Your Questions About Kaizen

Joseph asks…

what is mean by kaizen?

John answers:

It is a business term which means : continuous improvement

Ruth asks…

what is kobetsu kaizen mean?

John answers:

Continuous improvement?


Linda asks…

When should I take my whey protein shakes?

I have just gotten myself a 4lbs tub of kaizen whey protein powder and I was wondering when I should take it. I workout every other day and then I go for a run on my off days. So basically I’m wondering should I be making a shake every day and take it before or after my workout, or only make one on the days I lift weights, before or after the workout.

John answers:

My cousin’s husband works out everyday & he knows his stuff when it comes to exercise & weight lifting. He suggested to drink the shake after the workout if you want to gain muscle. Best of luck!

Helen asks…

What type of quality improvement does Jollibee utilize?

Like six sigma, kaizen, iso 9004, etc

John answers:

If you’ve ever consumed the food, it is not apparent that it has a quality improvement program.

Jenny asks…

Do companies in Brazil engage in any Quality Control Programs?

Do companies in Brazil engage in any Quality Control Programs? Ex TQM, ISO, Six Sigma, Kaizen

John answers:

OMG!! Are you imagining Brazil as a country living at Middle Age?

Brazilian executives has MBA, man. They use the most modern procedures for administration. If not, Brazilian companies wouldn’t own Budweiser, for example or never could be the number one in some area.


Take a look in these videos (THE APPRENTICE – BRAZIL) and you will have a idea:

No offense, man. But I’m sure you are imagining a totally different Brazil. I invite you to visit my Youtube channel to see the difference:

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