Your Questions About Investing Tips For College Students

Michael asks…

Investment Manager?

I am a junior college student working on my BA in Business Administration specialized in Finance.
I have read many books on Investing, Security Analysis, Foreign Exchange, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Asset Allocation, Interpreting Financial Statements, and I practically lived out of at one point.

Now what I want to do proffesionally is basicly what I do for myself, anylyze stocks and invest in them for clients.

I read thatzs what Investment Managers do, can anyone clarify what is the job of an Investmen Manager? also what field would best fit with what I want to do? Would appreciate tips from people who are already in the industry, thanks ahead.

John answers:

Applied math will have you best prepared for what you have mentioned. You may find upon gradation with your finance degree, that you average entry opportunities. You may not even be able to get into Wall Street at all. Wall Street will give you a shot if you supplement your degree with and applied math degree, a statistics degree, and econometrics degree.

Ruth asks…

New to investing in the Stock market?

Hello, i am a 16 year old student currenty studdying a business B-tech national deplomia at college. I have a capital of 15,000 currently sitting in the bank and looking ti diversify into the stock market. However, i have not done this before and know that it can be risky therefore was looking for some tips and any other relivant information you may know which can help.

Where the stocks are purchased from,
How to keep track of stocks,
What the + and – figures mean on the London Stock Excahnge (the change of values in the FTSE)

John answers:

I´ve been investing for more than 20 years and trading for almost 14, and I can tell you that if you want to make BIG and FAST profits, I recommend you trading rather than investing, trading can help you to go from rags to rich.

If you are investing, you must have already achieved some degree of financial success, long term stock investing and FOREX can help you become much richer than you are today.

My experiences as a Nasdaq Market Maker, Head trader of several brokerage firms, and currently as a professional trader and private hedge fund manager, I can suggest you that:

We trade because we want quick, short term profits on a consistent basis. We want to cash flow the market. Milk it like a cow.

Make consistent, small, short term gains rather than trying to hit a home run on every trade. Don’t ever forget that.
Don’t marry a stock, marry the idea of making money trading stocks. That’s the only way to do it.

For me “All stocks are equally worthless”

I don’t hold on to any illusion that the stock market will continue to go up and provide a nice retirement for me.
I could care less which way the market goes. It’s irrelevant to me if the market goes higher, crashes or moves sideways for the next 50 years. I really could care less. Stocks are just four letters with two prices next to them that I use to make a living trading.

Trade ONLY when you have a clear, easy and identifiable advantage, because without a CLEAR EDGE your odds of success are NO better than a flip of a coin… That´s why so many new traders (and investors) lose money.

Take a look at any daily chart of any index or stock and you’ll probably see the most volatility and the biggest opportunity for profit during the first Hour of the stock market’s opening.

The popular thinking and conventional wisdom is that you should wait about an hour before you start trading.

But if you do, you’ll miss the big, fast moves that stocks make as all the amateurs let their emotions out through their
online accounts, usually right after they read some news headline or hear Maria Bartiromo go off about a stock on CNBC.

It’s easy to see why trading the open is the market’s prime time for profiting from other online traders.
The market’s open is very volatile – that is the perfect environment for LARGE, FAST profits.

Learn to trade as a professional Market Maker ,not as an emotionally driven amateur trader or investor with few thousand dollars in an account at Etrade.

There isn’t any other time during the day or any stock you can invest in, that can make you 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or more points
in minutes OTHER than during the first hour the stock market is open. That’s why I love trading the open so much.

I trade only when I have an edge and that means “only the first hour the market is open”.

If you are a beginning trader, you can give yourself an unfair advantage in the market trading this way.

I can carry on with the advises about how to make money trading, but if you ask me:

“What is the best thing you can do for me?

I will say:

Give yourself a BIG favor and go to this “Top Secret” site and learn how to get the BEST stocks that will make the largest and fastest day trading profits you´ve ever seen, all by yourself…

After you review this site you won´t need system, strategy, book, software or mentor to tell you what to do,
you will be able to profit HUGE every day.

Good luck and good trading,

John Fontaine

James asks…

how to be an investor ?

m a 2nd year college student from india.i want to b an investor.i want to invest in shares.
i know nothing abt this thing.wt r mutual funds ? wt is this ‘equity’ ? wt all things are there we can invest in ? which have highest returns ,which will give safer returns ,which wud be suitable for short term investments resp. ?
i dont know why these markets go up n down ? what can i do so i have good knowledge of these things ? some tips ? which news should i watch ? i never understand the news about ‘sensex’,’nifty’ wtever it is.but i want to.i want to know abt these how can i ? are their any concepts or something that deermine if this happens then market will go up/down;or some particular shares will be affected ?

John answers:

You are very curious I see… Good… Curiosity is where all good empires begin.

Unfortunately I can’t spend the sheer amount of time it would take to answer all of these questions, but I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Research what a company’s balance sheet is. A balance sheet states a company’s Assets, Liabilities, and Equity in one statement. This simple statement is the beginning of all stock investing. Assets are all the things a company owns (cash, inventory, property, equipment, etc..). Liabilities are everything a company owes (interest payments, accounts payable, bonds payable, etc…). Equity is everything that is left over in assets once liabilities are subtracted.

The simple equation is Assets = Liabilities + Equity

Equity is everything the company retains after all debts are paid out… Equity is owned by the shareholder’s of the companies (all the investors that bought the stock).

When you listen to investors talking about equity, they’re just talking about stock investments.

Mutual funds are a bunch of different stocks blended into one fund. You can put money into the mutual fund, and you will spread all the money you put in among all the different stocks in the fund. It is a way to diversify the stocks you own easily and with little commission.

You can invest in just about anything. Any publicly traded company you can buy stocks from. Beyond stocks there are many other forms of investment, such as gold, real estate, bonds, foreign exchange, and many many more.

I won’t go into investment strategy, (such as what’s the best return for short-term investing and all that), because you’ll pick all that up as you learn more about investing.

Start out by knowing what the Balance Sheet and Income Statements for a company are. Look at examples of these and know what all the terms mean.

Then follow financial news… When you hear a new term you don’t understand, look it up.

Read books on the stock market… These will be very useful and you’ll learn a lot.

Maria asks…

Attraction is slowly fading.. (long question)?

I am in a relationship dilemma.

I am a 20 yr old college student. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about 5 years now. There have been ups and downs, but nothing too dramatic; overall things have been going pretty good. This summer, however, we’ve been away from each other for a while. She had an internship in another state, and I stayed at school. She later went to a third world country for volunteering while I stayed home. During this time we had zero communication. At home, I filled my time with learning and doing things I used to do in my free time (like when I was in high school): watch some old TV shows, build crafts, etc. I think I normally am sort of a needy boyfriend – I’m not terribly social, so I like having my girlfriend around, and we usually do a lot of things together. However, during this time of aloneness, I felt like I was single again, just doing my thing at home. I felt very independent, and I sort of zoned her out of my life for a while. I justified this to myself by saying since she’s gone, and there’s no way to communicate with her, I shouldn’t spend my time moping around, missing her all day and instead try to be productive.

When she came back to the states, we had several awkward phone calls. I felt like I had nothing to say. I felt I was really out-of-sync with her. I thought that maybe after spending some time with her, I would get back into the groove of having a girlfriend (as opposed to feeling single over summer). School has started, and I see my girlfriend daily, though we’re both very busy and don’t have much alone time. I still feel I haven’t re-integrated her into my life. There are still awkward pauses in our conversations. Moreover, I think the time spent alone during the summer made me emotionally numb. Things she does that would normally make me happy or sad or excited or angry barely elicit any genuine response from me.

What’s worse, I think I’ve been slowly losing physical attraction to my girlfriend (Being surrounded by good-looking females in college really doesn’t help).

I’ve tried to look up similar problems on forums, bulletin boards, relationship tips, etc. I’ve gotten a lot of “if you lose attraction, then you should probably end the relationship now rather than drag it out”, etc, etc, etc. I’d like to think I’m different (don’t we all), but here are some reasons I am extremely hesitant to end the relationship:

-I’ve invested 5 years in this girl. We have been very happy all this time.
-I’m a mechanical engineer. She’s a bioengineer. I find her intelligence quite attractive. She might be a 6-7 for her looks, but she’s definitely a 9-10 on her smarts and personality.
-She’s very rational and not super-dramatic, like the type of girlfriend guys normally complain about.
-Based on what I’ve seen, it seems technically-intelligent and rational females that are girlfriend-material are extremely rare (not to be sexist or anything). She’s not your average “biology was cool in highschool” girl. She’s more of the “LETS USE MATH AND SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING TO CURE CANCER AND SAVE THE WORLD” type. Even in a high-quality university, I still find this to be an extremely small demographic
-Sometimes I can’t wait til I’m 60 and we’re both ugly and wrinkly and it doesn’t matter how good or not good she looks. By that time, I suppose the ideal mate would be someone I can spend time with and enjoy their companionship. Studies show sex is still important at that age, but has nowhere near the significance as it does for younger couples
-She is my best friend. I would do (and still do) anything for her, and she would do (and still does) anything for me.
-I never want to hurt her.
-I don’t want to “toss her back in the sea” only to realize later that I should’ve kept her.

I never thought having the sex-drive of a 20 year old male could suck so much..*sigh*.

What can I do to repair the relationship? How can I make myself attracted to her again? Should I even tell her that I am not as physically attracted to her as before? If I stay with her, will I basically have to wait til I’m 40-50 for this issue to fade away? I can’t seem to snap out of single-mode. Suggestions?

I feel very lost and very helpless..

John answers:

You’ve invested five years. That’s not a reason to continue the relationship. You’ve heard the expression, don’t throw good money after bad, the same is true about your time. Just because you’ve got some time or money into something or someone is never a reason to continue investing. I hope I can convince you of this. If you continue on with her even though you realize you’re not attracted to her, who benefits? And you are still very young, to have been with someone five years. I think you should follow your inclinations and be single, date, and take your time.

Paul asks…

17 year old teen wants to start business? Please help, read inside 4 more details…?

I am a 17 year this year and will be 18 next year. Wondering if there is any business I can do? How do I get investments etc? If I can get investments from 3rd parties, I know I could apply with my government for them to invest in my business with the same terms as the investor up 300K. Some kind of SME incentive. I am a junior college student (jc1) living in Singapore. Where can I find investors? What type of business can I do? I have leadership skills(organisation maybe?), some IT skills….any suggestions and/or tips?
Oh yes, my mum owns a stall in a market, selling bags and watches.

My dad imports watches, repairs watches, and do some supplying to shops in Singapore.

Maybe I can work from there?

John answers:

1-brother you better go for partnership. 2-you need capital or you can take loans. 3-in must be small buisness as you are small. 4-you must give new ideas so that other partner accept you. *i am younger then you and wish to start buisness but i cant because i dont have no money ,no capital and no ideas.

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