Your Questions About Investing Tips

Paul asks…

I’ve never invested before, can you give me some tips to get started?

The amount that I am willing to invest my first time around is 20 dollars.
I have no experience in investing and would like to learn more about doing it. Thanks

John answers:

Are you serious? What kind of return do you hope to get on your $20? What kind of risks are you willing to take? What time frame are your working with? You might be able to afford one silver quarter, which technically could be called an investment. If you really want to invest, you might save up a bigger nest egg.


John asks…

Can anyone provide legitimate and reputable suggestions for investing as little as $25 per month?

I am considering a stock mutual fund of sorts. Any legitimate tips are much appreciated.

John answers:

Look into DRIPs ( Dividend Reinvestment Programs)…You can purchase as little as one share then ad to it monthly while the dividends are reinvested in stock.


George asks…

I want to start investing in stocks buying and selling?

Never done it, but would like to learn the system, anyone have any free sites on simulating buying and selling stocks with play money, and also stock tips, before I use my real cash, thanks

John answers:

My husband recently became interested in learning more about stocks and trading and happened to stumbled upon, They have really great posts on their site for tips and tricks on stocks and trading. You find this extremely helpful and resourceful. He actually ordered the first course on fundamentals on stocks so you may want to check them out as well.


I hope this helps you out!

Mary asks…

I’m new to investing and have a question about purchasing stock?

How exactly do you earn money on the purchased stock? Do you have any buying and selling tips?

John answers:

First thing you do is LEARN. Read, ask, watch. Soon you use a simulator, and site where you do everything you would do while investing (Research, buy, sell, etc) with real companies and stock, but with play money. That can teach you how little you know. Eventually you actually buy in, and the real schooling begins. IF you are a good student and a prudent one, in a few years you may be a good investor.

It’s not for everyone, and it is a complicated game that is always changing because the economy is always changing. It also is a game of nerves and emotion, and that prevents many people from ever being able to successfully manage their own investments. and a multitude of other sites are online to teach you investing and provide simulators, FREE.

Helen asks…

Any ideas and tips for starting a business?

I am thinking about starting a business and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas that involves good money like investing or anything good that doesn’t require a degree.

John answers:

There is a business model that is supported by Robert Kiyosaki in his book “The Business of the 21st Century.”

It is further explained in the following website

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