Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

Ken asks…

I am wanting to learn more about investing and stocks, what is the best way to start?

i know nothing about about investing or stocks but I was wanting to look into making it a money making hobby. what is the best way to learn? what are the best sites to go to and what other advice can you get into? where should i start? what are penny stocks? how do I know where to invest money?

John answers:

Go to the library and check out books on investing.

Betty asks…

What is the best way to pick the bottom of a stock?

I am watching several strong stocks that around 15% – 20% from their highs. They are cheap on valuation but I want to try and pick the bottom to speed up my money making.

John answers:

You just pick up stock when stock reach its issue price or half of the high of 52 week or below of 52 week avg. This is right time to invest money in market and in which stock you can find out at
its very good research blog and it will help you to invest your money in right way.

Daniel asks…

How can I earn more money in the stock market?

Are there other ways to make money on stocks other than mutual funds and 401(K), IRA’s?

John answers:

A 401k and IRA are types of accounts, they have nothing inherently to do with making money on stocks. These accounts can hold bonds, precious metals or many other assets besides stocks. Mutual funds are groups of individual stocks.

In today’s economic climate, I really think your best chance at making money is in this order: (1) individual stocks, (2) managed mutual funds, and (3) index mutual funds. Put another way, it is very unlikely that you will make money in index funds. You are betting only on the market, which I think is going nowhere. Managed funds are better since the fund manager can make stock picks. Best of all if choosing your own stocks. You need to study and do a lot of work, but you can make money doing it.

William asks…

How to make money in the stock market?

I turn 18 in October and basically want to no the best tactics to go about making money in the stock market. My father has taught me alot but i would like to learn more. I believe in the penny stock method, but my father doesn’t lol. Well any tips would be much appreciated!

John answers:

Why would a beginner pick stocks priced under $5 to invest in when most pros avoid it (the pros want to make money… Perhaps you have a different goal)? Are you aware of the liquidity problems with many penny stocks? How many books have you read before deciding to take on Penny Stocks? Did you know that most Penny Stocks are under $5 because of serious financial problems. Do you know why Penny Stocks are also called “story stocks”. It’s because they have such a great story…. That it sounds like you’d have to be an idiot not to invest in them!!!!! Unfortunately, it’s rarely the full story.

Hopefully your Risk Management skills are significantly better than most!

In short: Dad is 100% correct.

Good luck.

Nancy asks…

How did people at Goldman Sachs learn to invest and make money from the stock market?

What classes did they take? Where did people like them learn to make money from the stock market?

John answers:

“Where did people like them learn to make money from the stock market?” not in school, they don’t teach that. Mostly they learned it at Goldman Sachs.

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