Your Questions About Investing Tips

Joseph asks…

Tips on buying/investing in a rally car?

I was going to put my money into a 350z but after my speedng ticket I decided a fast street car so I’m going to speed legally. I have about 10k for a car, safety equipment, some sort of car transport (I have a truck so prob a small trailer) and licenses or anything (I’m in New York). What tips, suggestions etc.

John answers:

You might find some useful info here:

Donald asks…

Stock Market Investing Tips?

I am ready to invest in the stock market, I don’t know much about investing, but I like to jump in that way.

I’m not a HUGE gambler, but I want to know should you invest in one company to start or invest in several companies?

John answers:

First thing to realize is that it is rare for a person to beat the market consistently – as in gain better returns than the market (especially after taxes).

You need to understand your risk level (depends on age mostly, younger can take more risks because they have more time to recoup any losses).

The safest way to invest in stocks is not to buy a SINGLE company but to buy a shares in a PORTFOLIO of companies. An Index Fund will generally offer solid returns, way better than a Bank for sure.

I personally recommend putting most of your money in a fund and then having a little fun picking some stocks for yourself – however that means a lot of research but at least you learn more while being safe.

Thomas asks…

cramers 5 tips for investing like a pro, not an amateur, i missed one of them, anyone know all 5?

i got the cash position idea, worrying about the bottom of a stock, worrying about makeing too much money, and dont invest in stuff you dont understand, what was the fifth?

John answers:

Cramer’s last advice “don’t listen to me..i’m just a clown with 2000 stocks in my head and thts y im doing this tv show instead of dabbling in stocks myself..cuz heyy evne i dont trust myself..booyah”

Betty asks…

Does anybody have any tips, information, or links for investing?

I want to get started and I need to research plenty. Any links with information about companies will appreciated and helpful. Thanks!

John answers:

You might want to look at Investopedia.Com and check out the tutorials.

I also think Warren Buffett’s letters to his shareholders are very interesting and well-written, though a bit more sophisticated:

A lot of people seem to like

All of the above is oriented towards a U.S. Individual investor.

Lizzie asks…

There any tips to considered before investing?

Tips on how to invest wisely…

John answers:

Make sure you completely understand whatever it is you are investing in, don’t just give your money to someone to handle for you. I was ripped off by a big well-known brokerage house.
Don’t invest any money that you are going to need in the next ten years. Investing is for long-term.

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