Your Questions About Kaizen

Charles asks…

how is a work area selected for kaizen activity?

John answers:

Kaizen activity means improvement based on self observation. It can be used everywhere. In Japanese company, Kaizen is promoted in every department and product line..

Sharon asks…

KSBM(Kaizen school of business management ) is apporved by CODS(Council of distance studies) Does any one know?

I have completed my diploma in electronic communication engg and i entered into business development field i got five years experience in the same field now i plan do MBA in KSBM. whether its approved by the govt? and is it worth?. Please help me in my career growth.

John answers:

MBA courses must be approved by aicte and ugc .

Sandy asks…

Has anyone else been forced into the KAIZEN at work?

We are currently in the “5s” phase of Kaizen where I work. It all sounds like horsecrap to me! Does anyone that actually uses this program have anything good to say about it? All I hear about is the “good” to come. What are some down sides? It might be easier to digest if everyone didnt act like it was “perfect”?

John answers:

It sounds alot like the six sigma fad it is all motivation bs

Mark asks…

Kaizen Ephedrine Pure HCL 8mg to the UK?

Where can I order/buy it? Im from the UK and would like 50 tablets sent. I dont want any no name crap, only high grade quality Kaizen stuff.


John answers:

Kaizen Ephedrine HCL shipped to the UK can be ordered from:

They only sell Kaizen Ephedrine, pure pharmaceutical grade, non of the other crap. They ship to the UK. Email them if you have any questions.

Good Luck!

Michael asks…

what does kaizen mean? ei kaizen days at work?

This is one of the ways we measure our performance at work, and I don’t have a clue what it means. Help!

John answers:

Kaizen is a way of reducing the waste and doing your job more effective. It is a new way of buisiness training.AKA Lean, Rapid improveoment event, spaghettie diagrams.From Toyota

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