Your Questions About Kaizen

Laura asks…

where can I buy Kaizen Ephedrine HCL if I am in the UK?


As I am UK based, will buying Kaizen Ephedrine HCL pills be impossible for me? People have been helpeful and given me websites that sell this, but soon as I go to the “checkout” section they don’t sell outside of Canada!

Can anyone help??

John answers:

Try this babe!

x x

Charles asks…

What is the proper pronunciation for the Japanese term “hansei-kaizen”?

John answers:

You mean ‘?????’?(reflection, improvement)

Then, we pronouce it as ‘hanse- kaizen’. (‘se’ is prolonged a little.) But if you pronouce it as you wrote ‘hansei-kaizen’, it also can be understood by all Japanese.

Helen asks…

What is beyond Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing?

There has been ISO 9000, six sigma, JIT, 5S kaizen, lean…etc,,,
What is the next big thing that will come along?

John answers:

The one next to kaizen and lean manufacturing is Lean six sigma.

It is the latest buzz word in the industry . It focuses on continual improvement and variability reduction and leads to total quality management.

You can get more information’s from in the article section.

Hope it throws some light in your querry to think further.


Linda asks…

What is kaizen in Japanese business management?

John answers:

Kaizen is a system of Japanese management which became popular in american business in the late 90’s. In a Kaizen shop , every employee has a role in quality control much like TQM in the 80’s
There are cultural differemse that can make Kaizan difficult to adapt to US companies.

Ken asks…

What is the Japanese symbol for “Kaizen” which mean continuous improvement?

John answers:

??(????) kaizen

v(^^)v peace!?

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