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Chris asks…

question on investing in gold bulion?

I have recently become intestered in investing in gold and after looking into various websites the whole process seems rather intimidating. I have found various websites offering to sell gold coins or bars and a few of them say they will buy back the gold they sell you but im not quite sure how the process would work and where else you would sell the gold you bought.

any answers or tips on where to find reliable information will be greatly appreciated.thank you.

John answers:

The question pertains to gold bullion, not paper.

I’ve been trading gold and silver through for years without any problem. They will sell you metal at the current futures price (quoted on their website real time) plus a small markup. They will buy your metal at the current futures price, minus a small markdown. There is always a spread between the bid/ask, and with Apmex, you know exactly what it is and can determine easily if it is fair compared to others.

If you want to buy or sell, you can do so anywhere online, or at your local coin vendor or jewelry store:

Metals Info Network

Ruth asks…

What are some good tips for teaching yourself how to play the keyboard?

I want to learn how to play the keyboard by myself.. Are there any good sites to look at and does anyone have any tips for begginers? Also, what are some good quality but reasonably prices keyboards to invest in? I have an old one from like 1997 to begin practicing on however.

John answers:


Sandra asks…

Any good tips for home based business without costing a lot to start?

Does anyone have any good tips for a good money making home based business that can be started up with little or no cash investment? If you have something fresh I would appreciate hearing about it. I’ve heard all the old tired ones that have been around forever. Most want you to invest $ to get started so that’s their home based business, getting other people to join. If there is a true can’t miss system out there it seems like they would want to share it and have you pay as you reap the profits, in other words, no risk because if it doesn’t do what they boast, you aren’t out anything except time. PS…. no artsy stuff as I’m a single guy so not into gurly stuff.

John answers:

Here’s something that you may want to take a look at. It is free to join and will never cost you anything. No risk to you. Http://

Also, for some free education, you may want to take a look at

Susan asks…

Any tips on making money off of arcade games in public places?

I am 14 years old and I have $1000 to invest, and I was thinking about buying some sort of arcade game to put in a public place. Do you have any tips on this form of business? How much of the profit should I be able to keep and how much should I give to the store that I put it at (what percentage)? What type of arcade game should I invest in; I was thinking about getting a pinball machine.

John answers:

To be quite honest I don’t think this is the way to go to invest your money.Due to the enormous market for video game and systems such as playstation,XBOX,and Wii,the age of arcade games has grown almost extinct.Kids don’t want to go somewhere and play games that are behind in technology,they stay home and play online with friends.I admire your idea,and the fact that you are 14 and looking towards the future.You will do well when you get older.My advice is to hang on to your money and continue to save.Then when you get older you will be able to invest and or buy stocks.If you decide to sell,try selling a few things on ebay and then progress to maybe your own online store.Good Luck

Sandy asks…

What are the best tips for photographers to shoot stock photos?

I really want to know the best tips i should consider before i start shooting stock photos and submit to various sites. Its basically because, I want to advance from amateur to professional stock photography business and make money online. I want to get my photos approved by the sites without much of a problem, because I am planning to invest a lot on photography shoots and equipments.

John answers:

My experience with Indian stock photos at has taught me that stock photgraphy has no limitations as such, except for the technical quality and composition of photographs.
But I will still give you some of the most important tips for you to consider before you get into stock photo business.

1. You can start shooting photos mostly against white background, as they are going to be used by a pan audience for different purposes, white backdrop offers a better option to cut the subject out and put against a desired background.

2. For mid long shots of characters or portraits, try to keep the subjects within the frame. Often photographers get tempted to compose it tighter to make the frame look better. But that would generally be a mistake for stock photography. For the buyer will then have not much choice to crop it the way he/she wants. For example if you have photo with your subject in the frame cropped from left hand side, then generally the best composition with that photograph will be, when its left aligned. This might be a disadvantage for you. Leave both edges clean for alignment options to remain open.

3. If you are starting out, try and shoot subjects that can be resold time and again. Photos that can ne applied well for a range of advertising needs. Not necessary though, but subjects like smiling faces, fitness, business shots, children expressions are a few of the topics which can be easily used for different advertising concepts. You don’t have to follow this as a strict rule, but it can help you sell your photos right from the start. Later on, you may diversify.

4. If you are shooting with characters, try and arrange for props beforehand, that you can easily shoot with the same character using the same shooting setup and lighting. This will save you enormous amount of time and you can churn out various concepts in one photography session itself.

5. Always shoot different compositions of the same frame on the go. For example, Mid-long, long, mid-closeup, and extreme close ups. This will save you a lot of time and money. You will eventually generate stock for various categories in less amount of time. The idea is make your sessions as worthwhile as possible.

6. While shooting with people and faces, always try to shoot various expressions from the same person within the same frame. Suppose you are shooting a model with a smile, you can make him/her frown, scratch, show anger, love, get ecstatic, pull out hair, scream, shout. Your imagination is the only limit.

7. Never let show any brandname or an existing brand identity show up in a photograph ever. It will simply get rejected. It can even happen by mistake. E.g., you are shooting fitness stock photos and you want to shoot a model with a sports drink, even the little exposure of the label or the brand in the photo may make it a complete NG. You may instead take out the label and shoot it. So avoid revealing exisiting brand names, logos.

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