Your Questions About Kaizen

Mark asks…

the process for kaizen activity?


John answers:

Well you have to keep it in a moist place or it won’t rise..

Robert asks…

lean? six sigma? kaizen? kanaban?

want a paper showing the difference – or relationship – between lean/kaizen/sixsigma/kanabab/tqm
or , the same question by another way, how can i determine this is a project using 6 sigma or tqm , ir kaizen or lean of mixture of some of them.

John answers:

Lean & six sigma go hand in hand, though they are different approaches to the same problems (six sigma = 3.1 errors in a million possibilities to make an error: it is, roughly said, a TQM approach/philosophy). Lean is simply “the elimination of all waste in your production and administrative processes”. You’ll find concept of 5S, OEE, Autonomous/Professional Maintenance, Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) terms and the like when dealing with Lean.
Kaizen (or Gobetsu Kaizen) simply means “continuous improvement”. Basically analysis you make to improve (e.g. Safety Kaizens => safety workshops where a workfloor situation is analyzed).
In real life, it is often hard to exactly determine what is “lean”, “6Sigma” or TQM, as the concepts are often confused by managers, who use the terms incorrectly.
I do not have a paper or anything on this for you that explains it all. Try to get a hold of books from Jim Womack & Dan Jones: they are the experts in that field…

Steven asks…

Is Kaizen Ephedrine HCL (8mg) available in USA?

Does anyone know if Kaizen‘s Ephedrine HCL (8mg) is available for purchase from US based websites or it’s only a Canadian product?

Even tho it’s a lower dosage pill, it’s still a better bargain than Vasopro…. Plus, Vasopro has Guaifenesin which is an expectorant and makes my nose run like mad when I take it right before I go running …

Pure Ephedrine is an incredibly effective (yes- and safe in healthy people who take it within FDA dosage guidelines) bronchodilator and I just don’t need or want the stuff that has Guaifenesin in it… and Kaizen is the only brand I’m aware of in North America that is bare bones and cheap…
I am not an Olympian or a professional ahtlete – LOL… Ephedrine HCL is approved by the FDA as an asthma treatment and has NEVER been banned… even when HERBAL EPHEDRA was TEMPORARILY banned here in the US several years ago.
I have been taking Ephedrine HCL for the past 8 years as a cheap alternative to more expensive asthma medicines which are overkill for my needs. Ephedrine HCL is available at any pharmacy counter without prescription (but you have to show ID)… usually found as Primatene Tabs. But they have been jacking up the prices precisely because it IS OTC and always was… internet merchants charge a fortune for Vasopro too… but Kaizen is a lot cheaper and the low dosage works fine for my needs…

John answers:

Ephedrine is no longer available over the counter…btw way it’s not a performance enhancer, it’s a thermogenic, it helps to burn fat faster while you workout…if you use it just becareful…i used it before it was banned, had zero problems, and it works…but i was already in very good shape

Lizzie asks…

Do companies in Brazil engage in any Quality Control Programs? Ex TQM, ISO, Six Sigma, Kaizen?

Do companies in Brazil engage in any Quality Control Programs? Ex TQM, ISO, Six Sigma, Kaizen.
I am writing a report on Brazil and i was wondering if anyone can help me out. I know Brazilian companies do engage in QCP, but i was wondering which companies engage in these, and in what way tdo they do so? If anyone can provide me with a website that could help me out I would be grateful and would really appreciate it!

John answers:

Of course, man. You ask if Brazil was living at middle age. Brazil is a normal Western nation just like United States, Canada or France, Germany, England.

Companies has quality and environmental programs, executives has MBA, trainees has bachelor/associate degree, etc.

I Invite you to visit my Youtube channel to discover what Brazil is like:

Susan asks…

What is Japanese Kaizen?

And the 5S’s

John answers:


Seiri = orderly
Seiton = disposition
Seiketsu = cleanliness
Seisou = cleaning up
Shitsuke = Keep above 4 S

Kaizen = improvement , upgrade

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