Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

Steven asks…

Is anyone making any money day trading stocks right now? If so, are you using a stock picking service or not?

John answers:

Not day trading – swing trading. Mostly on the short side.

We have a paid stock picking service and a free stock picking group on Yahoo.

“Many happy returns” going into Thanksgiving 🙂

Michael asks…

How much money per hour can a person make stocking shelves in walmart or a grocery store?

How much money per hour can a person make stocking shelves in walmart or a grocery store?
Is $15.00 per hour possible?

John answers:

If you are willing to stick around for the long haul, yes. I work with a group of stockers who have been with the company from between 10 and 23 years. All make at least within the teens per hour.

Part of this is because hourly associates are eligible for up to a $.60 raise per year. If you stay around for 10 years that’s at least $6/hour more than you started making.

Laura asks…

what is the view on Viyya Technologies ?

Do you think that Viyya Technologies is going to be the money making stock it is forcasted to be?
MSN money recently had it listed as a stock to watch

John answers:

There is not much info on on Viyya is very small and losing money. WHO is forecasting ? This is a “penney stock” listed on the pink sheets, which is usually the burial ground of money losing companies.

Lizzie asks…

What is the most potential for money making jobs?

I am 15, thinking for the future, which of these has the most potential for becoming a money making guy if you make it professional.

1- Tennis Player
2- Lacrosse player
3- Musician (i play bass)
4- Investor Guy on stock

Thanks for any answers

John answers:

Sports players have a limited period where they can make their money. Usually from 18 to 30 max. Musicians can go on for longer but it can take more time to get to the top.
Investing can be done anytime from now until you are old and infirm so you will make more money that way.

The best way is to get a decent job that pays well, as well as learning how to invest smartly. Find someone that knows how to invest, ask them to mentor you.

Ken asks…

How can an 11 year old make money or play a money making simulator?

I know you need to be 13 to post, I write the question, my parent posts it.
I enjoy the idea of making money, even if I don’t make any, so a free money making sim would be fin.

John answers:

Give yourself a set amount of (fake/imaginary) money say £2500

Choose online 5 sets of businesses stocks to buy. You can get prices online by searching stock exvhannge, with the total of the stocks equalling the amount you have ‘imagined.

Then just keep a portfolio of how your stocks are doing. Then you can buy different stocks or sell stocks depending on how well your doing.

Just update it say every week with the starting price you bought it for and the current price it is at then your total stock worth plus any spare ‘money’.

You can then see how good you would be on the stock market!

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