Your Questions About Kaizen

Mark asks…

Does anyone know Japanese (or Asian) concepts?

I do martial arts and to test for your black belt it is a six month process. Each time you test you have a team and you need a team name. For example, Team Kaizen, Team Bushido…etc. I am on a team and testing but we are having trouble thinking of a name. Anyone have an idea of an Asian concept that would work?
also could you give the meanings please?

John answers:

Team Densetsu (“legend”) sounds pretty cool, although that’s not really a concept. XD

A less aggressive name is Team Miyabi (“refinement” – )

Or maybe, if you don’t mind having a somewhat long name, there are lots of interesting four-character expressions in Japanese, kind of like proverbial expressions:

For instance, you can pick inspirational names like:
Team Shishi-Funjin
(“Just like a furious lion, to show extreme momentum towards a project or an event. To be very energetic.” )
Team Seishin-Seii
(“with heartfelt sincerity” )
Team Koshi-Tantan
(“to aim with a tiger’s eye” )
Team Yuuou-Maishin
(“to fearlessly move forward” )

Or very confident names like:
Team Tenka-Ippin
(“best, second to none, the best thing under the sky” )
Team Rensen-Renshou
(“an endless succession of victories” )

Carol asks…

QUADS!!! What do you think of these four names….?

Im having four boys and i want all their names to start with the same letter

These are what i like:

Knox – pronounced nahks
Kai – pronounced ki
Kaizen – pronounced ki-zen
Kael – pronounced kale

What ya think???
why cant a 16 year old have quads????
if u must know im 17 not 16

how is that an impossible age to have quads

John answers:

Well I think that CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS, and CONGRATS are in order. All the names are great…
Now here comes the fun part……………….. MIDDLE names………………….. Goooood Luuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth asks…

how to promote 5S program in your office?

kaizen 5S, motivate employees to participate

John answers:

Its a really tough thing to motivate employees but you have to show them the benefit of having completed such an event . If they do not see the point of it, then it will not be successful.

Create an outline if what it will accomplish, both from the employer side (savings, profits) and from the employee side (safety, everything easy to find and in its place, even if all you do is make less movement or effort on their part)

its all about the last S: sustain. If you cant sustain it, then there is no point to doing the event in the first place

the problem with the place i work at is that there is so much room for improvement that jobs can easily be eliminated. People dont wanna improve the process if it might mean their job on the line

Betty asks…

kaizan project for spare part store?

Currently I has a project to do a kaizen for my store but have problem with the methodology & ppt presentation

John answers:

So, what’s the problem?

Jenny asks…

More information on continuous improvement?


John answers:

If your question is around continuous improvement of yourself then the most important thing to do it ask for feedback from those around you.

Once you have the feedback ask yourself the following questions before you act on it: Is it fact based (opinions only confuse things), are there examples (no examples then it is being made up) and do you want to do anything about it?

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