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Sharon asks…

How to start investing as a teenager?

I’m 16 and I really want to gain experience as an investor while I’m young so I can make some money and if I would want to do it as a career. Do you have any tips on how to get started? I am looking to do it online without a minimum, and I could do it with my parent’s permission. thanks.

John answers:

In your position, you really can’t open any account without a minimum deposit, plus your parent’s permission because the account would be in their name, most likely. I would begin by reading as much as you can on what kind of things really interest you. For example, if you want to be a stock trader, really concentrate on the stock market and read/follow as many charts as possible. Pick a sector (for example, utilities) and then focus on a few of the companies in that sector (ConEd, National Grid, etc) Really get to know the companies by tracking their performance versus the market (alpha) and the overall riskiness of the company relative to the market (beta). In time, you can expand your knowledge to other areas.

Why do all of this? If you really know one sector and how the market moves, you’ll be able to make money by market timing. Add on other sectors to get comfortable with the companies you’re investing in.

Maybe being an option trader could be in your best interest. You can control the amount of securities in the basket and controlling your downside risk. Seriously read about doing anything before investing. The worst mistake is not trying, and then after that, losing your money because you didn’t read about what to do first.

Good luck!

John asks…

I need Penny Stock advice and Tips, How to buy and trade. Do you need a broker?

I am seeking good sound Penny Stock advice, web sites, chat rooms. tips, Can we buy stock with out a broker ?
Hot Penny Stock tips………….I have studied :Rudy: energy drink……..but being new to this kind of investing I am seeking all and any help I can get. You can contact me directly at
Thank You & God Bless !

John answers:

The number one and two typical mistake of new investors;

1. Buy any penny stock.
2. Put a large amount of their assets into one or two stock positions.

Read several books on investing. Take a year & learn.
Don’t get into the “gambling” mentality.

Lizzie asks…

hey can ne body tell me tips 2 invest on sumthing frm which i can make money easily?

actually i ve only 6000 rs 2 invest n m a teen ager n i want 2 invest on sumthing in which i dnt have 2 work hard n increase the amout

John answers:

No investment is guaranteed to make money other than a bank count earning interest – all other types of investments involve risk of loss

Donald asks…

What is the different btw a CD and a MMM? I hope to start investing, and i would like a good explanation.?

Are these safe and what is the average profit/returns on 3mth cd on 1000 dollars. I would appreciate any other kind of information or tips. Thanks

John answers:

A Certificate of Deposit or CD locks in your money for a certain amount of time. If you request to take out a CD before the maturity date in your case before 3months, there will be a financial penalty(you would have to read what the penalty would be in the terms). A Money Market Account or MMA is more liquid and you can take money out or put in at anytime but the trasactions are usually restricted to 6 transactions per month much like a regular savings but you will have to read the terms for that account to make sure also. The rate is anywhere between 5.00-5.30% for a 3mo CD and a MMA around the same for online banks, so sometimes its better to go with the more liquid account(MMA) if there is not much of a difference in interest. Remember to read all the terms and conditions when you’re investing and choose whats best for you. Visit my yahoo 360 blog if you have any other questions.

Joseph asks…

Where online can I find solid information about stock investing?

I’m looking for general rules and tips for getting started…

John answers:

If you want solid information, start by reading, here’s some reading books that would help you
What Works on Wall Street by James O’Shaunessey
Beating the Street by Peter Lynch
One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch
The Warren Buffett Way by Robert Hagstrom
How to Make Money in Stocks” by William O’Neil

Here’s some websites for you

Before you invest in any security, the first investment you should make is in yourself, and the best investment you can make is by educating yourself.

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