Your Questions About Investing Tips

Ken asks…

Investing Tips?

Any tips or pointers on investing in the stock market for people who are new to it? Im thinking about investing 1-2k (after the proper company research) Can any experienced investors help? What sort of return should I be expecting?

John answers:

There are very few successful stock pickers out there and there’s a 99.9% chance you aren’t one of them. Sorry. Neither an I. And I bet you won’t properly diversify if you pick stocks.

Read/learn about investing in general. There are a lot of traps out there. That you asked about what kind of returns to expect shows that you need to do some learning.

Some suggestions:

1. Learn to use Morningstar.

2. Learn about the Wall Street BS (read this:… )

You’ll learn about revenue sharing, style drift and all sorts of tricks.

3. Excellent reading:…

4. Avoid ‘financial advisors’, chasing past returns, market timing, high costs.

5. Take a free course on investing. Read a good book.

Best regards! Good that you are doing this.

John asks…

Investing tips?

I’m thinking abuot investing some money in stocks and such… but I have no idea where to start! Any tips or websites that can help would be great 🙂


John answers:

A good place to start is to purchase a copy of “Investing for Dummies” about $12.00. That will provide you with a lot of good information on investing that you need to know before you start. For beginning investors, a very good way to begin is with a mutual fund or an index fund because those two choices allow diversity of investments without having to invest a lot of money and with diversity, one avoids specific risk.

Yahoo finance has a lot of information on mutual funds and this link a lot of information on index funds.


David asks…

investing tips?

I am finally old enough and finally have some money saved up to invest and i have no clue where to start i have been doing some research but not much so if anyone has any basic tips or starting dollar amounts or any tips what so ever please feel free to help me out 🙂


John answers:

Sounds like you could use a good introductory book on investing. Any of these could help you:

– Mutual Funds for Dummies, or Investing for Dummies, both by Eric Tyson. The easiest and clearest way to start learning about investing. Highly recommended.

– A free book at will go over basics of investing as well as specific tips for retirement investing. Chapters 19 and 23 are the most useful. The author is a bit of a windbag, and his jokes are sub-par … But it’s free.

– “The Boglehead’s Guide to Investing” is another excellent beginner’s book.

You will want to learn about the basics of costs, asset allocation, efficient markets, and the advantages of index funds before you put your hard-earned money into the market.

William asks…

Does anyone have any good stock and investing tips?

im doing a project/ game called the Stock Market Game for school, i hope it’s not cheating, but does anyone have any tips or advice on what field is good to be investing in?

John answers:

These games are very short term – so don’t look to win by investing in big, well-known companies like microsoft, general electric, apple, ebay etc.

Find a stock between $5 and $10 that has quarterly results due in the next two weeks – since stocks tend to rise as investors anticipate the earnings announcement. Use the screener linked here to find which stocks are between $5 and $10.

Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Investing tips – For soon to be graduating College student?

I have about under 5k saved up in my senior year of college, without any debt. I don’t know much about stocks, mutual funds and etc. I am aware of the self managed websites available online for investing. But I need some kind of adviser, what are some suggestions? Websites, youtube videos, investing services? Thanks.

John answers:

Since you are lacking in investment knowledge I would
suggest calling a major mutual fund company such as
American Century
TR Price
They will gladly get you started and the advice is free.
At your age you should be mostly in stocks,
Do not try single stocks on your own until you are fully
aware of what your doing.

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