Your Questions About Investing Tips

Betty asks…

Investing tips for stocks?

I’ve been having problems with motivation for depositing a certain percentage of my paycheck each month to save up for stocks to invest in. I am not sure how much I should save total. Any words of advice?

John answers:

I would personally open up another bank account, a savings account in some other city where you go to every so often and have your paycheck deposited at your main bank and then transfer some over to your other bank. If you try to just put away like 35-40% of your paycheck a month, if you can less would be fine but at least 25%, you would be good in about a year. A year would be good to because hopefully the market is up and running by then.

Sandy asks…

Investing tips/ resources?

i have some excess money that i need to invest. i started an IRA with USAA in april, investing in one of their mutual funds (USCRX) but it hasnt been doing very well. ive heard that an 8-10%/year return is realistic for long term ventures, but so far i havent come close to that with this fund. i dont want to bail on it prematurely, but if it doesnt start doing much better, it doesnt seem worth it. if anyone has any advice on how and where to research good investments, good advice on investments from experience, or advice on good companies to invest through (ie ameritrade for stocks, major banks for CDs, etc.) i would greatly appreciate it.
I currently have close to 6k in my IRA, and 8K in a savings account, and i put away about 800/month. thanks for your help! 😀

John answers:

Yes you could learn invest by yourself. It is your money, you should know how to do with it. For starter check this site out.

Http:// section university. A lot amount of information. It will serve you well
I accumulate in good amount in 401k at the young age.I could share with you. When consider invest in stock market. You should consider basic 3 things:

fundamental analysis==(economic data,finincial health, management, business model, competetion)>>what to buy

technical analysis==(chart+indicator)>> when to buy

Sentiment/schycho analysis==>>mood of investor, Contrarian point of view.
Market cycle===>> check out book Trader Almanac by jeff hirsch will give you inside stuff
When you combine 3 thing, It is one of the powerful knowledge goinh with you for the rest of your live

At the age of 32. My 401k is amassed 74,000.00 and 30000.00 in taxble account. By follow simple rule

Michael asks…

I’m considering giving investing in the stock market a shot but need to learn the ropes. Can someone give tips

And advice on how to start?
Any advice is welcome from knowledgeable people.

John answers:

I am glad you are trying to learn the ropes before jumping in. Like in everything else in life, there’s nothing like starting early. Consider this excellent article about the benefits of starting early and what Compounding can do for you, when you start early.
Power of Compounding

Next, I would recommend you to first get solid grounding in Investing. 3 must read books. If you haven’t heard of these, buy them NOW, today. They will be your invaluable guides to safe & prosperous investing and future wealth creation.
1. Intelligent Investor -Benjamin Graham
Considered the bible of all investors, this will foremost teach you the basics and most importantly, how not to lose money. Thats the first lesson you need, believe me
2. One up on Wall Street -Peter Lynch
This is another classic. Tells you how to spot winners from what you see around you. Successful products, companies. Practically shows you how you do not need to be a hot shot financial analyst to be able to spot good moneymaking opportunities in stocks
3. Common stocks Uncommon Profits- Phil Fisher
As you dabble for 1 or 2 years, make some money and also make some small (hopefully) mistakes, you will start itching to catch the multi-baggers, the ones that go up 4x-10x in a couple of years! This book show you how to sift out probable winners

Start listening in on the financial channels, start reading a business daily, daily. Check out great investing basics websites like

And ask questions to the more experienced investors at popular forums, hang in lurk at some of the great investing forums for pearls of wisdom and when you have a query that you have to have answered post a quick one. Consider Chucks Angels -a nice yahoogroup for wannabe investors too

Good Luck. And get cracking, TODAY

John asks…

I am only 15, and my parents are talking to me about investing, I have little knowledge about it, I need help.?

I know the basics of investing, but I just want some opinions. Which company is good to go with? Any good investing tips?

John answers:

I suggest you to see
I hope that will resolve your problem keep using

Susan asks…

Tips on saving and investing for teens?

I’m fourteen and I just want tips on how to save and invest. I seem to be very good at making money disappear, spending it on things which I forget I even bought in a few hours. How can I make the money go further and how can I become more aware? Also, I hoping to get a job this year and I reeeeeeeeeeally don’t want to just waste the money that I make. So…any ideas? Thank you. x

John answers:

I’m 17 and hav always been a saver, when I had a “allowance” I would only spend half and then put the rest in my piggy bank, then as I got older. I make a habit of empting my change pouch and save that (it can really add up!). For my 15th birthday my aunt gave me $500 I used that to open a bank account, it is actually my dad’s but I also have acess and when I turn 18 (one year away!) he will take his name off the account. I would suggest splitting your pay check 50/50 or 25/75 and put some in a high interst savings account and the rest into a regular account so you can spend it. Good luck hope i helped.

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