Your Questions About Investing Tips

Carol asks…

I need tips on investing $50,000 dollars. Can someone give me some ideas, tips and secrets?

John answers:

Before you invest any portion of your money, you should be able to answer the following questions about the market and your trading style:

Is the market trending up or down at present?
Why are the stocks that you have picked attractive to you?
What is your plan for getting into each stock position?
What is your criteria for getting out of each stock position?

Most investors will lose if they don’t see the market answers and their trading styles.
Learn how to trade before you lose money. Otherwise you will have costly education.

Betty asks…

Your Tips on Investing in GAIL and ONGC?

With a time horizon of 2-3 years. Prospect of gas / cng selling high?

John answers:

Those two scrips are good for 2-3 years horizon, but in couple of day’s time ONGC may come down up to 620 and GAIL may come down up to 199 and if goes below that up to 184. You can buy at those levels, or start accumulating at every dip in small quantities.

Michael asks…

Tips on online investing?

I was wondering if you can help me with a low cost online investing broker to execute trades through?

Also, does anyone put any suggestions on current growth of companies? I was going to go for a conserative strategy for the first few years and try and gain about a 10% ROI on what I invest (By the end of the two years I will probably have about £14,000 invested.) Then swap to a mildly aggressive strategy and branch out into international equity, any tips on companies to add to my portfolio?


John answers:

When choosing an online broker, your research must include:
Scottrade – lowest single trade fees
FolioFN – the single most unique trading platform available! Allows you trade across a “folio” or collection of companies for one LOW fee – basically allows you to create your own personal mutual fund!!!
OptionsXpress – for any option type trading (Etrade is another online brokerage that handles complex option trades well!)

As far as companies to select – Pick companies trading below their value ie at a discount, pick companies in sectors that are poised to BENEFIT from our current economic situation ie. INVESTOR EDUCATION, INVESTOR TRAINING, AND ONLINE BROKERAGE

Linda asks…

I’m in an investing game, can you guys give me tips?

The game will last for three weeks. 150 people are involved. Everyone is given 100k. We can invest up to 10k/ company. I need 1st place or nothing, can you guys recommend at least 10 stocks that will put me on top?

John answers:

Go penny stocks all the way, especially if it is fake cash… No doubt they pay the biggest returns, but you need to see what the days trends are… You need to be able to buy and sell multiple times during the day too…

If they dont allow for OTC stocks (pink sheets.. Etc..) then I dunno what to tell you.

Good luck

Nancy asks…

What is the danger in investing in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)?

I believe that 2012 will be a year of significant volatility for the stock market. An investment strategy I am considering is to invest half of my money in a total stock market index fund and half in a TIPS ETF. I will allow the index fund to ride out the market, no matter what happens. If there is a significant market dip (NYSE loses 15% or more), I will transfer the other half of my invested money from the TIPS ETF to the total stock market fund (or to blue chip stocks, I haven’t decided). My question is first, what are the dangers of investing in TIPS, and second, what do you think of my investment strategy?

John answers:

The danger with TIPS like any bond is that the market will turn around and the yield on bonds will go up. When the yield on TIPS goes up the market value of you TIPS will go down. Your ETF will definitely go down in value. However if you buy the actual TIPS and hold on to them until maturity then you won’t lose money but you may not be making the market yield and hence would be left in the dust.

However this goes both ways if the yields go down further (doubtful since they’re so low), then the market value of your bonds will increase.

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