Your Questions About Investing Tips

Sharon asks…

Can you please provide me good websites and tutorials to help start investing?

I’m referring to websites and links that provides tips on how to invest in stocks, bonds, etfs, etc.

I’m looking for information how to analyze a stock, bond, etc…,how to analyze a company, etc…

John answers:

Ask your question in google — there are many such sites that claim to help — mind the ones that want money up front.

Also, your public library has many books on the subject — ask a librarian to help you find some and start reading for free.

Lisa asks…

How do I start investing in stocks?

Hi! I am 17 and want to start investing in stocks! Does anyone have any tips on how I should start/ what exactly to do? thanks!

John answers:

I think low cost no load mutual funds would be great to start with.

Mark asks…

I’m thinking about investing in the stock market, any one got any tips?

John answers:

First, I would make sure you have at least 3 months salary saved up in the bank or in a money market fund for an emergency fund. Financial disasters like getting layed off or sick happen to all of us.

Second, I would pay off all high interest debt. Pay off everything you can except the house mortgageand student loans. Paying off debt is one of the best investments you can make. You will have more money in the future because you won’t have credit card bills to pay.

Third, if you have money left, start investing in stocks, bonds, and money market funds. You want to buy a diversified portfolio of stocks, as individual stocks are too risky. For most folks this means buying mutual funds. I like, other people like Fidelity, TIAA-CREF, and DFA. Buy no-load, low cost funds. If you are like most people you will invest part of your money conservatively, in money market funds and bond funds, and part aggressively in stock funds. has an on-line questionnaire which will give you an idea how aggressive you want to be.

Investing in a mutual fund IRA for retirement may give you an income tax break. Talk to your tax adviser. You may also be able to invest in a stock mutual fund via a 401K plan at work.

Believing someone you met over the Internet and know nothing about is risky. Read these websites for further information.

David asks…

I’m 17 a soon as I turn 18 I will recieve 15k I want to invest any tips?

Hi I’m 17 and when I turn 18 I will be recieving 15k in trustfund money but I want to invest and turn it into alot of money. I plan my future career to be in buisnes with stock markets and such. Trying to make a millionare out of my self plz help!

John answers:

Indeed Peter Lynch was one of the very successful mutual fund managers. Unfortunately, I do not think he is that good of a writer. You should have little trouble making a millionaire out of yourself. You are going to get a lot of help from the government through inflation. Might start by reading “investing for Dummies.” It is a decent primer on investing. You will not become a millionaire investing in any index fund that is based on U S stocks, I don’t believe. When something becomes so popular, it is generally had its day in the spotlight. Might want to think about Chinese stocks and possibly Russian stocks. There is certainly more growth potential there than here. CHN and TDF are two closed end funds that invest in China. Matthews China fund is an open end fund. All three have way outperformed the US markets.

Richard asks…

I need tips on how to take my business into the next level?

This past school year I had a entrepnurial spark that ignited into a passion. At the begginning of the school year I noticed that a small grocery chain was selling cookies for 15 cents a piece… being creative I figured I could buy them and sell them for 50 cents (which is huge profit plus If i get sued I have liablity)
Anyways I sold for a week and ended up making roughly $50!! My assistant principal couldnt allow me to make profit for myself so I found a teacher that would let me sell and so for the rest of the year I had a long bake sale and raised roughly $600 for charity by myself (and the help with a few friends who would spend saturdays making massive loads of puppy chow)

My question is.. does anyone know how I can take my business further selling in other stores or having a store of my own? There is no way I could afford my own building but any tips on investing, saving, stuff to sell, or general tips are deeply appreaciated!!!

John answers:

You just have to look around in your local area where you live and see if there is any store with big space and want to divided or just take little corner of store front that already exist with good traffic. Talk to SBA in your area for loan.

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