Your Questions About Investing Tips

Richard asks…

Whats the best way to make bank? Business or investing?

Im trying to make some money, i know, a job, already doing that. Im looking for another way too. Do i start a business? if so what are successful tips and guidelines? or do i invest in something, what do i invest in? what makes money?

John answers:

There is no sure thing, or we would all be doing it. If you had asked this question 5 years ago, the common reply would be to buy a house, fix it up and flip it for profit. Ask anyone in Phoenix or Las Vegas how THAT turned out. For every new small business that makes it, 2 or 3 went bust trying to do the same thing. Right now the economy is in a recession, so your potential customer base is smaller and more careful about how they spend their money. Your business product would need to look like a great value for the money, whether it is selling gizmos or a service, that needs to stand out and look like a much better deal than what is out there. It might be a good idea to hang on to your money for now, and when you see a small business doing what you think you want to do, then study it, learn about it, see how you can improve on it.

George asks…

How can I start investing?

I am 15 years old, I have 100 dollars and I really do not like the sound of a job… I have heard that you can make more money in investing than saving up throughout your career salaries. I would really like to get some of that action at an early age so by the time I am 30 I may as well be doing better than the 60 year old s are in this economy. Any tips, websites, advice, anything will help tremendously… thanks

John answers:

Ignore the guy above he’s a retard. It’s a good thing when people are very ambitious, anyway i would suggest you open an account at as they there is no minimum x of cash you need to invest

Robert asks…

Anyone Have A Dow Jones Month By Month Analysis And Tips?

Is the dow jones month by month something that you can get tips on? I I’m looking to start investing in stocks, any ideas?

John answers:

If you are talking about the stock market, and you need tips and advice then there is alot of information on the dow jones that is on the internet. I think knowing which direction you want to go is important because of the unpredictability of stocks.

Here is a resource you can check out on the subject:

Thomas asks…

I would like to begin investing and making money in share markets.?

I would like to begin investing and making money in share markets.I like a guide or an adviser who has experieces in and give me tips.I want a person In Bangalore only.
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John answers:

Check this link, it would help you a great deal.


Betty asks…

What are some good investment stratagies?

Hi to all those investors. I’m a 12 year old girl who is really interested in the buissiness world. I want to learn as much as I can about stocks shares and investing by the time I am ready and allowed to invest my own money. I am aware I cant know everything but why not try learn as much as possible.What are the best investing tips and stratagies that I should know? By the way I ready know about sellin short. Thanks!

John answers:

Go to library. Read latest version of Barron’s, Wall Street journal, Investor’s Business daily. Go to magazine rack. Read any that appear interesting. Find one you like. Read the last 10 issues of that magazine. Formulate a written strategy. Go to Yahoo finance. Create 3 different portfolios that follow 3 different strategies. Go back to library monthly and read your now favorite magazine. Plot your performance verses the market for each of your portfolios. When you discover a strategy that works, figure out why it works.

This can become a group activity. Find several other students who want to learn the same topic. Put forth a challenge on who can out do who. Track each others performance verses your own. Monthly meetings where you discuss your strategies. Daily gigs that their tech stocks are getting creamed by your health care stocks. This could expand to many students in the school. These groups are called investment clubs. Before you have money, which you don’t really need to compete in this environment, this will teach you both the basics and advanced skills necessary for investing…once you have the money to do so…you will be ready.

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