Your Questions About Investing Tips For Beginners

Lisa asks…

investing for beginners?

im 15 years old, i want to invest in EA for when battlefield 3 comes out.Honestly im using my own money, so the most im willing to invest is 100$ worth of stocks lol.My dad says if i predict the stocks correctly , he will invest a little more for me.Any tips?

John answers:

The problem is that Battlefield 3 was announced a long time ago, so its release is already built into EA’s price. Think of it as if a bunch of investors are predicting how much $ EA will make off of Battlefield 3. If you think it will be a huge hit and will beat investors’ expectations, then you should buy it. If you think Battlefield 3 will make less than everyone predicts, don’t buy it. Personally, I think the price is probably too high because COD is also coming out and will eat into the Battlefield profits… But it’s really anyone’s guess.

In the future, the best way to make $ off of video game companies is to buy the stock before the game is announced. If you think a company is really innovative and will continue to create great games and increase earnings, then buy it.

Jenny asks…

Coin Collecting/Investing for Beginners?

Can someone give a Beginner Coin Collector/Inverter some tips? such as what to watch for, what to stay away from, where to look, ect ect ect.

John answers:

Well let me tell you its really easy to find places that sells coins in your local area, look at the phone book is one of them but i only thought of this after i found a place that sells coins. What i did was typed in some coin key words into google maps and saw a few places pop up then i paid them a visit. The one at my city has about everything from tokens to coins, and they even sell silver investments. They also have buckets of world coins that goes for cheep usually 25 cent a piece at least that’s how much they cost here and most coins stores will have this as i hear a lot of people saying there local coin store have a world coin bucket to select from. Investor coins are great, but i must tell you these coins are usually not for regular coin collectors who just want them for the looks, but to protect your wealth and savings. Such investor coins are the Canadian silver maple leaf coin, and in some cases, depending on the date it was issued it can be a collectible as well. The 1997 was one of the lowest mintage of maples there was with only around 100,000 made. There is another one the dutch liberation tulip privy silver maple this cost around 130.00 but usually these kinda silver coins and investor coins you can find at currency exchange offices. The one here has the silver maples and also the gold maples. Right now i am currently collecting nickel bullion coins and they are in the 1955 to 1981 canadian nickels, they can also be used as investments but also collection such as the 1964 canadian nickel. In that year look for the extra water line. If found in really good condition its worth something and its a good find. I hope you find this information useful

George asks…

What are the best tools and brokerages for a beginner investor?

I have very little starting capital and experience. I am trying to understand the difference between an ETF and a dividend (I think I have it) Should I just open an brokerage account and read MSN Money for example and jump in? Which is the best brokerage- E*Trade with ther $10 trades, or Tradeking or sharebuilde or who? What are some tips/tools you use when investing and what are some important things you have learned and would share with a beginner?

John answers:

There are two books at libraries or bookstores that will break this down for you.
Idiots Guide to Investing
Investing for Dummies
They will both have a chapter of different brokerages and their fees.
A book on investing is something everyone should really own for reference.

ETF is just a group of stocks.
Dividend is the money a single company pays out.
Please go get a book – please…

Mark asks…

tips for a beginner photographer?

i’ve developed a hobby for photography. atm i’m using a regular nikon bridge camera, it’s not the best camera but better than a normal compact one. where should i start? i know nothing about the basics haha, up to this point i’ve just been experimenting at different angles and thinking to myself whether the image looks good or not :S i want to eventually become a professional and hopefully invest in those pro dslrs! i know it’s up to the photographer’s abilities, not the camera, as to whether the photos come out nicely so please don’t give me that talk! haha. thanks for your time

John answers:

This is an excellent book that will walk you through learning the basics and then some. Written in down to Earth style that you can use right away:


Richard asks…

How do I start daytrading?

I am considering daytrading and investing in growth-stock mutual funds. I have been doing some research, but even the free tips are filled with investing slang that I don’t understand. My question is this:

*Do you have any tips?
*Can you reccommend any websites (preferrably free) or books for beginners?

Anything will help. Thanks.
I’m interested in local and international trade. I’m looking to start ASAP. I need a “crash-course” in growth-stock mutual funds, daytrading, and how to do it all myself online.

John answers:

Seriously having been there, the old saying is “timing is everything”.

Daytrading is a good way to lose your shirt.

The best thing is to “average in” to your mutual funds.

I have played the day game with a couple grand I put in a decade ago, sometimes I do well and other times not so well. The key is to put a set amount in the table and don’t add to it. If you lose it get out and stay out.

There are great mutual fund screening tools on yahoo finance and google finance. You can look at performance over time..

Books tend to be written by people who can’t make money in the market so they write about.

Get an account where you can “play” pink sheets, ameritrade, scott, I believe both do, transaction fees are low enough.

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