amount of each payment (500)
i = Interest Rate Per Period (8% / 2 = 4%)
n = Number of Periods (4 x 2 = 8)
= $4,607.11

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