Your Questions About Investing Tips For Beginners

Mark asks…

Investment tips for the market-illiterates and beginners?

I have never ever invested in mutual funds or stock markets. However, I recently played this game called predictopus in yahoo cricket (during cricket world cup) and finished at rank 34 after very quickly rising in rank (I started during the mid-group stages). Does that count at all? Can you guys suggest some beginner’s guide to investing online, buying selling shares. I feel that the fact that I do not know much about the companies/firms as well as I know the cricket teams is one important thing to note. I recently found this site and going through it. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to invest some Rs. 10,000 in low risk and another 10,000 in medium to high risk (short term). Any help/tips/links would be appreciated.

John answers:

Best way for investment is SIP in mutual funds.
As per trading (share market ) concern it will take month’s to learn and getting good returns best way is to start with small amount like 1000rs per month and choose any good company shares and start investment .

Joseph asks…

Im coming home from Iraq soon and need to invest my money, any tips for a beginner?

I am 24 and have been in the military for a few years, Im single so I take advantage of on post housing, and save everything I can. Iraq has been (again) an experience in money saving. Last tour i tucked away everything into savings and didnt see any returns on it. Not that I was expecting any at a small bank savings account. This year Id like to take the money ive been saving and put it to use, I just dont know how. Ive set up an emergency account in a high yield online bank and filled it with 3 months pay and thats about as far as I got. Any advice would be excellent.

John answers:

Do not invest in anything until you understand how it works, potential returns, risk, etc. Investing without that knowledge would be like you being sent to Iraq with no training. I’d say get some beginner investment books and read up on most of the major investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc. Then decide what is the right choice for you and your needs.

Lizzie asks…

What’s a good way to learn about the Stock Market?

I’ve always had an interest, but I think that especially now with the Stock Market not doing so great it is probably a good time to invest.

Does anyone have a website that has good tips for beginners? I don’t plan to invest a lot (probably no more than $3000), but I just basically want to do it for fun and hopefully a little extra cash.

John answers:

Looking at the basic question, any library, is probably a good place to start.

There very few good tips and tipsters out there. Do your own research, risk your own money. You can beat most brokers, and are probably smarter. Nothing beats experience.

Thomas asks…

Any stock tips and knowledge for a beginner?

I’m trying to make the question really broad. I invested in FNM a little while back and I’ve lost almost half of what I’ve invested. I’m waiting it out now, trying to break even.

Anyways, I’m a noob at investing and yeah I look at the news and things like that to get an idea if the stock is going to go up or not, but I’m really interested in trading now and I was wondering if any of you guys had any tips for beginners..? Like what should I look for? Rookie mistakes that I should avoid etc..

Just a general question, I’d appreciate your experiences and feedback and what you’ve learned overtime. Oh and what’s P/E – Price over earnings ratio? Also could you explain the different trading options aside from just stop etc.

Thanks a lot!!

John answers:

My best tip would be to not take investment advice from boards, especially when you know nothing about the poster.

Even thought FNM is technically worthless, there has been recent momentum that has and may continue to force short covering in this and other stocks (see short covering article below). No guarantees of course.

Investing education links and info:;_ylt=Ahrmy3ymMY_HcNJqq7uj6mzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080409111324AANFxjZ&show=7#profile-info-gViCvjQeaa

Fannie & Freddie: Cute Names; Still a Risky Investment

Short Covering Can Feel Like an E-Ticket Attraction

George asks…

Fishing tips for beginner mom.?

This summer I am looking for fun things to do with my children. My husband works all day & hates fish and everything fishing. I remember as a kid I went fishing with my uncle and had some really fun times. That was “years” ago and I bearly remember anything. I do remember we used live bait I think it was called killies(sp?). I plan on buying us all some cheap fishing gear to start just to see how it goes before investing in the good equipment. We will go to New Jersey’s shoreline pier. Now for that area I am clueless as to what I’ll be fishing for as well as how even to tell the fish apart should I actuallu catch any. I am I’m pretty much looking for a lot of tips tricks & advice that would help us out.

John answers:

Go ask at your local tackle shop. They can tell you what to fish for, where, and what to use.

You are the best Mom ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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