Your Questions About Money Making Stocks

Donna asks…



John answers:

What is “cheap money” and who says there are 5 steps to anything? Your question does not make sense.

Carol asks…

What are 3 most money making stocks?

i have a project for an econ class and you have to invest 10,000 dollars into 3 stocks and whoever makes the most money wins the project ends in january, so whatre 3 good stocks.

John answers:

Ares capital (arcc), BP, and Chicos (CHS) are worth a shot. Or, you may be better off betting on a market downturn, and buy an ultra short spyder fund(s).

Sharon asks…

what are a few safe money making stocks for a first time investor?

John answers:

Vanguard has consistently been the recommended company to invest with. My co-worker is a financial guru and is unbelievably wealthy. He recommends the Star fund (thru AVanguard) for a first time investor. I just put 4K into my first Roth IRA with the Star fund this morning (which brought me to this site to learn more). Check it out!

Ruth asks…

Where can I learn more about stocks and making money?

Hi, I’m 16 and I’m hoping to learn about the stock market more and how I can work towards becoming a stock purchasing genius haha. I love finding ways to make money and would like to know how and where to do that?

The question I have is which software or which web sites have accurate predictions of stock increase and where can I learn more about becoming an excellent investor.

John answers:

Good websites:

Some good books:

How To Buy Stocks
Written by Louis Engel and Henry R. Hecht.

All About Exchange Traded Funds
Written by Archie Richards, Jr.

Real Money, Sane Investing In An Insane World
Written by James J. Cramer

The Day Trader’s Survival Guide
Written by Christopher A. Farrell

The Compleat Guide To Day Trading Stocks
Written by Jake Bernstein

Betty asks…

Help with making money with stocks?

Can some one who has little to now money make money with stocks? If so how can one do so? Also maybe someone can point me in the right direction with getting all of that info in a nutshell.

John answers:

“I think you mean little to no money”. Little money- yes, no money, no. Little would be $500 to open a trading account.

Like entering any complex situation, you are at a huge disadvantage if you do not understand how things work, and this game is far too complex to be summarized in a nutshell of any kind.

How to make money- That is simple; you must buy stocks that will increase in value. Old adage is buy low, sell high. It’s true enough. On the other it’s very difficult, because you must determine what stocks are going up before it happens and before most know it will, so you can buy at the lower price. In other words, foresee the future to some degree. You can’t buy that ability, but most people can acquire some talent for it if they work at it long enough.

The first thing to do is to educate yourself in every way possible about basic investing. Not options or futures or commodities, just basic stock investing. You have to start where you are at; you cannot do until you have the tools to do with. It’s possible that an amateur could invest and hit a winner immediately, but more likely they would not. Even with all the knowledge a beginner could grasp, you also need experience- the more the better.

Start with saving for the $500 minimum. At the same time, read- books like “The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing” by Jason Kelly. Straight talk, everyday language, but in depth, available at amazon or Kelly’s website. Go to, and learn from the investing tutors there, free. Then go to, and begin trading in a simulated account. That works with real stocks and functions, but not with real money. You research, you pick, you buy and sell. When you lose, you learn- but without losing money.

Investing is the easiest way to wealth. My mother cashed in a $15,000 CD in early 08 and I invested it for her and manage the portfolio. This morning it’s value is $92,500. There is no other way an ordinary person can make money like that. While anyone can invest, the catch to becoming wealthy doing it is being very good at it, and it’s worth learning how. Don’t be in such a hurry to make money that your lose your money first.

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