Your Questions About Investing Tips

Jenny asks…

Please give me some tips for investing money in share market directly ?

John answers:

My tip is to not do it.

Amateurs think that the share market is a good way to make easy money. This is encouraged by people who make money selling you books and advice on how to invest, but the reality is that you’re more likely to lose money.

Most people call it investing, but they’re really gambling.

If you really want to invest, buy an ETF based on a broad market index.

Steven asks…

any advice or tips for investing?

I am 24 I make 200,000 a year.
I want to start a saving plan or financial plan, like investing. But have no clue as to what or how. I want to make enough in this venture so I am able to retire in 15 to 20 years.
Any advice or info?

John answers:

Wow! You must be doing really well.

You may want to explore the forex market.

You can actually start making money spending just few minutes a day using powerful software that can give you the signals when you can execute a trade.

Sharon asks…

Investing tips and teachng?

I have no business experience what so ever and I am getting a large sum of cash very soon in the near time future, now I could blow this cash, and not worry so that’s the good about it.

Now, I need to know how to invest, where I could learn, and somethings I could invest in that are guaranteed to make money and is safe.

so if you have any links or tutorials on where I could learn, or any ideas I could invest in, and please remember money is not a problem.
Where do I buy stocks?

John answers:

Of course large is relative (I would consider several million dollars “large” but your figure may be a good bit smaller), but here are a few books to scan:

(1) Never rush. Don’t let anyone push. Millions can and do sit for years in Treasury Bills, CD’s, and money market accounts at If you are not ready, your money will be happy to wait for you.

(2) How is it invested now? It is a good idea to review how it was handled before it came to you. As with (1) above sometimes it can just be left where it is safely and securely while you think everything through.

(3) Never do anything that involves risk or commitment in the first 30 days or without thinking about it for at least 24 hours.

(4) If it involves a huge amount of money relative to your current income (let’s say, 10 times your current income or more), most good advisors will counsel you to think about it in separate pieces…something like

10% for “whatever.” It cannot be spent for at least 90 days but when its gone ALL the fun money should be considered spent.

25% for retirement (if under 45, 50% if over 55).

50% for hopes and dreams — 100% safe cash lockdown for a least one year.

15% for charity, gifts, paying down debt — serious things that require planning, thought, and not just you — not to be paid out for at least 90 days and probably to be paid out in monthly buckets for at least a year after the 90 day decision period (not all at once, in other words).

Sandy asks…

Stock investing tips?

I am 18 and I want to invest just about 300 dollars into some stocks to get the feel of it. I know the basics of stock investing and I have people helping me. Where should I start? Pennny stocks? Mid-cap? Please reccommend some companies to invest

John answers:

The best advice someone can give you is invest in a company you can understand. Investing in a penny stock because of its price makes no sense, you might as well through your money away. Pick a company you already understand: Procter and Gamble (PG) they make a lot of household items you use. 3M (MMM) they make post-it note and other office items. Maybe Sony (SNY) your game stop. Pick a company you can understand then go google it to find if it is publicly traded on an exchange and buy some shares

Linda asks…

investing money tips?

Plz give me some tips on investing money wisely

John answers:

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