Your Questions About Kaizen

Joseph asks…

Where can I buy a Kaizen Tuning Company License Plate Frame?

Hi All,
I was wondering where I could find a license plate from from the company Kaizen, a car tuning company. Any information as to where I could purchase one would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!!
Its a gift for a friend.

John answers:

Try any online auction site,.

Paul asks…

When is the next PR Comic Con or the next Kaizen Con?

Its that I missed both this year and I wanted to know when the next PR Comic Con or Kaizen Con is?

John answers:

The next PR Comic Con is Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-27) 2012.

I am not sure about the Kaizen Con. As far as I’ve seen, there hasn’t been one since 2008. But don’t take my word on the fact that there might not be another one.

Sharon asks…

How any UCAS points would i get as I have already got my 1st dan in black belt in kaizen ju-jitsu?

John answers:

FAQ from UCAS website:
“I’ve heard that you can get Tariff points for doing work experience or travelling. Is that correct?”

“No. UCAS Tariff points are allocated following successful completion of a level 3 qualification which has been allocated points. It is, however, possible to use activities gained from a wide variety of experiences to inform a course of study that does attract Tariff points.”

So unless your black belt = NVQ level 3, then you won’t.

Steven asks…

Kaizen, how many companies in US actually use this method?

the most important please

John answers:

It is not Kaizen…. It is Kai Zen – a Japanese word meaning “Continuous” and ” Improvement” . Many US companies have taken the cue from the japanese and have worked successfully. The basic principle is to make small improvements at a time, to make the end result a great jump in quality – meaning quality of time management, quality of product, and every other sphere of life.

If you go to and look for Kaizen Video or Kaisen Toast, you will see a great example of what we perceive and what really happens. For instance, toasing two slices of bread only takes a few seconds, but the action is preceded by a number of time amounts spent, and followed by another set of times spent. Therefore the total time spent is what is to be taken into account. Good video, and a good example.

Not too many companies follow this method nowadays. Many companies have stupid management principles and their entire focus is to get rid of experienced staff even a month before retiremenet, thus depriving them of the benefits, but save money for the company… They are not improving the company, but increasing the “shareholder value” by screwing employees and taking jobs to other countries. Some of them shift the entire factories to other countries and use other labour with only a handful of top guys managing the factory.

So, do they use Kaizen? Yes, to screw American employees. And to improve earnings to their pocket. The scenes have changed, and people dont realise this. And they hate unions and collective power.
And the government is with them. A recent example is the Supreme Court decide to throw out Walmart case. Hehehe

Betty asks…

what are the 9 types of waste under kaizen?

John answers:

I have only ever seen 7 types cited. Below is a description.

Seeing Waste During a Kaizen Blitz

Project team members may not be used to thinking in terms of waste and value in their individual work, their workgroup, and workstream so an emphasis on understanding the 7 types of waste in the project setting is essential. Examples of wastes within the work of a project team include:

Overproduction due to unclear requirements from the upstream process, waiting time for information from another project team member before work can be completed, inventory of projects or project tasks that are in process, motion of switching from one multi-task activity to another, defects and rework loops, and transportation and the delays and loss of information caused by hand-offs.

Then there is processing waste (which some call over-processing) Whenever you are using a crude tool to accomplish a task rather than the best available that may exist somewhere else in the workstream of the project, this is processing waste.

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