Your Questions About Investing Tips

Jenny asks…

I am interested in HYIP investing, plz give me some guidelines / tips to get the good HYIP?

Any tips to choose the Good HYIP?

John answers:

These “High Yield Investment Programs” (HYIP) appear to all be scams. I have never heard of a legitimate one. The US Treasury department considers the phrase “high yield investment program” a red flag that you are probably dealing with a scam. No one can honestly offer interest rates that high. See these links.


Ken asks…

Wondering if anybody had any tips about investing.?

I don’t really know that much about investing or even knowing what the characteristics of a good investment are. I just want to invest in something that is safe and will see profit in the future. Mutual funds has been suggested but im not to sure what they are or how good they are. If anyone could help…

John answers:

Assuming you are relatively young and you don’t have an interest in actively analyzing securities or spending a lot of time managing your portfolio, mutual funds are almost certainly the way to go.

Find a local INDEPENDENT financial planner or advisor recommended to you by someone you trust. Have him build a mutual fund portfolio based on an analysis of your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Mutual funds offer ease of entry, diversification, and professional management to the average investor.

Make sure to invest systematically. Have your advisor explain dollar cost averaging and the importance of asset allocation and periodic rebalancing. These are fundamental principles that should be employed in any long-term investment plan.

Charles asks…

I’m thinking of investing in penny stocks. Any tips on what to invest in?

or on what companies hold better through times of recession? im new to this so any tips on penny stock investing would be great.

John answers:

Penny stocks are, at times, fun to trade BUT you should never count on them to be considered part of your primary investment objectives.

When you invest/trade in penny stock you should never put up more than you can afford to loose and you should assume you will loose it all. Unlike regular securities, penny stocks usually do not let you use risk cutting procedures (options and/or stop orders) since most are not traded in a regulated market place.

They say when you buy securities you have a 50%-50% chance of making money, when you buy penny stocks you have a 50-50-90% chance, 50-50 chance of making money and a 90% chance of loosing money.

When buying penny stocks, like any other security investment, you never invest 100% of you investing capital.

All that said, here are some websites that you will find helpful

Sandy asks…

I’m Interested In Investing In Stock But I Dont Know Anything About Can Anyone Give Me Any Good Tips?

I Have Been To Two Websites and but i do not know which website would be better to join. i would like some tips or websites that i could look at and learn more about investing.

John answers:

Start slow. Ready “how to make money in stocks in good times and bad” by the founder of investors business daily William O’Niell (can pick up 2nd hand cheap)

Watch Cramer (Mad Money) on CNBC to get a sense of the market and what’s fundamentally sound (I said watch it, not invest in those stocks), but they give you a starting point.

Read your busines section to get a feel for what’s going on in business.

Get some education, maybe or something like that who can teach you to invest properly so you don’t have to rely on mutual funds and the sort which is for average folks who don’t want to take their future into their own hands. Once you do this, you’ll be able to analyze charts in seconds.

But it’s up to you. Decide how involved you want to be in your future and that’ll help dictate your path!

If you have any q’s, just let me know.

William asks…

Where can I find tips for investing on stocks?

John answers:

Try stockpikr or seeking alpha. Stockpikr will give you a ton of sample portfolios that can be very useful and will have some tips. I wouldn’t trust to much of what is on there in the form of tips as often people will float info in the hopes of driving up the price and hurting those that use the tips. Seeking alpha is nice as they have some intelligent people on there submitting some useful ideas. More or less ideas are what you need and not tips. Remember high quality dividend payers will beat the market over the long term. Do the research and make sure the FUNDIE’s are there.

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