Your Questions About Investing Tips

Helen asks…

I’m 25 years old and my New Years resolutions is to start investing to earn more? Any tips to get started?

I want to learn about the stock market, but of course I only have minimal to invest right now..what are some beginners tips to start my investing in a smart and rewarding way?

John answers:

If you only have a limited amount of money to invest and you do not know much. Your best bet is mutual funds. You have to do some research, but not as much as the stock market. Remember buying a single stock is like playing the lottery!!!

Ruth asks…

Can anyone give tips on investing in houses?

Any tips – especially such as letting/renting/selling. Is it good to let houses? And how can you make money out of houses.

John answers:

Before jumping into the waters with both feet, I suggest you “test the waters” by putting a hand or a foot in that water. You should determine how you’re going to approach the whole project:.

Tax sales? Foreclosures? An overview: Due to the fact no one has the opportunity to physically inspect the interior of the property prior to the sale to determine exactly what the property needs, no one knows what he/she/they are getting into – how much its going to cost to bring a property up-to-code.

Pre-foreclosures? An overview: The residents of the house may have every attitude toward “bottom feeders” [because believe it or not, that’s what they call us – the professional real estate investors] from “Come on in, we can talk.” to down right defensive, rebellious and animalistic – answering the door with a baseball bat or even worse..

Word-of-mouth? Unless you already have a reputation for being a very fair and honest person – paying folks an almost-market price [OR exactly what they are asking] for their property, this will probably come into play until sometime in the future.

MY SUGGESTION: Join a local investment group or club to see how their members got started – AND BE ACTIVE!. From my experience and because of the group I belonged to and was active with – D.I.G. – the Diversified Real Estate Investors Group – I learned a lot and I shared a lot. All of us had a common interest and it was one of the best aspects of the organization! It was interesting! It was fun!

There are over 1,000 members in that group and meet once a month in a Masonic Temple. The group has a monthly newsletter.

At the general meeting, there are guest speakers and there are smaller groups for investors with different interests: new member services; financing and acquisition; foreclosures; shore properties; real estate law; experiences with local housing authorities and Section 8 tenants, etc. The group goes on cruises and has other exciting functions.

In addition, we had sub-groups which met twice monthly – once for breakfast and another time for dinner and cocktails. It’s a terrific group of folks.

I discovered many of the newer and newest members acted on their own behalf and in their own name. After they acquired a few properties, they looked into forming their LLCs and Subchapter S corporations.

The whole organization and my experiences with those fabulous folks were wonderful!

I use the past tense, because we accumulated the properties we wanted and I moved on to other investment opportunities.

Thank you for asking your question. I enjoyed taking the time to answer your question. You did a great job – not only for your information, but for every other person interested in reading my answer.

More to come. BUT NOT right now.

I wish you well!

Ron Berue
[Yes, that‘s my last name]

P.S. You are the youngest person who ever asked me about investing in real estate. Why the curiosity at your age?

Laura asks…

What is your tips on investing on stock market and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

I want to invest in stock market with a certain amount so my money will replicate. I want someone knowledgable or some with expertise on stock market to help me with this.

John answers:

The first thing you need to do is read. Ben Graham’s the intelligent investor is a good place to start and then look at books on Warren Buffets methods. Dont do momentum investing or day trading its to risky and the commisions will kill your returns. The best way to go is value investing all the way. I usually look intially for companies with 15 percent return on equity for at least 5 years and a p/e ration of between 5 and 15. Also look for a history of positive earnings. Thats real basic and then you will need to learn to read income statements, balance sheets, and understand cash flow and stuff but thats someplace to start.
If you dont have an ira you should get one a roth ira is best if you qualify. I recommend putting your ira in mutual funds and vanguard is by far the best company. Their expense ratios are way lower than other companies and this will pay off big in the long run. Well, I hope that helps. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

Where can I get the tips for investing in stock market?

I wanna know about the stock market trading. Please tell me where can i get the information regarding that.

John answers:

These are some of the great stock market investing tips:

Steven asks…

What are some tips for investing in stock and making money?

I know that if there were one magic answer we would all be rich…

John answers:

Get a diversified portfolio of stocks and fixed income. If you are risk averse, increase the percentage of fixed income. If you are not averse to risk, up the percentage of stock or stock funds. Basically, a diverse portfolio will allow you to sleep better!

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