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Jenny asks…

What do you think 10 pct. of households receiving aid are mixed-immigration status?

SALT LAKE CITY — Ten percent of the Utah households that receive food stamps, Medicaid or government welfare are a blend of illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens, according to new data released by the state.

Illegal immigrants cannot receive such benefits directly, except for some emergency health care. But any of their children born in the United States become automatic U.S. citizens and may receive benefits.

Department of Workforce Services data requested by the Deseret News shows that 23,837 such mixed-status households received some such benefits between June 2009 and May of this year.

That is 10 percent of the 238,521 total Utah households that received such help. DWS collects data from illegal immigrants because the income of all household members affects eligibility of citizens for benefits, and the amounts they may receive.

“That is just one of many, many issues showing we need a crackdown on illegal immigration,” state Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, said of the data. He intends to introduce an “Arizona-style” enforcement law, and says the data could help him pass it.

“I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because of widespread fraud with Social Security numbers, I think a lot more illegal immigrants are applying for benefits with numbers that are stolen or made up,” he said.
Sandstrom said the data also helps show that illegal immigrants “are bankrupting our state.” He adds that more could seek benefits as Arizona’s increasingly tough enforcement may send some illegal immigrants who live there to Utah.

But Bill Tibbitts, director of the Crossroads Urban Center’s Anti-Hunger Project, disagrees with Sandstrom and and says investing in young citizens even if their parents are illegal immigrants is wise. “The kids in these families will be a huge part of our economy in 20 years. To say they shouldn’t have health care …, or that they shouldn’t have a stable diet so they can learn, is foolish. Children are our future.”

Households of mixed-status account for about 8 percent of those receiving help from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families welfare program, according to state data.

Also, about 9 percent of food stamp recipient households are mixed-status, as are about 12 percent of Medicaid recipient households.

Deseret News analysis of the state data showed that 91 percent of mixed-status families receiving at least some benefits are Hispanic.

John answers:

Sandstrom is right: ‘Because of widespread fraud with Social Security numbers, I think a lot more illegal immigrants are applying for benefits with numbers that are stolen or made up,” he said.’

I went to the LA Co. Hall of Records a number of years ago to investigate, and found that they were selling, on average, over 17 birth certificates PER HOUR, some 700 per week, almost exclusively hispanic surnames. I found that these sales were for DEAD babies! They found the death certificate, wrote down the SSN of the dead baby, then bought its birth certificate. I followed buyers straight to the Dept of Public Social Services office on South Grand Av, LA, where the buyers applied for welfare, food stamps, WIC, MediCal for their bogus “US-born” children.

In other words, this scam has been going on for at least TWO decades! By some estimates, at least half of all claimed “US-born” children of illegal aliens are in fact identity-theft babies. More on this child-identity theft was just published this past week by AP and posted on Yahoo News.

First of all, just having a child should not be an excuse for leeching off taxpayers. Furthermore, payments go to adults, not minor children, and no checks should ever be issued to anyone but a US citizen, not even for a minor child.

William asks…

Essay lol?

Lakendra Wright English 102
7/6/08Essay 2
Ways to Balances the Children’s Technology Use
Technology affects the way people learn, converse, and think. It helps define society and determines how we interact with others on a daily basis. One downfall to technology is the lack of monitoring that occurs on many web pages, which causes pornography and terrorist ideals to be easily reached (Internet). Some would say that technology such as computers have done more harm than good when it comes to the influence on society. Here are some tips to balance technology in your child’s life. Look for symptoms of internet dependency. Keep all computers in the open. Help your child socialize offline.
Look for symptoms of internet dependency. There are physical and psychological factors that could tell you whether or not someone you know is indeed an internet addict (Internet). A conspicuous sign internet addiction is when a person lies about the amount of time they spend online; and the purposes in which they use the internet for (Internet). An average person spends two hours a day on the internet. An internet addict spends approximately 8 hours a day on the internet (Internet). Internet addicts give themselves and others a hard time when they can not go online. Oftentimes, internet addicts learn to “manipulate” the people around them just so they can sustain the addiction (Internet). If anything or anyone tries to get in the way of their computer time, they will instantly succumb into anxiety and depression (Internet). As with any addiction, internet dependency comes with a price. If your loved one is getting deeper in debt because of the amount of cash he spends on anything related to computer software and hardware and its use membership fee on favorite sites, online purchases, etc., it is time to consider checking him or her in an addiction treatment center. Dr. Jerald Block, a psychiatrist, is on a mission to make internet addiction a medical condition. Studies show that five to ten percent of internet users are addicts (Internet).

Help your child socialize offline. Children whom are unpopular or shy with peers are often attracted to the opportunities for creating new identities in online communities (About Parents). Boys, in particular, are frequent users of online role-playing games, and portable video games where they assume new identities, and interact with other players (About Parents). Although playing these games with thousands of other users may appear to be a social activity, for the reserved child or teen, excessive playing can further detach them from friends and peers. Parents should encourage children to participate in recreational teams or clubs to keep them socializing with peers. The growing obesity rate among children has grown immensely since new advances in technology (Internet). In today’s society, children spend more time at home, instead of outside socializing actively among their peers.
Keep the computer out in the open. Children should not have computers in there rooms at any age. By keeping the computer out in the open parents can effectively regulate their child’s time spent on the computer. As a result, it keeps children from being involved in inappropriate web use. Invest in parental control software that bans inappropriate websites (Microsoft). Parents should make sure they educate their children about online pedophiles. Pedophiles often pretend they are children to gain the confidence of real children (Microsoft). Parents should establish rules for online use. Screen what your kids plan to post online. Ask yourself, as a parent, are you comfortable letting your kids share certain information online. Tell your children not to put photos of themselves on the Internet, or to give out their names, addresses, phone numbers, schools, or other personal information online (Microsoft). Parents should know the dangers of the websites the child frequently visits. Create an open relationship with your child (Microsoft).
How can technology in society get any better? From refrigerators that tell when it is time to restock our favorite beverage, to ovens that cook and then cool your meal. Technology has revolutionized society in good and bad ways. More importantly, it is important that we teach our children how to balance the new inventions of technology. Look for symptoms of internet dependency. Help your child socialize offline. Keep all computers in the open.

Kids, Web W. “About Parents.” Web Wise Kids. 4 July 2008 .
“Microsoft Technology.” Microsoft. 2008. Microsoft. 6 July 2008 .
Young, Kimberly S. “Internet Addiction.” Wikipedia. 2001. 4 July 2008 .

John answers:

Don’t you have Microsoft Word or MAC’s equivalent?

Laura asks…

What’s the best bed to get? (tempur-pedic??)?

I am thinking of getting a tempur pedic for me and my husband and also my kids. I’ve been sleeping on the same bed for 10 years almost and its so uncomfortable I can barely sleep. I don’t want to invest in that nice of a bed w/out doing a little research and I have heard they go bad after only a few years! Then I also heard they last forever. Anyone have one of these types of beds who’s had it longer than 2 years and can give me some insight? Or if anyone knows of a better bed that they can vouch for? Need bed buying tips! Thanks!

John answers:

Hi, Tempurpedic is the first to bring memory foam to the market and the top brand so they are very expensive. There are other brands now in the market that people are happy with that are less expensive. Http:// It is like with any product it is a personal choice as to whether you will be satisfied with Panasonic tv instead of a Sony for example. I have friends that bought a Tempurpedic and the husband loves it while the wife says it makes her back hurt.

Many people love their memory foam beds as they cushion your body providing great support and relieving pressure points. My elderly mother was suffering from pressure points with a brand new spring bed (as she bought too firm a mattress) so I got her a memory foam topper from Costco and it relieved her pain. Some people swear buy them and others do not like memory foam. When you google returning a tempurpedic mattress to see if people are having troubles returning the mattress you see that people have had problems. You should go try mattresses as sometimes you’ll see right away that it is not the bed for you and always find out the return policy before you buy.The only complaints I’ve heard about memory foam is a small percentage of people get too hot and some people miss the spring action during ###.They also have a strong smell at first but that goes away after a while but for people sensitive to smells this can be a problem. Some people find them difficult to turn in they describe it like sinking into mud. Http://

I had a memory foam topper delaying getting a new bed. I loved it until I started overheating in the memory foam then it just became too warm. It was time for a new bed so we got a latex bed that I just love. It molds to your body like memory foam without the problems of memory foam. It provides great support and is so comfortable. I highly recommend a natural latex mattress. Http:// I also sleep in my sons bed sometimes when he is not home when hubby is having a snorefest. We got him 4 years ago a Sealy anniversary comfort plush mattress and it is really comfortable. Hope this helps.

Donald asks…

At What Point Should I Give Up On This Dog?

We rescued a 6 month old female powderpuff chinese crested about a week ago. This is my favorite breed of dog, though the hairless’ are my actual favorite. I was so excited to get this little girl and bring her home.

She was a rescue though. I found out from someone I know that a woman had 8 powderpuff pups- I got in contact with the woman and she said her grandmothers’ chinese crested had had these pups and her cousin was supposed to get rid of them but never got around to it, but the 90 year old couldn’t take care of them. So all 8 pups were being housed in a dark shed outside of a trailor- really sketchy.

I went there though because for one I was wanting a dog, and for two I needed to check the condition of the dogs and see how they were living. I can’t just let that kind of thing slide. Well, the dogs were dirty, had lots of matted hair (matted with their own poop). By the time I got there there were only 4 left, one girl and 3 boys. One boy was super friendly, the other two were locked in a fairly large cage- dirty and they seemed really scared. The girl was shy, but when I sat down next to her she rolled onto her back for me to rub her belly. She was growling when the lady who owned them came near- but she never growled at me.

I told the lady I would take the girl dog and left. When I got home I called animal control on those people.

This dog is only about 6 months old but she has been through a lot. She was gray when I got her, but after 3 washes and trimming her matted hair out, she is pure white. A gorgeous dog. The lady had told me they had never had a bath before but she was very good in the bathtub, didn’t fight me at all.

After her bath I took her out to the living room to dry her and brush her (big mistake). I sat on the floor and asked my husband to please keep the baby away (he’s 9 months old though and newly crawling so very curious…and he LOVES dogs). My husband failed to keep the baby contained and as I got up to take the dog elsewhere, she snapped at the baby. My husband then demanded the dog go back to where I got it from. I refused. I would not take any dog back there. I told him I would try to find her a new home (it wouldn’t be hard, she is adorable), but I didn’t really want to find her a new home.

So from then on we mostly kept the dog and baby separated. I bring her out sometimes when my husband is gone, and while she hasn’t ever bit him, she does growl, and I don’t trust her NOT to bite him. I stay really close to them, I would never let her get to the point of biting him, but I think they need to be around each other to get used to each other. When she growls I firmly say no and push her into a sitting position. If she growls again I just lock her back in the bathroom (she has a bed there and food and water).

My husband won’t get a dog trainer- he is mad that we have invested so much as it is in a dog he has no intentions of keeping.

I did post an ad on craigslist for the dog to get a new home, requiring a spay contract, first right of refusal, and I will interview and check out their homes prior to her going anywhere- I don’t take pet ownership lightly. But I still feel terrible. I WANT to keep her, but I have to choose the baby.

Any tips for getting her to be less aggressive towards him? She isn’t aggressive to me or my husband and is a really good dog otherwise (she even sleeps with me at night), but we can’t have her attacking the baby and I am losing ground with my husband. This is the breed of dog I like, my favorite, and now he is saying we have to get a “normal” dog like a lab.

How do you pick a dog to add to a family with kids? Is a brand new (8 weeks old) puppy the only way to go? I prefer rescues. She also pees when excited/nervous though and cowers if you talk sternly to her or get too close- so I think she has probably been abused.

John answers:

I doubt she was abused. She sounds like a dog who’s severely under-socialized, with possibly a genetic component to her temperament problems. She’s had a rough start in life and you’ve tried your best but your husband’s not willing to hire a behaviourist and you don’t have the experience to train this dog. So I think, you need to find her a home with adults only ASAP. Your other choice is to find a Chinese crested rescue – they’ll be able to find the right home for her.

James asks…

I’m looking to teach a family English this summer in or around Aosta in exchange for housing in July (for 5)

I am an American citizen currently living in Chicago and I am interested in taking my kids to Aosta Valley near Milano, in Italy this summer. I am unable to find available hotels for the month of July so I am looking for housing for myself and four kids – in exchange for teaching English. I am a paralegal and a real estate investor in the states and I am also considering to invest in Italy so I am looking for like minded individuals/families if possible, but not necessary. Can anyone give me a good tip how to find a good family (my kids can teach English to their kids also) who I can trust with housing and would be interested in learning more English from me? Thank you.

John answers:

You might be able to find something on website in the job board section.

I love Aosta too!

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