Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

George asks…

What is your strategy to make money in the stock market?

I just wanted to hear theories for making money in socks. I usually look for solid large growth companies and throw in some small-caps for their potential.

John answers:

Time in the market, not market timing is the path I follow. In the past, I have bought stocks in companies that have raised their dividend each year for at least 10+ consecutive years and that make products everyone needs, uses up quickly and needs to buy more (oil, electricity, natural gas, drugs, soaps, business services etc.). Now I live off my dividends & receive up to 17% yield per year from my original investment

Thomas asks…

How can I screw my friend over in the stock market?

My friend (boy) has really been harassing me and my friends for the past few months. He’s a real bully at my school and the only way to get back at him is to screw him over in the stock market. At our school, we have a competition where we’re given 1 million dollars of virtual money that we get to invest. I have his login information. What can I buy with that money to make him lose???

John answers:

1) You find out what stocks he has bought into.
2) Chose his largest investment in his account and ‘short sell’ that stock for your total 1 million dollars in your account. The result will be a tremendous drop in the price and the value of that stock creating a loss for him. To save himself he would panic and sell too, however at a loss.
3) After he sold out, you cover your short sale by buying the same stock back. You will make the money for having sold it high and bought it low. Short sale is a legitimate transaction and I have done it numerous times

Steven asks…

Can you actually make money on stock photography sites?

Sites like Fotolia and Dreamstime, stock photography sites, can the average person make any real money on those sites? I can’t seem to find anywhere what the average pay out is, or what the chances are someone will buy your photo, etc. has anyone done this before? any tips?

John answers:

The “average” person will not make much out of stock.

To make “proper” money out of stock you have to approach it like any other business and devote time and resources to it.

Check out this guys blog. He is probably one of the most successful micro stock guys around

Charles asks…

Can I run multiple businesses under one llc corporation?

Say my friends and I would like to start a llc corporation under a certain name. Can then use this single corporation and it’s name to do multiple business ventures like drywall, framing, insulating, selling real estate, buying and selling stock, buying and selling items? Basically anything that would make the corporation money and keep it prospering. Or would we have to open a seperate company and name for each one of the branches/money making ideas?

John answers:

The work that is generally alike would not be a problem – remodeling and real estate. The buying and selling of stock (securities) is a whole different animal.

John asks…

How do I make money in the stock market?

I don’t know how to put this so here it goes. Lets say I buy 13 $73.16 stock which totals to $951.08 and its up by .20% (.15 cents per stock) which totals $1.90 and the grand total is $952.98! Lets say it stays that way for 15 days 952.98 * 15 = $14,297.73. My questions are
1. Is that the right way to do it? If not could you show me?
2. That $14k can I go shopping with it without selling the stock?
3. Is selling stock to only way to make money?

John answers:

You don’t get extra money for every day. Let’s say that you invest $1000 into a certain stock, and you buy 10 shares. If this is so, then the value of each share is $100. Let’s say that the price of each share goes up by 10%, or $10. So, every share you own is now worth $110, and you have $1100 in total. If this stock stays at the same price for a week, you still have $1100, nothing more, nothing less. The amount of time that a stock stays a certain price has nothing to do with how much money you end up with. If the stock stays at $952.98 for 15 days, you still only have $952.98. As for #2 and #3, you only get money if you sell the stock.

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