Your Questions About Kaizen

Laura asks…

1.How can a school be considered as an industry 2. How can KAIZEN concepts be applied in school?

John answers:

I would help answer this question, but it reminds me way to much of work…

John asks…

I want help with Japanese language. Can anyone , please, translate ‘Kaizen’ in japanese text?

It is a Japanese word, meaning continuous improvement.

John answers:


Michael asks…

What is kaizen costing?

John answers:

Kaizen costing determines target cost reductions for a period, such as a month. Thus, variances are the differences between actual and targeted cost reduction. The objective is to reduce actual costs below standard costs. The cost-reduction activities associated with the Kaizen approach minimize costs throughout the entire product life cycle. Therefore, it has the advantage of being closely related to the entity’s profit-planning procedures.

Donna asks…

Wkat do you think of the name Kaizen for a boy?

John answers:

I am sure his friends will call him Kai.

Have you thought of Kaizen as a middle name.
Sean Kaizen
Quinn Kaizen
Jet Kaizen
Jack Kaizen

Donald asks…

Anyone taken Kaizen Ephedrine HCL?

is Kaizen Ephedrine HCL safe to take daily?? the tablets are 8mg each. How much safe too take?? Any side effects or expectation? much appreciated!

John answers:

I have never taken it, but I suggest you don’t. Anything with Ephedra in it is not safe at all. It increases your heartrate too much, it could cause stroke or heart attack.

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