Your Questions About Kaizen

Thomas asks…

What is Kaizen and how does it relate to project management and which of the nine knowledge areas do you thing?

What is Kaizen and how does it relate to project management and which of the nine knowledge areas do you thing Kaizen falls into

John answers:

Kaizen has to do with continious improvement of business processes.
It could be seen as a part of Business Process Management/Lean six sigma.

It`s a Japanese way of implementing continious, small improvements in daily business operation.

Richard asks…

Where can i buy kaizen ephedrine in the UK from cheaply?

Looking to purchase 600 tablets of Kaizen Ephedrine. I use to be able to get it for about 80£. Now wherever i look it seems to be 30+ p&p for 150 tablets. Howcome the price has gone up so much? Anyone got any places for me to buy it cheaply?

John answers:

Mmm I just hope for your sake this site isn’t being monitored by the authorities and your IP address captured.

Only 1 reason I can think of why someone would want 600 ephedrine tabs. Planning on doing some cooking were we?

William asks…

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kaizen approach to productivity?

John answers:

A kaizen is a method to reduce work-in-process on the floor. As such, it makes manufacturers more efficient and closer to the end user. While kaizen may not reduce manufacturing costs, it definitely improves total cost of operations, as the production unit is closer to the customer.

In the current age of outsourcing to China, the advantages of Kaizen have been lost to low-cost labor. The absolute lower cost of operations in China more than offsets productivity improvements.

Betty asks…

I’d like to train people about kaizen management in developing countries.What can I do?

I am engineer and have knowledge of productivity and quality improvement in production field .I have 30 years of experience in heavy industries such as steel manufacturing and automotive industries.Kaizen or continuous improvement is the success key for competition.If any people in any company feels that I can help her/him, please feel free to contact me for further information.

John answers:

Is 2 million results good enough 4 u sir

Mandy asks…

Has anyone ever participated in a Six Sigma Kaizen Event and acted as a facilitator? ?

If so, what was your experience with being a facilitator? Any advise or tips?

John answers:

The hardest part is getting everyone to embrace the idea, you will have some people that believe that it is just a ploy to end their jobs , it takes time for them to understand that it will make them more efficient and possibly make their jobs more secure

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