Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

Betty asks…

i have 35 dollars and would like to start making smart money investments where do i start?

stock money making investments.

John answers:

$35 is far too little to begin investing in the stock market. While you are waiting for more money, read as much as you can about investing from books, not websites trying to sell you snake oil.

Sharon asks…

What is the most trusting online money making service?

I would like to go into using my computer skills to make money. I’m not finding a job and I need an income! I’m afraid to get scammed! I’m asking… What is the most trusted online money making service?

John answers:

Earn money fast by trading forex(Trading Currencies). It is way safer than trading stocks and you can trade 24 hrs; Moreover, You can buy OR sell currency pairs, this means you can profit in both a rising and falling market. This is ideal in the current economic crisis.

Also it is very easy to learn since the forex market is very predictable. Many people have changed their $50 to $5000 in just a few days.
Marketiva is a forex broker that has been around for years, very reliable. I have withdrawn my money from them 26 times.

It will give you $5 free just to try trading forex???

When you sign up, $2.5 will be in your live funds, the other $2.5 will be in your live forex account. You can freely transfer money between accounts.

Moreover, they have a live support system that will answer your questions in different languages instantly (open 24 hrs). Also, they have chat rooms of more than 30 different languages.

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Etoro is another fantastic broker (you may trade currencies, gold, silver and other commodities as well) with an excellent platform for beginners and professionals. NO MORE boring tradings, with the visual graphics, trading at Etoro is like playing games. Also, you will receive up to $1000 after your initial deposit. For professionals, there are weekly contests where you can earn cash prizes for being a good trader!! Best of all, it is free to sign up!!!

Hurry up and Don’t miss out on this great earning opportunity.

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Linda asks…

What is the best way to save enough chicken bones to make stock?

We do not eat that much chicken on the bone and I’m wondering if I can start to save the bones in a zip loc bag in the freezer and add to the bag until I have enough to make stock. Would you recommend removing leftover meat from the bones or freezing as is? How long will can you keep the bones in the freezer?

John answers:

Grandma’s answer is right on the money.

The only thing I would add is that a good way to accumulate enough bones to make a good stock is to buy whole chickens instead of pre-cut packages. You can cut up a raw chicken pretty easily if you don’t mind getting your hands chicken-y. Once you get some practice, you will be able to break down a whole chicken in about 5 minutes. You will then have the entire carcass for stock, as well as whatever tidbits the packer included from the giblets/neck. Plus you save a good bit of money when compared to the pre-cut packs.

Here is a guide for cutting up a chicken:

Sandy asks…

How is the billions of dollars of foreign infusion money beinb pumped into the American Economy?

I keep reading in the headlines that these foreign banks are going to help the American Economy by infusing cash and making loans and loan guarantees. Who are they giving these loans too and how is that money making it’s way into valuations of businesses and infrastructure and the common person in the United State’s wealth? Where is this money now? Where is it going to be? What will happen to stocks as a result of this money infusion?

John answers:

Big question. The infustion is going to banks and major Wall Street firms who have a cash shortfall as a result of the investments they made in sub-prime mortgages. This cash infusion takes the form of loans and or purchase of some part of the company. That cash goes into the account of these companies. They use the cash to meet their obligatiions, whatever they may be. The advantage to the US company receiving the cash is that they maintain liquidity, enhance investor confidence and their stock is ultimately more valuable (at least theoretically) because the concern that they will go under is lessened. If the US companies were not to go under it would lessen investor confidence which could lead to a sell off of stocks and people pulling their money out. Further, if the firms were to close we would see a significant rise in unemployment and an even more severe shortage of cash to loan for things like home mortgages and cars. This shortage of available cash to loan could even more severely impact the already depressed auto and home industries. Hope this helps. There is a great deal of adverse consequenses which could occur if the additional cash infusion was not available.

Ruth asks…

How can I make more money with the large amount of money I already have?

My specialty is real estate, however, in California the market is WAY to volatile. I already have a large sum of money and I’ve always heard that “it takes money to make money.” Well, I have the money, how do I make it? Real Estate is out for me right now. The stock market is tricky and volatile right now too. I don’t trust handing my money over to someone who cannot show me details about his/her success in the past. I don’t want to bust my butt trying to sell anything. I don’t want to buy your ebook. I don’t want to get involved in some money making scheme that’s been “successful” since 2006. With that said, who has the best ways to do this? Is there a good book on this subject?

John answers:

Not an easy solution to this question. What is your investment time horizon? Short, middle, long term, or a combination of these. Short being 2-3 years, middle about 10, and long term being retirement goals. Your overall portfolio should work to satisfy goals for different investment lifetimes. In the end most of us save and invest in order to secure our financial well-being and smooth our consumption over the long run.

There is no single solution. There is no such thing as a risk-free investment that will generate returns above that of US T-Bills (which currently yield +/- 4.5% annually). Risk drives return. The key is understanding the types and sources of risk and managing your risk by being exposed to the right kind and the right amount of risk within your personal risk tolerance. The greatest advantage of having a large amount of money is that you can diversify your portfolio enough to mitigate your risk.

Two great resources for understanding the statistical relationship between risk and return, and the science of investing is and

The best way to accumulate wealth over time is by being in the stock market the right way. “Basic”, “boring” Index investing, by using the “plain” principle of the time value of money and compounding returns is the only proven way to make money investing over the long term.

If you are an accredited investor, and it sounds like you are, I would also consider different private equity/debt investments as healthy additions to your portfolio. There are almost unlimited numbers of private deals that have potential for exceptionally high returns. But they also come with a great amount of risk.

I apologize for not being able to give a single answer. But the reality is that there are too many factors to cover with the kind of consiceness expected in such a forum as this.

There are lots of different ways to make money. It all depends on how much risk we’re willing to take.

Good luck.

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