Your Questions About Investing Tips

Donald asks…

Are there any do-it-yourself investing tips for someone that has never even looked at the stock market?

I have been considering investing for quite some time now, but have refrained as I really know nothing about it. Ive tried using mutual funds through the banks and have made only a few dollars in the past couple of years. I want to learn how to invest my own money into stocks, or whatever, so that the money that I do have is working for me instead of just sitting around collecting pennies. Where do I go to start? Where do I find investing opportunities? How do I invest the money securely (avoiding fraud)? Is a broker a requirement or just a facilitator?

John answers:

Spend a year investigating and create a dummy portfolio at yahoo finance. Your yahoo potfolio will rise and fall with market changes, just like a real one. You can watch the stocks you pick over time and see how they did. At that page, you can also investigate individual stocks that you want to buy. If you are comfortable with the performance of your dummy investments, go buy some real ones. If you don’t think it’s for you after all, put your money in market index funds with a fund that does not have too high of a management fee.

I also agree with the first answerer, buy stocks of companies that you know or in a field that you know something about. Your knowledge of a business will help you know which companies are long-term and stable, and which ones are just market noise.

You can open an investment account to buy stocks with at your bank or on-line with a company such as Fidelity. They will explain how the account works when they open it for you. You deposit a sum of money into your account and then use it to purchase shares when you are ready, either on-line or by calling your investment banker. is a good web site dedicated to helping people become knowledgeable investors.

But the biggest advice of all – don’t make the mistake of buying when the price has increased and selling when it has fallen. Buy a good investment for a reason and sell it for a reason, not because of fluctuations in the market price.

Mary asks…

What are some good tips for investing in currencies?

Where is there good info to learn about investing in currencies? What are good ources? Any rules. tips or guidlines?

John answers:

Don’t take any wooden nickels.
LOL… (sorry)

Ruth asks…

My cat is going to make it big in show business! Anyone have any investing tips for me? How much should I?

put aside to get his career going, and to take care of his training, and eventually retirement funds?

He is beautiful, cat fetch, play catch, jump six feet on command, and is very tolerant of anything!

How much would you be willing to invest in this stock?

John answers:

After the Ellen Degeneres animal commercials for American Express, maybe you could feature your feline with Ellen in some office-based TV show, a sort of opposite of Garfield. A kind and non-malicious cat. Sally Fields did a good job of a voice-over for a cat a few years back and the only thing she seems to be doing these days is drug commercials, maybe she’s free to be the cat’s TV voice. Morris the cat made a good living doing catfood commercials. Good luck.

Nancy asks…

can i get some tips for investing in share market and how much time to invest in them?

i want to invest some of my money in share market.i don’t know in which company for investing?can you give me some tips for investing. an di want to invest for small time and my investing plan is not so pls tell me the most powerfuul investing plan u have.

John answers:

If u invest on a big company, don’t sell it eg nike, microsoft
if u invest like small businesses sell once u earn sum money

thats my tip

Helen asks…

Any tips on investing in art?

I’d like any tips anyone has on investing in artwork. I’m in Australia if that makes a difference, and want to support local artists.

John answers:

Investing in the right artist or artwork at the right time offers a potentially nice return. Don’t forget the added ownership and enjoyment while waiting for price appreciation. Like any business, supply and demand directly affects pricing. Other factors include authenticity, condition of the art, aesthetics and rarity. Art education remains foundational in making wise choices for art investments.

Step1Visit places that sell original art. Go to an art gallery, museum and auction house to develop a sense of both great art and art that sells.
Step2Read books and magazines on the art world. These offer background information and newsworthy items to enable you to spot trends, find new artists and understand how the art business works.
Step3Buy art after you research the type, painter, average prices and authenticity.
Step4Allocate a budget to invest in art over the long term. Artworks go up and down in price. Buying at the peak or before changing trends often means a poor investment.
Step5Invest in art that you enjoy. Know why the art appeals to you to determine if it might appeal to someone else.
Step6Keep original frames and documents of any artwork. Replace a missing frame according to its period.
Step7Insure art investments that already have value with your insurance agent.

And finally, support your local artists by buying their products.

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