Your Questions About Investing Tips

Lisa asks…

Who will give me best nifty options trading tips?

I wish to earn Rs. 2 lacs within 4 to 5 months by investing of Rs.10 to 15000/- in nifty options.Is their anybody whos tips are 95 to 99% correct.So that I will make Rs.2 lacs in 4 months.

John answers:

If someone has such accurate tips, why will s/he be in such a poor situation to make money by selling tips. Instead they will start with rs. 10,000, make 2 lacs in 4 months. Next they use 2 lacs to make 4 crores in another 4 months. Oh.. Now use 4 crores to make 80 crores by year end… And may be in couple of years.. Buy every stock that’s available in the Market and be the richest person on earth…

If someone does come to you claiming that they have the accurate tips and you should pay them fee, ask them why are they working for fee instead of not making money for themselves.

James asks…

How much can Investopedia help you as far as stock investing goes?

does it mimic real life stock investing and will it help you become experienced in this area, btw im in 11th grade, so i cant legally invest any money in stocks, but I do want to nest year , and also tips would be wonderful.

John answers:

Investopedia is simply a site to explain and guide you on different investments.

It is a good site to study before you invest. Good luck.

Steven asks…

What are the steps to investing in tax liens and deeds?

My kids and I would like to start investing in tax liens and deeds and want to know how to do it. And what are the tax consequences for doing it? I’d like to buy 2-3 homes per year to sell for profit and also to be able to make money on the side by investing in tax liens. Eventually, I’d like to do this for a living, to the point of quitting my day job. Has anyone done this and how successful are you? How long have you been doing it and do you have any tips for us before we begin?

John answers:

Investing in tax certificates has received a lot of attention lately by investors and the general public. One observation I’ve made is that this investment is not for everyone. There’s a lot of hype and marketing out there that makes tax lien investing seem to be a low risk, high return investment that just about anyone can do. But, actually, tax lien investments are highly illiquid, time intensive and the high returns are sometimes associated with higher risk properties. On top of that they are very labor intensive in researching and analyzing the properties and attending auctions.

So, whom is tax lien investing NOT for?

1. You want to spend all of your investment dollars in buying tax certificates or tax deeds.
2. You do not have much time to see the properties yourself and do due diligence.
3. You’ve never invested in real estate let alone tax certificates before.
4. You may need the cash within a couple years.
5. You think it’s a great way to buy real estate.
6. You want to buy a lien on your neighbor’s house because they parked an RV in their driveway.
7. You bought a “make me rich” course from a TV ad or online pop-up.

If you don’t fall into one of the above categories, you’re well diversified with your other investments and you have the time and some basic knowledge of real estate, then this investment might just be right for you.

If done right, investing in tax certificates can be a safe investment that produces a return well-above what you can get in a money market account and without the volatility of the stock market. Most liens have a short life-span of a few months, so you can keep reinvesting your investment in other auctions and really ramp up your annual return. For example, if you’re in the Midwest, you can buy Indiana tax certificates in a March auction, earn a good return and reinvest those liens that redeem in the Illinois tax auction (or in another Indiana county tax sale). This is where you could make returns of 20, 30 or 40% annualized.

You can also buy these liens in a retirement account saving yourself from paying taxes on the interest you earn. It’s a great way to diversify away from your stocks, bonds and other investments that are very correlated with the overall economy.

Finally, tax liens investments are great for private equity or family funds. A portfolio of diversified tax liens can provide good returns that can be leveraged or securitized.

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Linda asks…

I want to invest in shares,as im new to dis im not aware of how to start with?Cud any1 suggest sm tips ?

I want to invest in shares,as im new to dis field,im not aware of how to start with?Cud any1 suggest sm of the basic tips how to start with ?

John answers:

Contact a share broker. Probably Geojit?

Helen asks…

Any tips to invest money in shares?

Im 16 and i have 100 pounds to invest in shares any suggestions?

John answers:

You need more than £100. Dealing charges will take a chunk. You need to take time out to study the subject, otherwise you will need to be incredibly lucky not to lose most of your investment. Never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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