Your Questions About Investing Tips For Beginners

James asks…

Stock Exchange for Beginners High School Assignment?

I am doing an assingment for a class to help teach us about the stock exchange and how it works. We have $100 000 to invest in a maximum of 20 different stocks. The person who makes the most moeny will be the winner. The start date will be April 27th until the end of June. I am looking for any kind of pointers or tips while considering which stocks to buy. Maybe you could suggest some stocks that may go up in the next month and why. Every bit of help is appreciated even if its just a small tip.

John answers:

I don’t know about a winning portfolio, but I’ll give you an interesting one to try. I am positive your teacher will be interested in it, so check out the links and get to know as many of the details as you can.

First, there is an exchange traded fund (ETF) that sells just like a common stock, but you buy shares in a trust account that actually holds the shares, in this case the Standard & Poors 500 Growth Index fund (IVW). Currently it is selling for about $66-ish. Over the last couple of months it has been trending upward, so you MAY be getting it just as it bounces up for a bit more climb.

Next you add some from the S&P MidCap 400 Growth Index fund (IJK). This is trading at about $90 a share and like IVW is trending upward, but at a much steeper slope.

Then you add some from the S&P SmallCap 600 Growth Index (IJT). This one will set you back about $131 a share and has an upward slope more like IVW, but less erratic.

Finally, you add the 100 biggest publicly-traded corporations in the world, through an ETF whose symbol is IOO, the S&P Global 100 Index fund. This will be almost $76 a share and while marching upward isn’t as pretty as the others.

In all of this, one quarter of the money in each of the four, you will be covering your bases with some of the best of class for each of these groups. Again, it won’t be a stellar portfolio, but it will be such a solid list that you will be miles ahead of the game from most who are willy-nilly picking and trading stock by hunch and whim. Good luck.

Mary asks…

Stock Market Help- What is good to invest in now in the Stock Market?

I am looking to invest in the stock market but I am new to it. I was wondering what are some good stocks to but now especially with the economy. Also does anyone have any tips for a beginner?

John answers:

AIG was be a best stock to invest if you plan to invest for a long term, because AIG is too big to fail and beside AIG no longer need government bailout money. If you invest in AIG are now you returning profit is 10-30 times in 3-5 years.

Richard asks…

How to buy and sell stocks!? plz help?

hey everyone, im new to this but im interested in investing some money on some stalks. is there like a site were i can do it from? and advice tips for a beginner plz do tell thank you!

John answers:

Know the basics of investing. Read about stocks and the market. Review online financial sites. Open an account where you can buy and sell your own stock, they charge a small commission for each trade but it’s not much. Other than that it’s up to you to research and decide what you want to invest in.


Lisa asks…

please suggest me with tips for knowing about Indian Stock Market/Share trading?

i have absolutely no idea about stock market or share trading as i would like to invest in this field…before that i need to have some knowledge about how these are like…So suggest some books to download for beginners/dummies and links so that i can achieve all that of indian share/stock marketing..

John answers:

U can Get them frm

And Beginners Guide:

All the Best


Carol asks…

What dremel tool is best for artists?

I’m looking to invest in a dremel rotary tool. Specifically for polishing and carving stone jewelry. However, I have no idea in the slightest what model I should be looking for.

Also, I’m new to the craft of jewelry making/stone carving, and any tips for a beginner would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

John answers:

It doesn’t matter, though I would recommend not to get one with a battery but one with a power cord. In my experience the batteries just don’t provide as much power, particularly as the battery gets older. You may also want to look into flexshaft rotary tools, they are much more expensive, but give you more power and flexibility of manipulation and will be long term better (though not worth the extra cost if you don’t know whether you stick with it for a hobby).

I have only very limited experience in jewelry for stones, but I can tell you that none of the attachments which come with your dremel tool will be suitable for stone carving. I also don’t think there are many attachments which you can buy in a normal hardware store which will work for you. You’ll need diamond burs, but you probably need to go look though a place like rio grande to find a variety of those. They also need to be lubricated during carving.

Before you buy anything I would recommend to read up on the methods used. A good book is supposed to be: Lapidary Carving for Creative Jewelry by Henry Hunt.

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