Your Questions About Investing Tips

Mary asks…

Anyone know/own a Magic Corn stand selling sweetcorn with differnt flavours is it profitable & worth investing?

I am intresting opening a Magic Corn stand which cost £5000 and need a place to rent. Does anyone know whether it makes good profit as I want to do as a side business. Any success or fail stories please let me know. Any other suggestion and tips thanks.

John answers:

If it works like flavored popcorn it should go pretty good. I hope it works out for you.

Sandra asks…

I am interested in investing in stock but dontknow exactly what I should research Am I better off w/ a broker?

I am very new to all of this but I am very interested. I have looked at many options like e*trade and but since I am new, am I better off to get a stock broker like Raymond James or someone like that? I also see it is best to do research on companies, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. Can someone please give me some tips or advice. Thank you!

John answers:

You are best advised to go to a broker to start off. That will give you the knowledge to learn to invest. You will have a lot of people here tell you to do it online, but trust me you need experience to do so. Learn the market with the broker, when you think you have a decent hold on the knowledge then make your move to the internet. Take it slow and you will make lots of money. Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

Investing in the stock market… whats the best software?

I am thinking about investing in the stock market but i don’t know what’s the best software for that.
Also i also want to invest in small company’s and not the big fishes.
Doing some small investments here and there . . any tips?

John answers:

Avoid companies trading for less than $5 a share (until you’ve been very successful for 3-5 years).
Trading small companies is riskier than larger companies. It’s much harder for the novice investor.

The type of software to use is 100% dependent on the type of investor/trader you are. Read 4-6 books on investing and trading so you’ll have a better insight on the type of trader you’ll be.

Learn the basics before opening a brokerage account. Just “giving it a try” can be very costly.

Understand the importance of risk management. Get out of losers quickly.

Don’t fool yourself with ignorant statements like;
It’s got to go up from here… It can’t get any lower.
I like the product so it has to be a good stock.
I heard someone on TV say it was a great stock.
Everyone loves this stock.
I’ll by more if the stock price goes down.

Helen asks…

Gals, what basic style tips would you give a guy?

I don’t want to invest a lot of money or effort. What are some tips you can give me?

John answers:

Just be yourself…I hate guys that try to act like something they are not! I know that this is oversaid…but it’s true!!!

Donna asks…

How do I make a lot of money through investment?

How do I go about making money, for example does anyone have any tips investing in shares and such like. I am broke but ambitious!

John answers:

These articles might to pick profitable stocks:

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And this can help you make easy money online;
But don’t expect much. I just got about $20/mo, but hey, still money!

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