Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

Chris asks…

How to capitalize on the stock market during a terrorist attack?

Ok. So I was watching Taking Pelham 1,2,3 and part of the plot during the movie was the criminal staging a terrorist attack to make money on the stock market. Now i researched some and found out that terrorist attacks do drop the market for whatever reason. So how does one know which stock to invest in that’s going to soar (i.e. in the movie it was gold that went up tremendously).

John answers:

You short sell the market index such as the S&P 500 massively. You will be too late probably though. Most individual investors can not short the indexes on time because the big boys; hedge funds and financial institutions with their billions, would be using most if not all of the shorting shares available from the whole United States. You trade maybe in hundreds or thousands…they trade in billions…so do the math. Also, brokers are bias towards reserving shorting shares to them…nothing you can do about this.

Gold goes up when the markets are down. Scared investors dump their shares in the market and flee to buy gold…that is how it is always been.

You ask which stocks will go down? All stocks mostly…but for you to be certain you would have to short the market indexes.

I hope this helps.

Charles asks…

Can you actually make money on stock photography sites?

Sites like Fotolia and Dreamstime, stock photography sites, can the average person make any real money on those sites? I can’t seem to find anywhere what the average pay out is, or what the chances are someone will buy your photo, etc. has anyone done this before? any tips?

John answers:

Sure you can. Here is how to make money on stock photography sites.

1) Browse through your photo collection and identify sharp, well exposed landscape or nature photographs. Look for ones that do not have visible people or private buildings to avoid copyright issues. The one above is an ideal example.

2) Carefully examine and perhaps reprocess image to get the white balance correct, good exposure and details in the shadows. Don’t have blown-out highlights. Check for noise – tiny speckles of color – and remove if necessary with your editing software.

3) Save the file as a JPEG at maximum quality – this is important to avoid compression artifacts.

4) Join a stock photography site. The ones that are easiest for beginners are Dreamstime and BigStockPhoto. Once you have developed a portfolio of good quality images, you can try Fotolia and Shutterstock – latter is best earner for most photographers. Upload your photos and don’t be disheartened if first few are rejected!

5) Once you have learned what works and what doesn’t, try taking photographs specifically for sale. This one is in big demand at the moment! Good luck.

Steven asks…

Is there a way to avoid capital gains taxes when selling stocks, like investing the money in real estate?

A family member does not want to sell his stocks because he does not want to pay capital gains. Is there a way to re-invest the money he makes when he sells the stock so he can avoid the taxes?

John answers:

Nope , reinvestment will Not preclude taxes .
If the stocks have been held over a year ,
They would qualify for the long term rate of 15% .
Held less than a year , could be like 30% on the taxes .

The hazard of Not selling is that the stock value could decline far more than the tax amount would have been .



David asks…

When will the Manchester United stock become available on the stock market?

I heard the Manchester United filed for IPO and is planning to sell some of their stock. When would I be able to buy a couple shares? They are listing it on the NYSE and I want to buy some as soon as it becomes available.

I am not trying to make money on this stock. I just want to be able to say that I’m a minority owner in a sports team(owning a sports team is on my bucket list if I ever become rich).

John answers:

It has been long plan for launches it now it will take around one year to do so..

Donald asks…

How Much Am I Taxed On Stock Earnings?

How much exactly are we taxed if we make money trading stocks let’s say short term pattern day trader income? If I where to make under $100,000 a year trading?

Also is there deductions if you trade and is there more protection and takes incentives if you S Corp?

John answers:

If you’re a short term pattern day trader, your income will be taxed at regular income tax rates. However, if this is your business such as as an S Corp, you will have many tax incentives such as your business expenses, equipment, data, accountant, etc that you should be able to deduct.

Many of my friends use this firm to help set things up.

Hope that helps!

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