Your Questions About Investing Tips For Beginners

George asks…

What is a good way to start earning passive income as a beginner?

I’ve been learning as much as possible about investing, I’ve been very interested in mobile home investing for some time now, as it seems like a great, low-cost way to get into the market and start earning a small passive income. The thing is, I currently work retail for minimum wage, and at the rate I am able to save, it will be another 5 years before I can afford to purchase a $10,000 mobile home, I’d like to start something sooner so that I can start my investments before It’s too late (im only 25 but at this rate im going to be 80 before I have any retirement going). Does anybody have an advice for someone with limited funds, and a lot of ambition to invest? Please only serious advice, I don’t want links to get rich websites or tips on how great internet marketing is, I’ve already been down that road.

John answers:

I am now thirty, I used to think the way you are thinking 10 years ago. I am still there where I was even after ten years.

The whole reason for me being where i was 10 years ago is, I was always in a rush and Hurry, I trusted everyone, I lost money to everyone who gave me advice suggestion etc.

There is no way to get richer faster, “slow and steady” works for everybody.
Getting rich faster is only for very few very very talented people, Like Michael Dell, or Bill Gates, otherwise most others crash if they try to rush, and the slow and steady guys get ahead.

William asks…

As a beginner how is my drive? and what 1 tip would give a total Novice?

Hi guys. I’ve just started playing golf and I was looking for some progress markers. I’ve not invested in lessons yet as I just want to see if like the game before investing too heavily. Played a few rounds and been on the range twice.

I was on the Range yesterday with a shabby old golf set a work mate sold me and by the end I was getting a fair number of driver shots to bounce past the 200 yard marker in a straight line. I know that there’s more to golf than driving but I just wondered if this was ok for a total novice or if it was something to build on etc. I also understand that consistency of direction is probably more important.

I have no ambitions to ever play scratch golf I just want to be able to hold my own on golf days or with friends. I have good hand eye co-ordination and play lots of bat and ball sports so I’ve taken to hitting the ball towards the hole ok and for some reason putting feels very natural to me.

Also: what one tip would you give to a total novice and has anyone out there gotten half decent at golf without having real lessons. Is it even possible in this internet/ you tube era?

Many thanks and please go easy on me if I’m talking garbage.
Thanks for some of the advice. I knew I was going to get an answer like the aggressive one there. I didn’t say that I wanted to be smug and not have lessons. I was asking opinion on them. Also I didn’t say I was focusing on my drive. I pitch and putt just as much so far bits just easier to tell If they are good because ‘near the hole’ is good. I was asking specifically about driver shot length to see how I was doing. And BTW I think that guy is wrong. To me a golf swing feels as natural a cricket swing or a tennis swing.

John answers:

Dear Novice, you seem to be a natural golf player if this is all you know about the game. Your 200 yards drive is better than some and accuracy most important. Suggest you either get some video on golfing or join a golf class and have fun with others in the same boat as you. It is less expensive and will definitely help your skill ability. Several basic positions are necessary for good golfing. The arm and hand position
which moves the club into the ball, the slow back swing that coils the body for power, and the carry through with the shoulders, hips, and arms over left shoulder. Above all is practicing, practicing, etc.

Sandra asks…

How to begin with collecting and painting LotR figures?

I’ve always had an interest in this kind of hobby but never had the time nor money to start it. I don’t think I actually want to play the game, yet and I don’t want to invest too much money until I’m sure I’ll keep with it for a while.

I went Games Workshop website and the suggest a Mines of Moria set for beginners, but it’s £50! I don’t want to spend that much on a single boxset until I get a little more into (Don’t worry, I know this is an expensive hobby in general, but atm I’m just testing the waters).

What I want to know is what kind of figures are easiest;
what’s the best material to start with (metal or plastic?);
individual figures or groups?;
whats the best paint and brushes to use?;
is there any website or books that that give tutorials and/or tips to painting figures
and lastly, wheres the best place to buy the figures and materials in your opinion?

John answers:

The Mines of Moria set is a good place to start as you get the full Fellowship of the Ring characters lots of goblins,a Troll and scenery. You also get a starter book with instructions on how to paint the models which is good for somebody starting off. As the models are plastic they are easier to paint than the metal equivalents.
Youre also going to get a rule book and several starter scenarios to learn how to play the game.Rule books by themselves are at least £30 and though the one in the set is smaller(leaves out all the articles on the game as a whole and the army lists) its what most players use for day to day gaming.

Daniel asks…

Scrapbooking basics for beginner…?

I really want to start scrapbooking but I just don’t know where to start. Some of the stuff I was looking at is really expensive and I want to make sure this is a hobby I’ll stick with before I invest too much into it. So…what are the basic supplies I need? Any other tips on getting started are much appreciated! Thanks!

John answers:

How about trying digital scrapbooking? It’s a lot less expensive. Plus, you don’t have to worry that you’ve just destroyed a 75 cent piece of paper if you make a mistake. Digital scrapbooking supplies can be used over and over again.

You can give it a try for free at CropMom ( Just register, log in and upload your photos from the My Photos page. Then click Get Started to begin make a digital scrapbook layout using your photos and CropMom’s designer digital scrapbook graphics.

You can download the low-resolution version of your layout for sharing on the Web or by email. But if you really like it, you can purchase the high-resolution JPEG file of your layout for a small fee. The high-resolution version is suitable for printing at home or you can have it printed by a photofinisher. I like to upload my high-resolution JPEG files to an online photofinisher and have them printed and professionally bound into a photo book. The great thing is that once you have the high-resolution JPEG, you can reproduce it over and over, unlike a paper scrapbook page.

Michael asks…

Hello I have a stock market question? i am an absolute beginner.?

i want to invest a bit of money in the Hong Kong stock market. i am able to do this via e-banking as there is a feature called a ‘monthly stock investment plan. you are able to invest a minimum of $1000 HKD which is peanuts. i am very interested in doing this but i have a few questions.

what sort of stocks should i be looking to buy on the HKSE as a value investor? stocks i hang on to for a long time and see them grow?

is it a good idea to diversfy? should i do this as a beginner?

am i supposed to purchase a stock when the price is low and watch it rise? is this how money is made?

here is the link for more info. please have a look. ANY advice, suggestions and tips is very welcome…

any other tips and suggestions are very welcome


John answers:
or ADR
Bidu, CHL, LFC,
your bets?

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