Your Questions About Money Making Stocks 2011

Maria asks…

canadian tax free savings accounts penalties?

my tfsa is currently maxed, i have it with a broker that allows me to invest in stocks with it. theres a stock i really want to get in on asap and i think it will go up more then 2-3x in the next few months. i can’t open a new non-tfsa account because i’m in the middle of nowhere. however my tfsa has online banking.

so what i’m wondering is, if i over contribute to my tfsa, lets say $5000. invest it now. will i be charged a penalty of 1% x2 months on just the $5000? so it would be a $100 penalty. then in january when its 2011 and we get to contribute again does that make the penalties stop? also lets say i double my money in over contributed funds are they still tax free? (not counting my penalties)

John answers:

Over-contributions are taxed at 1% a month, so your $5,000 would be taxed for November and December. Once your limit increases in 2011, you will no longer be charged the 1% tax.

Anything earned in a TFSA is still tax-free, regardless of the over-contribution.

James asks…

On just a basic car audio headunit, will a preamp boost sound quality & power?

Hey everyone…

I live South Korea… I just bought a Renault-Samsung 2011 SM5…
However I did not choose the Bose audio option… [BIG REGRETS]
and I really really am disappointed with the stock panasonic sound system.

The bass and power overall is just a major disappointment.

With that said…
I went to the Car Audio store and asked what my options were.. without spending a boat load of money on custom car audio equipment & installation..

*important note*
I dont want to redo the whole system with amplifiers, speakers, woofers, etc…

I just want to make my system sound “stock Bose / JBL-ish*

I dont need a huge thumping system that will break my budget…

The Car Audio place after much thought… told me that installing a Preamp and connecting it to my stock headunit will improve the power and sound quality dramatically…..

Is this correct and can anyone confirm and give me their advice on if this is actually the best way to go???


John answers:

It will just make it louder. You need quality speakers. Like 2ways and tweeters with subs or 3ways and 1ways with tweeters.

Paul asks…

i want to start investing the stock market?

I am a Sgt in U.S. army serving in Germany got back from my 2nd tour from Iraq and just paid off my debt and started to save. I am getting out of the army in 2011 and want to start to invest in the stock market but really have no clue on how to go about it. I can start with $500.00 my wife won’t allow any more but I can invest $30 monthly. I am going to start to put money into retirement but also want be aggressive into trying to make extra income I know its a gamble but I want to take that chance.

John answers:

I’m a professional trader and first let me say I appreciate your service so I can trade in the markets everyday. Thank you.

Don’t worry about the amount you start with. It’s all about what you do with that. I started trading when I was a teenager with $1500 and now I’m a full-time trader five years later.

The biggest thing you need to understand before you just jump into the markets is that if you view investing as gambling then you’re destined to lose the money you trade.

I can’t emphasize enough that you need to learn about the markets BEFORE you get into trading anything. Education is the difference between those who make it and those who don’t.

Let me recommend three of my favorite trading books to give you a great start: “Mastering the Trade” by John Carter, “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques” by Steve Nison, and “How to Make Money in Stocks” by William O’Neill. Also I would suggest you pick up a copy of “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach to give you a money mindset you’ll need to trade and think about how to manage debt and finances.

Learn technical analysis. There’s no more important aspect to anything you trade. It’s what I live on and the books I recommended to you will give you a great background.

Even if you trade in a retirement account with mutual funds, learn technicals and your money has a much better chance of growing.

I really believe the road to riches is paved with small transactions. Your $500 and adding to it can become a large amount in 10 years with the right trading discipline.

If I can trade the markets, you can too. Educate yourself before committing capital. Good luck, hopefully this helped.


Mary asks…


22. Who is wrestling’s best TV Announcer?
Jim Ross, Matt Striker, Taz, Dave Prazak, Jerry Lawler, Todd Grisham, Michael Cole, Others
23. Who was the WWE MVP of 2009? Chris Jericho, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Others
24. Who was the TNA MVP of 2009?
Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Daniels, Beer Money, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Others
25. Who was the Ring of Honor MVP for 2009?
Jerry Lynn, Nigel McGuinness, Austin Aries, Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Others
26. What is Hulk Hogan’s most attractive attribute?
Ability to garner mainstream media coverage, Connections to talent, Potential matches, Knowledge as a booker
27. Whose job at TNA is most vulnerable?
Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Tenay, Mick Foley
28. What is the immediate future of the guest host concept?
It will continue as is, It will be used sporadically, It will continue until WWE runs out of viable guest host ideas, It will be eliminated once TV ratings show a decline
29. At press time, WWE was selling at $16.00 per share. Where do you see WWE stock a year from now?
Slightly higher that it is now, About the same, Substantially higher than it is now, Slightly lower than it is now, Substantially lower than it is now
30. At press time, Raw was averaging Nielsen Ratings of 3.3. Where do you see those ratings a year from now?
Two or more tenths of a point lower, About the same, One-tenth of a point higher, One-tenth of a point lower
31. At press time, Smackdown was averaging Nielsen Ratings of 2.2. Where do you see those ratings a year from now?
Two or more tenths of a point higher, About the same, One-tenth of a point lower
32. At the time of its closing, ECW was averaging Nielsen Ratings of 1.2. Where do you see WWE NXT’s ratings a year from now?
Two or more tenths of a point higher, One-tenth of a point higher, About the same, Two or more then of a point lower, One-tenth of a point lower
33. At press time, iMPACT! was averaging Nielsen Ratings of 1.3. Where do you see those ratings a year from now?
Two or more tenths of a point higher, Two or more tenths of a point lower, One-tenth of a point lower, About the same, One-tenth of a point lower
34. What is Linda McMahon’s future?
She’ll be elected Senator, She will be defeated but pursue other interests outside of WWE, She will reclaim the position of CEO, She will settle into a role as homemaker, Others
35. What is Shane McMahon’s future?
He will become an executive with ZUFFA LLC (UFC), He will acquire an ownership stake in Explosion Entertainment LLC (Strikeforce), He will make an appearance as Raw guest host and announce his return, Having burned bridges with the family, he will join TNA
36. Which wrestler will retire first?
The Undertaker, Sting
37. Assuming wrestling is your favorite sport, what’s next?
Mixed Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, NASCAR, Golf, Others
38. Who do you think will be number one in the 2011 “PWI 500”?
Edge, AJ Styles, Sheamus, Randy Orton, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Others

John answers:

22. Jim Ross
Hilarious and one of the best ever.

23. Chris Jericho
What An Impact he made last year i think he really deserved it.

24. AJ Styles
Being here and living in his own house made one of the best ever.

25. Bryan Danielson
He is a real submission specalist and i just love him for that.

26. Ability to Garner Mainstream Media Coverage.

27. Jeff Jarrett
He was the creator and he should really get the credit.

28. It will be used sprodically

29. $12.00 Per Share

30. 4.7 with much much better Storylines – Two or more tenths of a point lower

31. 3.1 Like raws today with edge making an big Impact- About the Same

32. WWE NXT will only get through this year and will have no NXT next year – Not Anymore

33. 3.3 TNA Impact will be much greater next year – Two or more then of a point higher

34. She will be defeated but pursure other intrest outside of WWE.

35. He will accquie and ownership stake in Eplosion Entertainment LLC ( Strikeforce)

36. Sting will retire first
Unless sting doesn’t retire under 2 years then it is Undertaker who will be 20-0
Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania

37. Soccer
It is even bigger than wrestling and i like it much more and i might have a scholarship of it in highschool which i am about to get.

38. Randy Orton or John Cena
They have been very high this year.

Michael asks…

What should I do? Or what CAN I do?

I ordered a Columbia brand peacoat from JCPenny on December 12th 2010. I have still yet to receive it and it is now January 26th, 2011. Every now and then we have called to find out what the Fuck is going on and they keep telling us they are out of stock and that they will be getting them in next week (same old stuff).. is there anything I could do to make my point strong and get my jacket?? Or get this for free or whatever? anything??

** I dont want to get my money back because I got such a good deal on the buy..

John answers:

You either wait for the coat or cancel the order. Those are your choices. You seem to think that the store is doing this simply to pi$$ you off. They’re out of stock. Deal with it.

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