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Steven asks…

Tips on investing in quality diamond earring studs? I’m nineteen and had left-ear pierced three months ago?

Since I had my ear pierced three months back, I’ve taken good care of the piercing with cleaning, and now I’m freely swapping between studs and sleepers/hoops, but could anyone suggest tips for investing in quality diamond studs? All I want is to be able to have a couple of good diamond studs to be able to wear out on weekends which look good and aren’t going to cause problems for my piercing. Stumpy

John answers:

The only advice I can offer you is make sure you get screw on backings so they do not fall off easily. Lose a diamond earring & you will be upset!

Maria asks…

Investing in Gold New to buying any tips or help?

Im looking to invest in gold to diversify my liquid capital. I had a horrible experience with GoldLine They tried to charge me 2.5X the spot price of gold Anyway canceled my order and looked elsewhere.
Found this site and was wondering if this is a good price for american gold eagle coins
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

John answers:

When you buy “rare” coins you are paying substantial premium for the rarity, over the fair value of the gold in the coin. You can buy so-called “bullion” coins (e.g., krugerrands, maples, pandas) for a small premium over spot, if you can find them.

Those gold eagles are 1/10 ounce, and they are selling them for $159, that comes to $1590/ounce.
Spot price this morning is $1103.60 /ounce.


George asks…

What are the tips to achieve success in share market?

I want some suggestions or tips to know more about the share market. Some useful tips before investing money in this industry.

John answers:

James ,
I think you are pretty new to this field so to give you a true opinion i will suggest you to think yourself as a business owner not a stock trader, because the stock that you will own also means that you are becoming apart of a business, and you should think from business owners point of in analyzing a company’s stock on the basis of earnings and assets that you want to buy, to do that study the company , understand its present condition its name in the market, and then decide yourself whether yo want to be short term trader or long term or mid term.

Remember one thing you invest right you will get plenitude of return, and invest wrong the market will punish you, truly saying i have Tata Steel stocks which i purchase around 10 or 20 around 1992, believe me i sold the stock @ of 850 in 2008, presently i am using this tool of Dynamic Levels, believe me friend the chart is really helpful in carrying the daily trade that i do regularly, i just want to thank the company who has designed this, please let me know if you have some information.

Thanks And Regards
Andy Steven

Jenny asks…

Where is a good place to get Gold Investing information, like Gold Price, Gold Tips and Investing in Gold?

John answers:

These links may be helpful:

Nancy asks…

in your opinion is it a bad time to invest in the stock market….? also any tips on investing?

John answers:

A down market is the best time to buy! You get more shares for your dollar, and eventually, the market will grow to new heights. As far as tips, diversify.

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