Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

Laura asks…

what industry category would making money buying and selling stocks fall under?

Financial? Investment? Brokerage Firm?

John answers:


Jenny asks…

Should I read this book about investing? How to Make Money in Stocks: A WINNING SYSTEM IN GOOD TIMES OR BAD?

How to Make Money in Stocks: A WINNING SYSTEM IN GOOD TIMES OR BAD Third Edition by: William O’Neil?

I have been trying to find reviews but I have decided that I would like to hear from investors here who have read it.

John answers:


O’Neil makes a valiant effort to isolate the factors that indicate
a given stock is (almost) always going to go up in price.

Logically, it should work. It will certainly seem quite reasonable
to you.

The problem is, reality is not so neat and rational, and a well-run
company today is tomorrow’s lousy company.

This is not predictable. That’s the problem with real life.

Remember also that most of the price move of any individual company
is due to the overall market, not due to the company’s particular

I suggest that you also read FOOLED BY RANDOMNESS by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, to remind you that real markets are not predictable.

Best, Rick Stooker

Mary asks…

What all do I need to do to train myself to become good at making money in the stock market?

Where’s what I have learned so far that I can use to make money and protect my money in the stock market:

Monitor MACD, Stochastics and one other thing (I forgot what it was) If all three indicators lines up, you either buy or sell.

Cover Calls: You can make money by sellingl someone the right to buy a stock at a certain price before a certain date. It is like owning property and taking in rent, except you own stocks.

“Protection Put” ?(not sure what it’s called): You buy the rights to sell your stocks for a certain price (even if the market price is lower) before a certain date.

What other concepts is there not listed here? Please compare this with your knowlege of the stock market and fill in what is not here that you know.

What all should I do to train myself to become good at making money on the internet? Give me some links or recommend some books please. I want to learn all about trading. I’m an absolute beginner. I don’t even have an account opened yet
correction for the detail section above: “stock market”, not internet

John answers:

Be patient. Always put a stop on your investment if it is not work

check this book out, Stock Traders Almanac, emphasize the Market cycle, seasonal cycle, presidential election cycle.

Yes you could learn invest by yourself. It is your money, you should know how to do with it. For starter check this site out.

Http:// section university. A lot amount of information. It will serve you well
I accumulate in good amount in 401k at the young age.I could share with you. When consider invest in stock market. You should consider basic 3 things:

fundamental analysis==(economic data,finincial health, management, business model, competetion)>>what to buy

technical analysis==(chart+indicator)>> when to buy

Sentiment/schycho analysis==>>mood of investor, Contrarian point of view.
Market cycle===>> check out book Trader Almanac by jeff hirsch will give you inside stuff
When you combine 3 thing, It is one of the powerful knowledge goinh with you for the rest of your live

At the age of 32. My 401k is amassed 75,000.00 and 30000.00 in taxble account. By follow simple rule

Donald asks…

How do people make money with stocks?

i am intersted in investing. i have like 1,500 that i want to start with. but i want to get as much info as possible before i risk my money.
how does the system work with stocks and how much can a person make and lose?

John answers:

You need to open an online trading account first in order to trade.. Basically the rule is buy low sell high, or short high and cover low..Personally, I think Sogotrade is best among all online brokerages. You can get a lot of free trades: about 100 free trades with 500 minimum deposits. It has very good customer services, it also has live help, and you can chat with representatives about any question. After that, only 3 dollar for each trade, pretty sweet when compared with other online brokerages.
Referral code: 453934

Michael asks…

IS there a proven method making money from stocks ?

John answers:


Never fall in love with a stock.
Never bet more than you can afford to loose
Dont Take stock tips “Do your own research on tips dont rely on someone elses word”
and Research Reasearch Research……………………

Remember the stock market is a cross between Musical chairs and the walnut shell game. When the music stops make sure you have a seat and a marble.

Good luck


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