Your Questions About Investing Tips For College Students

Mark asks…

Real estate investing/business?

Ok, tell me if you think this is crazy, I’m a college student and I’m switching from nursing (really never wanted to be one) to some sort of business degree and plan to get my real estate license. My dream is to one day be a landlord/real estate investor and with the current state of the market my family (mostly my mom) think I’m crazy for not going into a sure thing like nursing. If you’re a real estate investor could you also give me some tips or any wisdom you’d like to share?

John answers:

The problem with your plan is that you need some capital available to become a landlord or investor, as banks are not inclined to let you gamble with their money.

Nursing is a strong career, you can always find a job. I have a friend that is a nurse, she loves the challenges that each day brings, but hates the grueling hours, the pace and the doctors who seem to treat lesser educated people as lesser beings.

Donna asks…

Buying a car. Any tips?

Hello guys, I am looking to upgrade from my 1994 corolla and get a new car. (Actually its a used vehicle but its new to me) I was looking at a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE from a local dealer at $9800 cash price. It looks great but I am not sure about how to go into a sale. What should I look for? They are giving me a car fax history report, but what else should I ask to make sure the car is safe and legit. The reason I am skeptical is because about two years ago, I bought a stolen vehicle and lost all my invested money. I really want to play it safe. I am paying all cash, not financing so what should I ask for when purchasing. I am a college student and I don’t want these dealers to use that as an excuse to take advantage. Tips???
Its not a major dealer, its Miami dealer. But they seem authentic. I was thinking of taking the Vin# to the police station so they can check it out…

John answers:

Drive it and really pay attention to all the details. The sound, how it looks under the hood. If you have a trusted mechanic, most used car dealerships let you take the car down to your mechanic and have them take a good look at it.

Jenny asks…

How should a post-college grad invest?

I just finished grad school but don’t have a job yet. I took out loans but I have some money remaining after tuition and would like to invest that amount I didn’t use, so I can pay off my loans rather quickly. Are there tax exempt investment tools that one can invest in and then use the return yields to pay off student loans and the interest on them? What are some investing strategies that I should look into for this purpose, and investment starter tips in general for a mid 20s? I’m a newb on financial investment stuff.

John answers:

Use that money to pay down your loans. Never invest to pay off debts. You’re only putting yourself at more risk and compounding problems. When you get a job open an IRA and get into the retirement plan with your employer as soon as they will allow you to.

Joseph asks…

Whats the best way to invest money in something to make more money? Or to save it up?

I would like to learn more about investing, and ways to save money and put it back. Any have any good tips, or books, or suggestions? I know nothing about it, if someone wouldn’t mind giving me some pointers, and maybe explaining how it works and the best way to go about doing it.

I’m still a student, so I would like to start now and be able to work my way up, and have some time under my belt. Hope to be able to make a decent living and be a good provider for my family when I get married, and not have to worry so much about money.

Would like to ask about careers and college, but will do so in another question.

Any tips, advice, comments, or anything will be much appreciated. Thanks!!
JC: Wow, mutual funds sounds like it might be a good way to go, so I’ll have to look into that to. Anyone got any tips on mutual funds or a good way to go about doing that? That would be appreciated to. So far I am think either some kind of bond/s or mutual funds.

John answers:

Well I work for a large mutual fund company that specializes in long term growth. With mutual funds you can save for retirement, college for your kids, or just earn some income for the future. Mutual funds dont make there money in a day, there long term and you make more money the longer you leave your money in your account. For example if your 20, you invest $2000 per year for 10 years, stop at age 30 ($20,000) and never put money in your account again and by the time your 65, you take your money out, you will have over a million bucks in your account..thats the magic of compound interest. The earlier you start, the more money you make.

Michael asks…

Will $2,500 be good to invest on a small bar?

I have 2,500 and will like to start investing in a small bar. I already have a local I can rent which pays 450 every months. I also have music system so I don’t need to invest in that. Will 2,500 do for the rest of things I might need? What kind of tips could you recommend for me for this type of business. I’m only 19 and trying to start out with this small thing.

The place is located in a very crowded place on Wednesdays and Thursdays because of college students ( its very close to a university and there’s other bars near which gets packed those days with students). Weekends is kinda slow though. What do you think?


John answers:

Probably a better idea than serving beverages is to serve sandwiches or burgers. If the college crowd is your target market most aren’t old enough to drink, but they eat burgers by the dozen. Additionally, you are probably too young to get a serving permit either. The cost of your raw material is the cheapest part of your costs. Therefore, give them half pounder burgers and a plate full of fries. Soda in huge glasses. It is difficult to fill up a young college person so if you can, you will succeed.

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