Your Questions About Investing Tips For College Students

John asks…

Time to buy Citigroup stock?

I’m going to start by saying that I am 1) Young 2) In-experienced. I am college student who is looking to make big money early through smart investing

With that said, I feel really passionate about buying this stock for a multitude of reasons; but mainly because I firmly believe it’s a matter of when – not if – Citi becomes highly profitable. The banks are the foundation of the economy. The rest of the economy will not become functional until the banks do; therefore I think it will happen fast and soon.

Where do you see this stock in the next 2-5 years?

Thanks, tips appreciated!

John answers:

You are pretty close with your analogy.

“The banks are the foundation of the economy. The rest of the economy will not become functional until the banks do;”

However I have argued it this way:

The consumer is the foundation of the economy. The rest of the economy will not become functional until the consumer is financial stable.

Financial Disclosure: Long Citi (prepared to hold 10-15+ years). Two years is too short of a time and anything less is highly speculative for any investment.

Thomas asks…

How do I make a monthly income using the stock market?

Hi. I am a 23 year old college student. I’m in undergrad and I plan to be in grad school within the next two years. I want to start supporting myself. I only have $1000 to invest. How can I invest that $1000 as a starting point and get the most for it in return? It would be ideal to earn a monthly profit from it in addition to the income from my job. What is a good starting point? This is my first time doing this and I don’t know much about investing. So, please give any tips or ideas that you may have.

Thanks in advance 🙂
Since I’m new to investing, I will need indepth answers. Please explain thoroughly. You don’t have to type forever but one sentence won’t do, LOL. Thanks!
I’ve read some replies and I thank you. What would be a good amount to start with? Am I not able to use that $1000 as a starting point to keep reinvesting what I make from it in return?

John answers:

Ok, the art of making money on the stock market is usually called Trading. This involves opening a stock position (buying) and then closing the position if it rises in value.

The first thing i would do is place that 1000 in a high interest savings account and start adding to it.
If you want to be successful trading stock, you will probably need more like 20,000 to start. Especially to make enough more then a couple of bucks a month.

Second you must start reading and learning about stock trading. Like any profession it takes lots of education and practice to be successful. (dont believe the hype that you can make money easily, Remember that when one person makes money, someone else has lost Money.)
Also practice with a demo account if too. (demo accounts use fake money to trade positions, you dont make anything with these accounts, but you also dont lose.

Finally come up with a system, Trading rules. And Learn to trade mechanically. That limits the emotional decisions you can make, emotion is a traders worst enemy, it loses money like no other issue.

Chris asks…

Would this be reasonable for me to do?

I am a college student with no outstanding debt (scholarships!!!) and I am thinking on investing roughly fifty bucks of my weekly pay check towards valuable coins. I would be buying them from trusted dealers with the NGS or PCGS graded and protected coins. I know that I will be able to invest a bit in a safe for them, but I would otherwise have to for my important papers.

My thinking is, is that I could be able to liquidate these investments within a month or two when I would like to buy a car, a house, or something else comes up. I will also have a couple grand in an account. Any critiques, tips, or horror stories could be helpful for me.

John answers:

The bottom line is simple logic — if it were that easy, why wouldn’t everyone do it?

(If it was that easy, everyone would…)

You are running, indirectly, to an old “saw” in the world of economics: you aren’t going to find $20 bills lying on the ground unless something very, very rare has just happened. (The person in front of you will always pick up the $20 bill before you get to it)

The economic parallel in the world of investing is the efficient market hypothesis: the current price is most often the correct price for all the given current information. And its caveat: if the price is not correct, no one is going to tell you if it profits them.

Coin collecting is a hobby, not an investment hypothesis. It is filled with experts who have done nothing but for decades — they are going to charge a novice a hefty commission on the buy and the sell, ensuring their profit and erasing yours in 93/100 cases.

Second, lecture. It is virtually impossible to make serious money without serious money to start with. The reason is two fold: First (see above) the big money always gets there first (it can always bid a higher price and it always knows more people who know stuff). Second, economies of scale. (See also first “fold”) the profit after costs on pennies per trade in difference are irrelevant on hundreds of dollars but enough to live on for a year with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sandra asks…

What would you grade this expostory essay i wrote should i shorten it?

Good things happened to those that wait Nonsense good things go to those that chase. Nothing is going to come to you and waiting for money and depending on someone else to give you money is the guaranteed path to failure. I am going to teach you about something I’ve mastered the art of making money I will teach you how to make money fast and make it last! Now before you read forward I need you to say “Everything I know about money is wrong” Believe me when I tell you I know more “tricks” to making money I am not talking about the cereal. I strongly believe if you can count your money by hand it’s not enough. You can’t make money being a good guy and following rules you must bend the rules and twist the rules. Bill gates the wealthiest man in the world(and soon to be second) stole various ideas from the rival company of Microsoft Apple but bills had other effects to Microsoft not only does Microsoft have what apple but more. Bill gate is a marketing genius his products has all the effects of apple and more and are the same price. Which one would you buy its obvious? How could a guy who didn’t finish collage become the richest person in the world (and soon to be second). How could Shawn Carter (formally known as jay z) become extremely wealth once again a person who did not go to college and grew up poor he created something out of nothing. So how could people who did not graduate from college and even some junior high school dropouts become so wealthy? Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Also they have mastered and implemented these proven techniques and now I will share them with you. I will teach you how to successfully run a business. Here are some tips Create Something out of nothing, create a realistic business plan stick to it, Work Like A Slave Eat Like A King , Never stop looking for the best deals on products and buy low and sell high.

Something out of nothing

Fob a clothing company started in a basement but now is a multimillion dollar company. The people who created the clothing line didn’t have a lot of money but they took what they had and made something from nothing. The company was created by 5 neighbor friends living in queens New York the largest projects in the world. The company then became popular amongst queen New York and it became bigger. The 5 neighborhood friends who never thought they would grow this big did. How did they do this? They took what they had their expertise and made something out of it. If you are a great drawers draw and auction your pictures if you are a good writer sell your writings even if you have a basketball goal in your backyard charged to get on the court you will gain enough money eventually to extend your idea. If are a goodstudent and understand an subject you can teach offer to help a student in return of money. Once you gain enough you can even start your own tutoring company. Got a big screen get some movies charge people to come in your house to watch them. Go to a used bike store bikes cost about 5 dollars fix them up make them look better and they will sell for any more. Once you make a profit invest half of it back in your business. Is it snowing? Shove snow? Good with computers teach the elderly mow lawns, wash cars, baby sit, and as soon as you make enough money washing cars you can buy more supplies hire your staff and send them to different areas to wash. Let them keep 25 percent of the money they made and you take the rest, you can do the same for shoving snow mowing lawns etc. Once you gain enough money you can expand your small company always looking for ways to make money you must be an opportunist, you must be a persuading, if you want to be wealthy.

•Create An Idea
•Expand on it
• Hire employees(optional)
•Launch it
•Advertise (business cards)
•Go find costumers
•Sell your products
• Be polite To Consumers give them two business cards one for a friends and for themselves
• Business Plan

Create a business plan stick to it if you are not making profits from it create another one. As cannabis once said “A wise man sees failure as progress, a fool divorces his knowledge and misses the logic”. This philosophy is very important. First you must determine your objective. What are you trying to accomplish in your business what do you want to achieve? These are the questions you must ask. How will you achieve your objective? When will you achieve this? How will you make your company better than other similar company’s .Create a list of these things and then put it in an essay form get it copywriter and you have your business plan.

•What is your objective
•How will you achieve this
•When will you achieve this
•Create A List
•Put it in a essay form
•Get it copy writer

Work like a slave eat like a king

Nothing will come to you, you must go out and get it this is serious good things go to those that wait is a lazy philosophy and it truly disgust me. Nobody can be successful unless he loves his work and put in work second place is the first losers place. In order to work like a slave you must work hard daily learn how to balance family school and other things with work. Read your competitors like a book constantly think of new ideas to receive more costumers everywhere you go bring out business cards .Go to the bookstore and place business cards in books that relate to your business. Put a banner on your car put it work and you will eat like a king.

•Put in work
•Eat like a king

Follow these proven methods and you will see results

Disclaimer: Note working constantly may lead to depression and tiredness

John answers:

D or so at this time but can be improved:
I think you are trying to stuff too many things into the essay so it doesn’t flow very well. Maybe do an outline on what you want to say first. It should flow but right now I can’t figure out what one paragraph has to do with the other let alone within each paragraph. For example, your fist paragraph starts about teaching people how to make money then you talk about Bill Gates and Shawn Carter dropping out of school, then other stuff.
Instead of doing a business 101 in an essay, pick the part you can elaborate on more. What stands out most when reading is creating a business out of an idea. Use that but stick to the subject without going off on other things or it sounds a bit “flighty”.

You need to make sure you have a period after each complete sentence. You are missing a bunch of comma’s.

Leave out personal opinions like “that disgusts me” and unproven accusations.

FYI: The cliche “Good things happened to those that wait” is a reference to patience – not sitting and doing nothing.

I think you can turn this into an A or B paper if you do an outline first, don’t try to cover too many things in a short essay, make your story connect from one point to the next, and stay focused on your topic. The point you keep coming back to is taking and idea or dream and make a business out of it. Stick to those examples because the other examples don’t hit that message.

William asks…

Best way to become a day trader?

I obv. don’t have 25 g’s right now cause I’m a college student..
I’m aiming to work a normal job and then get into day trading..
Do you have any tips?
Any books I should study?
Any skills I should develop?

I’ve invested about $2G’s got about a 20% roi so far..
Just on fundamental analysis.. reg long-term investing..

How should I transition this into doing this for a living?
It makes me feel alive.

Thanks. 🙂

John answers:

To master online forex trading I recommend to first read a course. Forex trading courses that contain simple trading strategies are the way to go after reading trading courses that are provided by most online trading brokers. Forex trading is one of the few money markets that requires little trading education and does not take too long to master. Forex trading software like charts will give you an edge which every trader needs to remain competitive, and this way of trading will generate profits.

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