Your Questions About Investing Tips

Maria asks…

Investing tips, advice, experience’s?

I’m 18 and really looking into making more money through investments,stocks, mutual funds…etc
but i am a beginer in this area so i’d appreciate any kind of advice!

John answers:

Sure, read my post history. I have a ton of info including basics and historical trends listed here for the last 2 years.

You’ll need to ‘add me” to see the history.

See my bio for more.

Good luck!

Mary asks…

Investing tips anyone?

O.k. so there’s low risk investments such as gold or cds. There’s high risk investments such as stocks. Are there any medium-risk investments?

John answers:

Are we talking about risk or volatility?

Stocks, bonds, gold, CDs, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. Are not high or low risk by themselves. They are just investments. But gold and stocks can be highly volatile at times, while bonds and CDs usually have low volatility (mutual funds and ETFs can be either).

On the other hand, gold and CDs can be high risk; if you had $100,000 to invest and you put it all in gold, that would be pretty risky.

Risk is more about “how” you choose to buy. Take the $100,000 example; if you put 10% of the $100,000 into gold, then you’ve just limited the “risk” of gold. Even if the price of gold went to ZERO (which won’t happen), the maximum you would lose is the 10% ($10,000) you invested.

Based strictly on percentages, you could consider low risk to be less than 1% in any one type of investment, medium risk to be 2-5% in any one investment, and 5%+ as high risk. It all depends on your experience.

You can further limit risk by knowing what events will cause you to buy (price, volume, earnings announcement, etc.) and what events will cause you to sell.

Happy Hunting!

Lisa asks…

Tips on investing…..?

I seem to always have a little extra money and I would like to start investing in something that is actually worth it. Does anyone have any tips…I don’t think I’m cut out for the stock market. Thanks

John answers:

I think you mean ‘Saving’. There is a difference between Saving and Investing. Saving is putting money aside for future use. Investing is allocating money in something in the hopes of a future gain.

Please specify on what you are asking.

Chris asks…

give me some tips for investing in stock markets?

John answers:

– buy low. Sell high
– when you hop on the band wagon, it’s already too late to sell/buy
– diversify
– think of it as a long-term investment
– buy blue chip stocks
– look at the price per earning ratio of the company as a measure of a good buying price.
– don’t invest your life’s savings.
– invest only what you can afford to lose.
– invest only what you can afford to forget about for a long time. That way you’re not tempted to sell at a loss when you’re in a panic.
– you would be better off investing in a mutual fund that is managed by experts if you’re not well versed in how the stock market works.

Carol asks…

do you have any good stock tips, i will be investing some money soon in stock market?

John answers:


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