Your Questions About Kaizen

Joseph asks…

Measuring Effectiveness?

How to measure effectiveness of kaizen event in improving productivity?

John answers:

The most obvious answer I guess would be to obtain a production rate from before the event. I’d also make sure the data collection time span was long enough to smooth any anomalies. Collect data for a several week period, then reduce the data to units per day or units per hour or some unit that makes sense to what you are doing or producing.

Then do the same exercise immediately following the event. Then repeat the measurement exercise a third time at some time frame later. This last measurement would identify if the changes produced continuing savings or if they were only short lived.

The time periods may need to be adjusted depending on what your particular product or process is, but the general measurement technique would be the same.

Donald asks…

Do you watch Arena on G4?

If you do, who would win in SOCOM II: Team KAIZEN or Team r3dn3x?

John answers:

I think team kaizen is going to win.

Chris asks…

MBA Degree from KSMB?

I completed M.Sc in electronics in the year 2008, I got 2 yrs of working experience as Signal Design engineer, I want to get a MBA degree also, is Kaizen School of Business Management would be a good choice for me(Distance learning)

John answers:


Richard asks…

Japanese to english translation needed?

Sukoshi, Osama-kun, sukoshi. Kaizen suru. Minzoku-bokumetsu omedetto.

I have no idea what that means. I’m sorry if there are any swear words.
How the hell am i supposed to put all that together? My name’s Osama

John answers:

A little bit, Osama. A little bit. Improve on it. Please exterminate the folk customs/folkways.

There are no curse words, fyi.

Helen asks…

new six samurai monster!?

is there any upcoming new six samurai monster? i know taht kaizen is coming out in mid november.. but is there any more? i heard that there were going to be six samurai syncrho monsters!?

John answers:


the booster isnt gonna come for a long time, several months from now

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