Your Questions About Investing Tips For Kids

David asks…

Has anyone had to harness their walking baby?

Today in Wal-Mart, at wits end, we bought a harness for our 15 month old. We took it right out of the box and strapped it on him. It’s actually kind of cute, it’s a little stuffed monkey that looks like he’s getting a piggy back ride. And it doubles as a cute back pack when the leash is off. LOL! I’ve only seen a child on a harness one time at Wal-Mart, and I’d like to know if anyone here has had to go to that extreme. The store is an hour away from the house so when we need to shop and Landon is throwing a fit, running around and not listening, we can’t just say “you can’t behave? we’re going home then.” We have to get our stuff done. The harness wasn’t too bad. He liked it for a while and thought it was funny, but then he got frustrated when he tried to charge down the broom and mop aisle (he’s obsessed with those) and was stopped and turned around by the monkey tail. It was way more easy than having him run away from us and scream when we try to hold his hand. Has anyone had the same problem as me? Or is my child especially challenging? Have any of you had to invest in a harness for your toddler? Thanks for all answers. And if anyone has any tips for kids behaving in public, feel free to share! I apparently need all the advice I can get!
No need to be so harsh. I’m not a bad mother. I’ve done everything I’ve read to do to deal with that sort of behavior. My son is just difficult and/or going through a phase from what I’m told. How do you discipline your child in a store? I’m asking how you do it?
crlheffe- Yeah, I’m waiting for the day I can tell him no park or no treats. Right now he isn’t a talker. I think once he can understand what I am saying to him it will be a little easier.
My son won’t stay in the cart, the big part or the basket part. I see kids in carts all the time but he just wants to MOVE. Do your kids try to get out of the cart/buggy?

John answers:

About a year ago, there was a discussion on here about whether or not those were considered “good parenting” or something to that effect. (Or somebody was asking where s/he could find one for his/her offspring. I think there were two similar questions close together.) Somebody put a link to the animal harness on Target. I showed it to my husband. We agreed it was a necessity for our upcoming trip to NYC. I knew that not only would our daughter not want to stay in her stroller the entire time, it was not fair to ask her. We got several inquires from strangers on where we got the dog, too. When my daughter was a year and a half and just started walking, she became more active, more curious. We tried sitting her in the child seat of the cart. We tried the back and she wouldn’t sit. She would stand and try and grab and if we tried holding her hand, she would wriggle out of our grip. For a few months it was easier if we all went shopping together or just one of us with the other two home.

We don’t call it a harness. We tell her he’s her dog and we’re walking him. She likes that. Now, at 2.5 she doesn’t’ need at much because she has learned and is generally good at holding on to one or both of our hands. However, we usually try and bring him with us. Somehow, I named the dog Charlie. We we were talking about the dog a few times I kept wanting to say Charlie and not her dog. So he was named.

It is one of the best things we got our daughter. Even if we hadn’t used a Target gift card my brother and his wife got us for the previous Christmas, it still would have been an excellent purchase. A couple of months ago, when I was looking at my husband’s cousin’s baby registry, the dog was on it. She requested the pink one, which I don’t’ like. (I got the light brown because it’s more realistic in color and because it’s something gender-neutral, should we be blessed with a boy.) I knew we had to get that for her. When she opened the gift at her shower, I told her how handy it has been with our daughter.

As I said, we don’t use it much any more. She knows to hold our hands. However when we did go to a mall a couple of weeks ago (one of our favorite restaurants from Columbus opened up in a mall outside of Toledo), a mom with a two-year-old and baby twins asked about it. (I know another mom at MOPS whose two-year-old wears his as a toy. We talked about how great they were.)

I don’t think they are cruel. I think they are a great idea. However, those who say they are either seem to have the very rare perfect children or don’t have any that are.

ETA: Sometimes, denying, or threatening to deny privileges and treats aren’t always effective either. I say things like, “If you do X, we may not do Y. Remember Y is a privilege not a right.” Or I say, “If you don’t cooperate, we may not do Y.” (I like cooperate instead of behave. It makes it sound as though she is helping. Though she doesn’t always go for that, since she is two, and striving for independence. I also like using the privilege thing, as it sounds much better and positive than punishment.)

Mary asks…

Moms! I need tips for planes, tips on seating arrangements, activites, snacks, etc.?

We are flying to Orlando to go to Walt Disney World for 7 days in July. Theplane ride will take about 2 and a half hours or so.
We have been planning this trip for a while and we’re all super excited.
But there are some things I need help with!

First of all, we have 5 little girls. Claire (6), Alexis (4), Olivia (4), Ella(18 mos) and Sophia(18 mos). We are not sure what the seating arrangements are going to be like. The plane has 3 seat and 2 seat rows. Tips would be appreciated!

Also, how should I keep the kids entertained? I have an iPod with kids songs and shows on it, should that be enough or should I invest in a portable dvd player and a Nintendo D.S. for my 6 year old?

And last, what snacks would be good to bring along?

Thank you so much!

The people going to Florida are me, my husband and the girls.
Whoops, I put Olivia’s age as 4 lol. She’s 3, if that helps.
Another typo, we’re going in May, not July.

John answers:

For your sanity, get Claire, Alexis and Olivia a V-Tech V-Smile game system. They are made for smaller hands, and are impact resistant.
Get a portable DVD player with a whole bunch of DVD’s for the others.
Coloring books, kids books, a backpack full of small, (non-noisy) toys, and snacks.

Bribery works well, give them money to spend at the airport if they can behave.

Have strollers for the two little ones, or else a baby leash, you DO NOT want your little ones wandering around the airport.

Fly in the evenings, when it’s not very busy.

Plan extra time to board.

Bring more than you think you will need, Hi-C, fruit snacks, crackers. Gum and Tylenol (for their ears).

You will want a window seat, and let them take turns in the window seat looking out.

Have a talk with them before you ever leave the house, and in the car about what kind of behavior is expected from them.

Ask the older ones to help you with the littler ones, the responsibility may help them forget about their own discomfort.

Also, when you are in Disneyland, don’t try to do everything. Take it in small doses, or your kids will get overwhelmed. Get a hotel IN the park, so you can take alot of breaks during the day.

Susan asks…

My childcare business isn’t working out? Any kids money making websites?

I asked if there was any 13 year old jobs. I understand there aren’t. I decided to start my own business, a childcare and pet care one. I advertised on the internet and in my neighborhood. And don’t say it’s not working out just because no one wants to leave a child with me, because we have CPR certified adults in the household. I even have a website and business cards, Professional ones. Like the ones you would get about a service. Visit our website to give tips: I have a T-shirt also, as an advertising tool also a pen. Obviously I invested a lot. I have only had one customer, that’s all. We also go door to door(with my parents watching just in case) passing out flyer’s. Our neighborhood is small so we know almost everyone. I am not having any luck babysitting or pet sitting. Any tips? Also i need extra cash to invest more and get my own domain is there any websites for kids to make money? Like a online making money survey, FOR KIDS!

John answers:

Don’t give up your idea … I love your attitude. But any business in the world need time … Just like a little baby or a puppy … They need time to grow up. Patience is every thing you need and I’m sure you have a lot. Working in childcare and pet care is not easy and needs patience, right? So you need to have some to promote your business.
Do you have a website or what is your way to advertise? Can I ask you to email me, and maybe I will help you with this business? It’s a good idea and I hate to see it going without extra work.

Daniel asks…

How do you make your child get interested in reading?

I have a 9y/o boy who is not into academics. He does well in science and math but the major issue is reading comprehension. I’ve invested in interesting books in his level,magazines, etc. I’ve signed him up to an expesive reading program but no change. He still dislikes reading. Comprehension is another story.

I subscribed to kids National Geographic magazine but he didn’t like it I had to cancel. He prefers Nikolodeon mags which he’s not going to get.

What are the tips to make him improve his reading comprehension?

I’ve tried rewarding him for reading but he is still not motivated. When its reading time, everything hurts (his head hurts, his stomach hurts…all are just made up) and he’s sleepy. But once I turn on the TV just to test him, he perks up!

What are the ways I can make him like to read?

HELP! (PS: pls do not suggest that sylvan learning center bec that is expensive.)

John answers:

I don’t have any children, but I am the oldest of four and helped out with a LOT of cousins. The fact that he shows interest in Nick magazine is promising. Right now, all you are trying to do is encourage and instill an interest in reading. In the beginning, WHAT they read isn’t always as important as THAT he reads.

I remember reading Nick Mags, so I can’t say that I understand you denying him those. Sometimes they suggest other reads for their readers and that is someone arguing your case for you without you even saying anything. If there is anything at all that peaks his interest, run with it! (Within reason, of course.) Because, right now it sounds like you almost have a lost cause on your hands without the Nickelodeon Magazines. If he actually reads one (this is theory, I know you said you don’t want to give it to him.), then, ask him about what he read, quiz him on it even(You’ll have to read it for yourself)! As you do that, reward him for the right type of behavior and then you can go from there.

If you have any younger children, my advice to you is to start them at the same time as your 9-yr-old, because the earlier they start, the better; the more addicted to reading they become.

Thomas asks…

need a web sight free that gives tips on dog training?

i have real good experience on owning dogs and have had them under control from pitts to bull mastiff. But i have a new dog who they were going to put to sleep because was made to fight. But has a great lovable personality and very loyal. I have no kids and live alone so no danger there, dog lover and got time to invest on him i already have him some what under control it took a living room couch vertical blinds & a dead cat for him to not do it again. but the killing cats & wanthing to fight every dog he sees might be a Challenge. Open 4 advise DO NOT SAY PUT HIM TO SLEEP HE WAS MADE BY SOME STUPID MAN TO DO THAT AND THINK LIKE THAT But is still mans best friend! Needs to be free web sight on tips and special training. Thanks!

John answers:

To make this dog into anything approaching an acceptable canine companion, you are going to need a lot more than a bunch of free Web sites. You need a professional animal behavioral therapist. Anything less is irresponsible and puts other animals and people at risk.

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors are the best of the best.

I understand why you want to do this, but keep in mind that right now, today, there are over 16,000 pit bull and other bully breed dogs in shelters across America. Many many of them are sweet, kindly dogs who wouldn’t hurt anything and they risk almost certain death. Just putting things in perspective.

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