Your Questions About Kaizen

Jenny asks…

Kaizen events – what area of industrial engineering do kaizen events fall into?

Industrial engineering can be divided into 4 areas:
Production system, manufacturing system, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Systems Analysis and Optimization/Operation research.

John answers:

I’d say Kaizen (Japanese word for continuos improvement)best fits in the study of “production system”.

Here are some more info on kaizen events:

Kaizen Events are commonly refered to as a tool that:

1) Gathers operators, managers, and owners of a process in one place
2) Maps the existing process (using a deployment flowchart, in most cases)
3) Improves on the existing process
4) Solicits buy-in from all parties related to the process

Mary asks…

Kaizen, how many companies in US actually use this method; why use this every 6wks?

A medical billing company is constantly using this method every 6wks until they finally get it right, but w/all the frustration and stress (x 1yr), does is really work?

John answers:

Kaizen is part of the Lean Enterprise system. And, yes, it really works. I know companies running more that one kaizen per month. But, if this company is doing a kaizen over and over on the same process, they’re obviously not doing it right. Email me if you need some direction.

Nancy asks…

Kaizen.Why have so many companies adopted lean manufacturing?

Many companies have adopted kaizen without considering the differences in culture between the UK and japan.
Staff become unhappy, supply chain disrupetd ie just in time = too late, resulting in loss of business and loss of jobs.reduced innovation and an increase in the loss of skilled workers.
Why is it then that so many British organisations still wish to implement kaizen culture?

John answers:

Because it doesnt tie up money in good sitting on a shelf…

Screw the staff, and screw the customers… Get your stocking levels wrong, and youll go bankrupt overnight…

Say i just bought 2000 units, they cost me 20 000… And suddenly the price drops thru the floor… Suddenly its worthless stock.. But the bank (company suppliers) still want paying…

In fact most people i know already use kaizen… Out of neccessity

Betty asks…

Should Obama just come out and say his philosophy follows kaizen?

This is his basic philosophy. Why doesn’t he come out and say it? Does he think we’re too stupid to understand?

John answers:

Maybe, if he was actually attempting to improve the country rather than tear it down.

Ruth asks…

what is the proper pronunciation of the work “Kaizen”?

I have heard it pronounced two ways, “Ki zan” or “K(a) zen”. It is a business term from Japan but webster doesn’t have it on line. I have an interview tomorrow.
D’oh, I mean “word” not work. I was to busy being annoyed by the “Opps, it looks like you might have misspelled something..” note on the side.

John answers:

K(a) zen

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