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Linda asks…

Why didn’t Pelosi nationalize FORD? We could be MAKING money?
Ford Earns $997 Million, Projects Solid 2011 Profit

Ford Motor Co stock has QUADRUPLED since last November, when she first took to the podium to proclaim that we must “rescue” the auto makers.

Well, the companies that accepted her rescue have gone bankrupt.

Meanwhile, the company that DIDN’T accept Pelosi’s “rescue” just made a BILLION DOLLARS profit. Their stock price was around 2 in November, now it is near 8. BTW, Ford stock was still around 2 in February, so they had plenty of time to buy.

You see, the whole point of buying companies is, you want the ones that AREN’T going broke. You want the ones that are going to make A BILLION DOLLARS and quadruple their stock price.

But in usual Democrat confustion, Pelosi and Obama forced us to become the owners of the ones that went bankrupt, while the one that made a BILLION DOLLARS slipped out of our grasp.

Did I mention that Ford stock has QUADRUPLED in less than 12 months, so whatever money the government took from us to buy Ford would be worth FOUR TIMES AS MUCH already?

I didn’t want the government to buy a car company in the first place. But if they were going to insist on forcing us to buy one, why couldn’t they at least pick a WINNER????
madart, yes that is the standard reverse logic that Democrats use to make the worst possible choice.

My question is, WHY do Democrats insist on defying common sense by using such logic and making the worst possible choice?
LOL! Good morning, conservatives!

Right you are, as usual. GM and Chrysler went bankrupt BECAUSE the government “rescued” them. The government breaks anything it touches.

Ford is now profitable BECAUSE the government didn’t touch them. If Ford had allowed the government to “rescue” them, they would have been micromanaged into bankruptcy by now.

Ford is making money because they are filling the vacuum left by customers fleeing GM.

John answers:

Ford`s stocks would have tumbled 4 times as far if they were under the govt mismanagement. If its not broken dont fix it….Ford just proved that.

That is not true, Ford refused, denied, and rejected taking any stimulus money. All the other companies had the same option.

Laura asks…

What is your take on current stock market in Feb 2011?

S&P 500 shot over 1300 mark today and overall stock market is rallying. However, if you examine various sectors, it’ mostly the small caps rallying. Mid caps and large caps are declining or flat. What do you make of this situation? Would you get into to the market now? My take is getting in now might be buying high and giving your money to the Big Investors……..

John answers:

We must mention that just because the market is over or undervalued does not mean that future returns will be high or low. From the mid to late 1990s the market was extremely overvalued and equities kept increasing year after year. However, as I note at the end of the article I expect low returns over the next ten years based on current valuations. In addition, individual stocks can be found that will outperform or underperform the market regardless of current valuations

Richard asks…

I need to find out how much a stock has grown over the past month. Where would be the best place to look?

I need to find out how much money I would make by investing $100,000.00 in apple stock from mar 11 2011 to apr 11 2011
It is not apples like the fruit. It is the company headed by Bill Gates and his partners.

John answers:

I actually think that the answer about investing in bananas instead is quite reasonable since the idea that a one month history is going to tell you anything on a business that works on multi-year business cycles is ridiculous. However if you must, just go to Yahoo Finance, enter the code AAPL for Apple and select historical data. Of course, chances are that the thought of something so simple escapes you and you require a silver spoon so the closing price of Apple on March 11, 2011 was $351.99 and the current price on April 11, 2011 is $330.80. You would’ve lost $21.19 per share which had you purchased on March 11 and sold on April 11, would’ve been -6.02% which when properly annualized to a per annum rate (it’s a growth stock so you don’t just multiply the monthly rate by the number of months in the year), it works out as 52.52% loss per year effective. Of course this doesn’t include commissions.

However, had you been bright and bought a call option instead of buying the shares and simply put the money to exercise the call option into a long term secured investment like the 10 year US Treasury bond in your margin account to secure the margin needed to exercise such an option, you would only have lost about $10 per share and yet had it gone up instead of going down, you would’ve benefited from the gains.

To answer your question, you would’ve lost over $6,000 dollars on your $100,000 investment in Apple stock. Next time you have a school stock market game, maybe you’ll do some research rather than just go with the hot stocks of the day.

David asks…

How much will I make Stocking at K-mart?

I just got a job interview there and im pretty excited because I need a job im 20 years old and i have a baby on the way i dont have much money so im freaking out and hurrying to get a job, the baby should be coming in may or june 2011 so please can you help and tell me how much im looking to make thanks

John answers:

A little over minimum wage.

Joseph asks…

Where is the outrage over oil prices from Liberals?

Where is the epa, code pink and the other radical liberals not protesting about oil surging to $90 bucks and unleaded gas surging pass $3 bucks?

The global economy peaked out when oil hit $147 bucks, yet it crashed because of various reasons! The ObamaBots will still not understand, because they do not have the mental capacity!
They changed the uptick rule, went to mark to market accounting,excess supply of homes/ too many dead beats should had been renters, toxic gse/siv/cdo/cds, etc……

I own stock of halliburton oil and I am up 23% on it and I continue to make more money off it as oil goes up! Hee hee hee liberals!
Cheney was the ex-ceo of (hal) !!lolololol yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

I covered my BP short under $30 bucks, whereas dumb liberals thought the liberal media would bankrupt them!lolololololollolololo predictable liberals!!!!

The Messiahs/ market will “most likely” crash during 1st quarter of 2011 and I will short the heck out of it!!! Take that libs!!!!!!useless proletarians, go back to watching dancing with the stars!!!

Go back to flipping burgers, you dustbin!!
Now don’t spend your life savings at Blue Chip Casino!!lololololoo serf!!
GWB got us out of Clintons dotcom recession in 2002, coupled with 9/11 attack.

Gwb got us out of Democrats house of card game 15 months ago with Tarp…


John answers:

We’re driving our hybrids now and not worried.

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